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Washing my Paws
Submitted by Tamara on Thu, 03/30/2006 - 16:40.

I created a thread titled
CoP Quest Battles Static
which was an ENM weekly Static Proposal, which was based upon Darkkit's Proposal (I added some more definite rules/guidelines/suggestions) which Cyclonus (and a few others) were kicking around and discussing. You can find it here

Then I was online late last night (Wednesday) and Arbelast and Avayr started talking about beginning an "ENM Static" and about half-a-dozen folks raised their hands and said "count me in". I think there was Carleeya and Kamustaka and... you get the idea. So I pointed out in the Linkshell that only a very few talking up the Static had actually posted to the CoP Quest Battles Static Thread and someone declared "most folks don't read the web site" or some (silly to me) such.

Now to get to where all this is leading =^_^=

I don't know the current state of any new, weekly Clan Static. CoP, ENM, or otherwise

I don't know if the new Clan Static eventually formed will be formed via this Clan Web Site or via online Linkshell Conversation over the course of one hour.

I don't know if you will be left out of any eventual New Clan Static (though you really wanted to be in one) because it is no longer being organized in one Central Spot.

and FINALLY (the big one for me):
I am sorta/kinda getting the impression (from /Tells to me) that I appear to have volunteered to be in multiple Statics and obviously that is not going to work (due to CoP ENM actually being a sort of time-restricted Quest minus the fame).

So I am washing my paws of the Static matter and intend to politely listen to various Static proposals for a bit. At this point I consider it One Big Mess and I myself, am not currently organizing any new Static. Others can organize. I do know, from previous experience, that if you volunteer for a Static that it can be just one Static, or you will find yourself letting someone down when you can't get your trigger item.

And yes, I consider it probable that I will end up not being in a Static (though I really wanted to be in one like what Darkkit was suggesting) because that is the way life seems to work out for me when things get this disorganized.



If the above post seems a bit 'odd' I would like to mention one name: Dragonlance.

Dragonlance bent my ear at length yesterday about really wanting to move further along into CoP. Dragonlance took the time to post to this site's CQB thread which I started. Dragonlance has fallen victim to the old problem about things being organized online:
Dragonlance had logged off just two hours prior to everyone jumping up and stating, "let's organize an ENM Static" on the Linkshell.

Sorry Dragonlance, I feel we in the Clan have let you down when you did everything correctly.



Further in CoP

I really can't speak on any issues or things regarding to ENM statics, I mean, I know of the disagreements in Thersty's static that lead to Tam leaving it, but beyond that I have no idea what's going on elsewhere (plus, I've been on vacation for 2 weeks or so :-)

What I can comment on is progress in CoP. Basically, I've been researching more in CoP and have found a special region of sea known as "Limbus" to be the most promising and interesting result of the CoP missions. In my mind, Limbus is the biggest motivator to get through the CoP missions.

Because Limbus can be thought very loosely as "Dynamis for CoP"[1] it really is an end-game activity. Couple this with the fact that very quickly after the Diabolos fight the CoP level caps raise and you can see how post-Diabolos fights would be more appropriate for an end-game LS.

Meanwhile, as many of you already know, I've been pressured into starting up an end-game ClanAM LS (supplimental to normal ClanAM, not intended to be a replacement) where end-game activities will be found.

Long story short, I've come to the conclusion that getting people through the CoP missions to Limbus really would be a keen initial goal for ClanAM end-game. So, for people like Dragonlance who want to get further in CoP, I'd recommend they hold on just a bit while I get the organizational things in place and ready for this "Limbus thrust".

*[1]: Yes, yes.... I know Limbus isn't "Dynamis for CoP"... Limbus is actually more complicated and more forgiving about not having enough folks (hell, Ninjas can solo in there). Still, until someone can grasp what Limbus is, it is helpful to think of it as a Dynamis-like thing for CoP...

Vis Maior's Journeys

Things to think about

My current COP advice
- Some of the party setups require something different than the norm.
My advice is to not try and think you can get through all of COP with just 1 job. (ex. so far in COP I have done missions with the following jobs: blm,sam,rdm,smn) Adapting to what your situation calls for grants a higher success rate and more fun than making the "OK" party set up work half the time.

If you want to know anything about a particular COP battle such as my strat and how we won, just ask.

1/5 on Epsilons (2-5)
1/1 on diablos (3-5)
1/1 on Oyrou (spelling)(too tired to care :p) (4-2)
1/1 on Ghost (4-3)

I am only up to 5-1 so if you want personal advice after that you will either a. have to ask someone else or b. wait till I get there :p

The only problem i see with "end game" stuff is that
a. It requires a lot of ppl and time; as well as other things open up to people such as HNML's, Dynamis, OHat, Sky that become distracting.
b. The higher you go the more things open up to you so everyone may not be on the same page.
c. While certain missions require high lvls, most of them are capped under 60 and the majority 50 and below. ( COP missions)

Also much like we saw when COP came out everyone rushed to do begining COP missions but go no further; will everyone be occupied with ToA missions and forget COP and other mission/events?


Well, first of all, I can't really comment on the end-game stuff except to stay that this has been brewing for a long time. I was actually approached with this idea last year and it has taken 9 months to convince me it's a good idea. Know that I never do anything half-assed, and that we've really put a tremendous amount of preperation and planning into this. I think once we do it, most will be pleasently surprised by it.

Second of all, I don't plan on doing Dynamis runs and other things that require a zillion people. There's plenty of other end-game LSes out there without Nazi-esque rules that do these.

Understand, this end-game LS idea arose from a lot of the excessive childish drama that occurs in many end-game LSes on our server. Basically, for those of us who are adults with real lives beyond this game, many of these other end-game LSes are simply not an option. Many many many of them seem to target the cliquish "high school" mentality of the members that comprise them. That's fine if you are of that mentality, but for those of us who donn't, they simply arent acceptable.

But, I get ahead of myself. All this will be explained in greater detail later on. Most likely a week or two.

As for CoP missions falling by the wayside once ToA comes out... did RoZ missions fall by the wayside when CoP came out? No. Will CoP fall by the wayside? Not with such exciting things as Limbus at the end of them.

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