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1000th top-level node wootga!
Submitted by sam on Tue, 10/03/2006 - 17:32.

Woot! 1000th top-level node!

We were sitting at node/999 all day long, and I couldn't take it... So I decided to make my own silly and stupid post for 1000.

1000 top-level nodes? What is that, like posts?

Top-level nodes are posts, but they aren't the only posts on the site (we already have over 10,000 posts here). A post can be a top-level node (like this one) or it can be a reply to some other top-level node (e.g., it is a child of some other top-level node).

A top-level node is something which is can be accessed on the site via /node/####

It is something that is a "new" post (e.g., not something that was simply a reply to another post).

For example, here is a top-level node: Get

And here is a reply to that top-level node: Superman pudding

Thus, hitting 1000 top-level nodes is kind of a big deal, as top-level nodes are kind of hard to come by. The vast majority of the content on this site are replies to some other top-level node.

Cool! 1000 top-level nodes! How do we celebrate?

How about a little animated gif party?

Look, even 'The Hoff' wants in...

There will be food there...

As well as dancing...


Woo! We have 1000 top level nodes! After 3 years now and and thousands of posts, we finally have 1000 nodes.

lol, we had a pool going in #clanam a few months ago over how long it was gunna be before we hit 1000, it actually took longer than I guessed (my guess was that we would have hit in august).


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