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Sky (Do you need it?)
Submitted by Xilldon_RDM on Sat, 03/17/2007 - 06:20.

I would like to get Sky access. I dont know who needs or wants sky. I want to take one day when everyones free (weekend maybe)and do ZM 4-13. That's 5 fights. If you want to do think post a time that would be good for you and what jobs you can offer to this. I am thinking we can try next weekend if everyone is free or the weekend after that.

Did this ever come together?

Did this ever come together? If not I'll help on it. Especially, more people here with sky means more help for my summer goal of beating the crap out of Divine Might. (expect update on that after my finals are over):)


Our tank never showed up(I havnt seen her on since *sigh*) I have yet to resechdual but your help would be much needed! Give me a time your able to and I shall try to set up another go!

some saturday night

some saturday night

We waited around for five

We waited around for five hours (well, mostly, fit one Besieged into the five hours and Meretrix got wise and headed to the grocery store) but in the end someone of the DD persuasion, who was needed, never showed and we headed off to do other things.

So I started the Friday on ZM4, cleared 9 hours of weekend Saturday time to do ZM Missions, ended the weekend late on Sunday night still on ZM4.

RoZ Rocker

Of course I'm in. I've wanted Sky for a while now and I'm officially in the 'end-game' club finally. I'm sure there are many players in the ls that have started RoZ but have no idea where to go now. Hopefully they'll respond to this post.


I'll help

A wkend would be great; let me know when. It would be great if we can get a lot of folks through this.

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