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Submitted by avayr on Thu, 07/05/2007 - 11:35.

Hey guys.. I am considering returning to Vanadiel on the PC. Does anyone know if the xbox360 controller works on the PC? The sooner I know... the sooner I can get back. Thanks all.. see you soon!,en

I use this one for FFXI on my PC, it is not XBOX design but PS2 design:,en

So I guess the answer to your question, Avayr, is FFXI comes with a PC CONFIG utility which is a program OUTSIDE OF THE GAME and that utility will recognize a USB GamePad. Inside the utility you assign GamePad buttons to FFXI functions like Camera and Movement and /Heal


Yes the Xbox controllers work on the comp and it works (somewhat) for FFXI. There is 2 ways to go.
1. get a wired controller and it plugs into your USB ports on comp.
2. Buy the "Wireless adapter for Windows" for your wireless controller. I personaly bought this and could not get it to work. But you may have better luck. So I went with option #1 and it works fine. The only problem I have with it is the trigger buttons do not work on comp. (they are actually Z axis buttons according to the set up for the controller and FFXI has no Z-axis buttons to set up)

So happy hunting,

What you just said makes

What you just said makes sense. It means that FFXI was coded for the PC as a PS2 console game - I mean what I typed. When I first got FFXI for the PC its controls were just so strange to me, made no sense for a PC game. Then I acquired a PS2 and FFXI made a lot more sense because I could see how a console game was supposed to work.

So FFXI for PC has not been updated by SE for the XBOX gamepad; that makes sense. On the PC it is a PS2 gamepad game.

I bought my FFXI Gamepad (PC USB) at Circuit City. No rumble, just a cheap logitech gamepad that is really PC USB and has PS2 controls.


Yea I went with the xbox one because I wanted another controller for my xbox and one for my comp and instead of buying a $50 wireless one and a $20 one for the comp I went the cheap way and got the $40 one that works with both. It works fine except I cannot use 2 buttons which if you look at the controller scheem for the PS2 and xbox you really don't use 2 of them anyway. The configuration is a little messed up but it works just fine.

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