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CoP Mission Minotaur and Riverne Site #A01
Submitted by Gothik on Thu, 05/10/2007 - 00:27.

i would like to schedule the Minotaur fight for Me (Gothik, Bambaam and Asumasensei) for friday re-scheduling for the friday the 19th of may at 8:30 pm est. and if possible the riverne site #A01 for saturday these 2 fights are lv40 cap and the saturday mission depends on the success of friday's battle and mission of the minotaur. Gather together at 6:30pm est. in Ru'Lude Gardens

Minotaur Fight

Well I will try to show up for your Minotaur fight on Friday the 18th, if that is when all this is taking place, but I am not sure there are enough ClanAM people online on Fridays to do Minotaur. We can always try, though!

After a Minotaur fight on May the 18th I have to leave for my own CoP gathering, which takes place in Tavnazian Safehold starting about 9:20PM Eastern on Friday the 18th. So if Minotaur drags out I will have to leave.

Which day, and what time, is your Minotaur try?

I'm tryin to schedule it for

I'm tryin to schedule it for friday the 18th of may as early as possible maybe 6:30 - 7:30pm est if enough ppl are online and we can leave fast from Ru'Lude gardens we need atleast 12-18 ppl minimum 12 maximum 18 ppl and 1 thf that can pick locks.

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