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Swift Belt static
Submitted by Davros on Mon, 07/02/2007 - 20:36.

I would like to start a static party with the goal of getting each member a swift belt. I would like to run these at about 7 est each Tuesday night until each member gets a swift belt.

The belt is obtained by getting a drop from a notorious monster in the Sacrarium, a level 50 cap zone. In order to get the belt you will need to have the "formor codex" item that can be bought from bazaars or obtained from Taurus mobs in Phonomia Aqueducts or the Sacrarium.

Each member will be responsible for their own codex. They can be solo farmed in the aqueducts fairly safely. However, we may do a few runs through the Sacrarium after our runs in order to try for a few codex drops if time permits.

I estimate that we will have to spend 1-3 hours on the runs depending on each members level of formor hate. I estimate that it takes about 30 formor kills to max hate from zero, and each time you pop your nm your formor hate gets reset as well.

If you have interest in this please let me know here. I would like to get started as soon as possible.

Current roster:

Davros- Nin, Rdm

Garwyn(possibly)- Nin, Drg

How does Fomor Hate work

How does Fomor Hate work into all of this? I think someone needs maximum Fomor Hate - or am I thinking of another spawn?

you are right

The person who trades a formor codex to the stale draft to pop the nm has to have maximum formor hate. You can tell when you have maximum Formor hate by checking the stale draft first. If you get a message something like "Common sense tells you to leave as quickly as possible," then you can pop the nm.

On of the reasons its good to have a static is that the formor codex is tradeable, so if someone who already has gotten a belt comes back he will likely get maximum hate that time and he can use someone else's codex to pop the nm, or rather one of the nms depending on his/her race.

I asked

I asked the question because I am assuming we won't get this all done in one night - nor even in one week. I have done a lot of Fomor Hate up/down. It gets old. I don't mind contributing to this static but if it means getting max Fomor Hate, then lowering it for other reasons, then getting max Fomor Hate - well, that gets old.

I don't mind farming Fomor Codices. I don't mind helping out or even working for my own belt. I just don't want to be walking around with max hate week after week so I can trade ONE codex - mine. That seems silly.

In any case count me in for activities. Count me in for farming Codices. As for Hate Level you can assume I will always have minimum hate, because I work to keep Fomor Hate at a minimum. If there is ONE week where I am scheduled to trade my Codex, then sure, I will work on getting my hate up for that one week.

Let me know if this works out for your plans - or not. Also what is the percentage chance of a drop for the belt? Not sure I want to try more than one Codex (will have to think about it).

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