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Submitted by sam on Tue, 01/01/2008 - 06:55.

As ClanAM FFXI begins to wind down, it seems like it would be cool to have a central place where people can share their personal ClanAM highlights and memories.

I'll kick things off with a bunch of links to the stuff that I want to highlight. These are things I remember the most, and would be where I'd direct people to if they wanted to know what ClanAM FFXI was about.

  • ClanAM FFXI Movies : Movies we've made about various things we've done in FFXI
  • The famous pudding thread : Bizarre little thread about one man's love for pudding
  • The Promy Guide : Once, long ago, we were among the first (if not the first) groups to figure out Promy's deep, dark secrets. With our little guide, we were able to turn a notoriously difficult group of missions into a cakewalk, and became a dumping ground for HNMLS fodder that couldn't get past the Promies, but needed to get Sea.
  • Maior's last Promy event and Promies: We've had good times, and we've had bad times. The really bad times I mentioned above, when we were abused by other LSes to help their rejects get past the Promies. These posts are where I finally verbalized on this site why I wasn't leading up any more Promies.
  • Thersite's Bachelor Party : Another funny account of a very funny event.
  • VE Guide : Back when VE had a sellable drop, and the gil sellers dominated him, we were one of the first places to have a viable, and reliable, VE camping guide. This guide is likely irrelevant any more (since there's no more gil sellers, and only 'voke spamming idiots camp him now, thus screwing up spawn times), but it's still one of my favorite classic posts.
  • ENMs, and you : Another great guide on ENMs throughout the CoP realms.

Good 'ol Clanam

The past 3 years in XI have been amazing but here are some of the best things I can remember in Clanam.
Big Zilart Day
Did I piss you off?
My Promie runs.
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Still am

I'm still pissed off at you, Xill :-P

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My favorite memories are, of

My favorite memories are, of course, the Garrisons (those were so fun, and were at the height of when I was playing), but the ones I *really* remember are all the fun rants and stupid shit we did in the forums:

Jobs I hate
Stupid fucking drama
Erm... ick
1000th top level node
Galstaff, Sorcerror of Light
Stupid static drama... Let's just say there's some people I wont miss now that ClanAM FFXI has ended ^^
Political things


Oh man, the Genkais!

Man, I forgot about all the Genkai events.

I also forgot about all the Ranked missions we used to do (back when most people were just from Windy). And I forgot about the one that led to this post, as well as this one.

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I was never high enough to do much with your assaults and things, but the one things I remember doing a lot, and loving a lot, were all the garrisons we used to do.

Like you said, we weren't there to make money.. and we rarely did anyway lol, but we were there to have a lot of fun.

I still remember one of our early garrisons (was it our second as a clan?) where we spent a couple of hours farming items, getting everyone ready, and then as soon as the garrison started half the people went afk and we wiped. I remember maior was MAD. That was when the no-afk and comfirmation rule started LOL.


Yes, it was our second one. The person's item who was lost was Ray's IIRC. He was more pissed off than I was :-)

Yeah, our early Garrisons were a real mess... People wouldn't show up prepared with items, people who were really needed (like BLMs for sleeping) wouldn't show up after they already committed to, people would go AFK... Ugh... I don't miss those days.

However, after a few Garrisons I think we managed to turn into a well oiled machine and we didn't have too many more problems after that.

In fact, I'd say that the more polished Garrison events are some of the ones I miss the most. They certainly were when ClanAM was the largest it's ever been (well, we also were doing the weekly Promies at that time too).

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