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KSNM, ISNMs and other crap
Submitted by cyclonus on Mon, 04/23/2007 - 18:36.

Hi all,

First off, I'm just posting this to see if there would be an interest in doing the KSNMs/ISNMs/other crap listed below.

By way of background, I have a Clotho Orb in my inventory. I received the orb by trading 30 KSes to an NPC in Jeuno; I traded for this orb in error and meant to get a different orb, but what's done is done.

Any way, below is a list of different KSNMs or ISNMs I would like to try (one of which is entered by using the Clotho Orb). However, I interested in obtaining some of the drops and not interested in selling the items.

Thus, we can treat these runs as either "your orb, your drops" or pool all treasure and have each participant claim a single item he/she wants - if that item drops, it's his/her's (and we would sell the remaining items).

I don't want to discuss specifics yet, as I do not know if there will be enough interest in these type of events.

Here is my list:

1) KSNM: Come Into My Parlor

2) ISNM: Compliments to the Chef

3) BCNM (50): Hostile Herbivores

4) ISNM: Shadows of the Mind

5) ENM (uncap): Brothers

Things to obtain

I am looking to obtain a vermy cloak, so any BCNM / KSNM that drops the expensive cloth needed to make that, I will be most likely down for.

Um... Ya

Im Down for most of these, expically ENM Brothers as there are a couple items there that I would like. However I also do the Boneyard Gully ENM (the one with the corse) with a little RDM named Voo and about 10 other people, so when it comes to the Boneyard gully enms i have to know a week in advance so I can hold onto the ENM key item.

I would like to try some ISNM's as well but really dont see all that crap from drops too appealing, maybe I just havn't looked hard enough at all the stuff that does drop.

Anyway: Im down for whatever, either it be EXP/drops/money.

Helping Out

I don't mind helping out, and I have a mule in Rolanberry (so no AH fees) that sold 700k of stuffs from a KSNM that Avayr and Darkkit took me on.

BCNM on some evening - sure, if no CoP nor Zilart
ISNM on some evening - sure, if no CoP nor Zilart
ENM on some evening - sure, if no CoP nor Zilart

I have WHM 74, equipment for all cap levels.
I have SMN at level 37, all equipment (no level 51 staves)

I have no KS, so can't participate in KSNM.

At one time I was thinking of doing Brothers for the Hedgehog Bomb, but I don't know - 1,000,000 gil for 30mp seems excessive, and there are other JOBs I want to buy equipment for (like Puppetmaster).

However, still up for doing Brothers, if someone wants WHM help, just don't look at me, a mage, and then try to convince me to purchase the Bomb! LOL! Right now I am more inclined to put it up to sell.

I think the best thing would be to make up a list in advance if folks want a specific drop from a circle, I trust you to make that work, Cyclonus. Also I don't have a problem with Maior's suggestion of pooling and selling stuff again and again - if you do Clan activities enough obviously you will be able to afford an outright purchase one day of your heart's desire. Finally I have never had a problem with say four runs, trying to get a specific (valuable) drop for a Clan member, pool the remainder of the drops to sell.

I have 360 seals for BCNM's and 85,000 Imperial Standing; but no Kindred Seals.

One more..

RDM = there

I've done an ISNM before, was fun. I would really like to do that KSNM I want my RSE belt. I'm kind of low on BC's atm so anything but BCNMs work for me


I'm willing to do bcnm or ksnm runs. Let me know what job needed/time etc. I have smn/drk 75, thf67, sam63, whm/nin 37, blm20, war35.

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