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Sky (Do you need it?)....Erm Again?
Submitted by Xilldon_RDM on Mon, 05/07/2007 - 03:59.

So yes if you did'nt know that my previous sky run didnt work. So now I want to try again. I know there are at like 5 that need or want to help so please post when you can come or help.


The only real snag you should have is doing the fight in the tower vs the duke. It is hard if not handled correctly and without the right jobs/lvls. This one is an uncapped 6 person fight against a boss that can 1-shot a 75 pld. So read up on this and if you need me just ask I have 70 DRK 75 RDM and 75 SMN.



Yes please, even doing some of these one night, like ZM4 - ZM6 would nice, I know there are a lot of CS's and traveling involved and some things can even be trio'd so some of these missions shouldn't be too hard with a couple 75's.

Just FYI I am on ZM5 (headstone hunting)
- need Ifirit's cauldron and The scantuary of whatever

Kitty Express

I'd be more than happy to take this Saturday and plow our way through Zilart. Count me in.


Yes, again, please

Yes, again, please.

I can free up 8 hours to move from ZM4 through most of the Rise of Zilart missions on any given Saturday afternoon/evening/night if I know several days in advance.

WHM 75 / SMN 37

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