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ClanAM Mega CoP Event
Submitted by Tamara on Wed, 05/16/2007 - 07:45.

ClanAM Mega CoP Event

Current plans are for this to go for several months. Current plans are for there to be TWO runs each week, with different leaders, but not for the same mission.

Darkkit started her weekly
last Wednesday, with a big success on Ouryu! Congratulations to Darkkit's team for the win!

My weekly
starts this May the 18th and I suppose this is as good a place to talk about Mission Philosophy as any other.

We will not be going that fast. We will start to gather at 9:20 and you have played FFXI before - not everyone is going to appear at 9:20pm, plan on it.

We will try to farm needed items in advance; but if Mistmelts are missing, or Giant Scales, or Coral Keys or any other item is missing out of the 235,789 items the Japanese tossed into the CoP Mission series then you will be disappointed to find the night has turned into a farming night, plan on it. My apologies in advance.

Someone is going to miss a key Mission night. We will try to go back and pick up that person by doing the Mission over. At the same time there are so-called "life events" that may happen where someone should really look into the mirror and realize that CoP is not for him or her. This person I may have to drop. If you are taking care of a very sick family member, or your house and computer were destroyed in a fire, then maybe you should not be online gaming for a few months. I know I dropped out of FFXI for a while.

We are a "tank lite" group, we may have to farm on an otherwise Mission Night because we are absent a tank. For some of these missions we are going to have to buy our tank the medicines, no sense all of that burden going onto one poor, over-used tank.

At the beginning it looks like we will only have to do each Mission, once. Later on we may have to do each Mission, twice.

People have already told me that this is a game, and there are other things in their life they have to cover - a significant other, a job, etc. So there may be a night where we gather and farm, or I simply make sure everyone is up to speed on his/her cut-scenes.

Who is everyone? These are the names given to me of folks who view Friday Night ClanAM CoP as their chance to complete CoP, and/or names of people who are there to help out:

Tamara, technically it looks like I will finish CoP with Darkkit, so I am there on Fridays to help out

Cyclonus, Cyclonus has said if he is online he will try to help out (BRD's are in demand though, so Cyclonus may have gotten roped into something else)

Davros, Davros is our tank, Davros is (I believe) part of Darkkit's team and so is a helper - will have to purchase Davros some, or all, of his meds

Slothimus, Slothimus is part of Darkkit's team (I believe) and so a helper

Xilldon, RDM, told me he would try to help out but some weeks he is busy

Avatarx, lots of FFXI jobs, Avatarx says he will try to help ClanAM out with Friday CoP runs

Now, for those folks whom I believe have NOT finished CoP and so may start out helping but in the end will need this Friday team's help to finish CoP:

Kamustaka RDM WAR

Rakion MNK (we start to gather at 9:20PM, but Rakion cannot appear until 10pm most weeks)

Lunamarie WHM
the fact that Lunamarie is WHM means Tamara (me) may not be on some of the Mission Fights

Avayr the Dark Knight/SMN who is only allowed to play when his gf is not looking

TableAndChairs MNK

Drifter SMN

Gunjynn SAM

Kumiyuki RDM SAM

Kyuuseishu SAM

As you can see, lots of folks, lots of opportunity to win, lots of opportunity to get upset if you allow the game to get to you. If you can't progress slowly on something in FFXI, if you have a problem where a Mission Week turns into a non-Mission Week, then my Friday ClanAM CoP Team is not for you.


Finally, remember that CoP is part of a rather FUN game called Final Fantasy Eleven. I have played FFXI for three and one-half years now. I am going to try to help several folks get through CoP. Will everyone who wants CoP be there at the end? Realistically, probably not.

But this is a game. Try to enjoy the Journey and try not to get too fixated on the Destination =^_^=

Your Study Guide

I own a PS2. It is a fun gaming platform. It is seriously crippled for FFXI CoP because it cannot browse the web.

Here is your study guide for this Friday's Ouryu fight

Locate a PC with web browser and read up at

Farming will not take place in
but will take place in

See the cute Galka WHM? Farming will take place in a level 40 cap area (because it is easier farming fights). The Ouryu fight is a level 50 fight, so prepare for both levels.

Friday Ouryu Fight

This week will either be:
Ouryu Fight
or Ouryu Farming
on FRIDAY, MAY 18th.

Start to gather at 9:20PM each Friday in Jeuno, for this week the fight is actually in Tavnazia, which has a Jeuno Auction House, so gathering in the Tavnazian Safehold is just as good as gathering in Jeuno.

Do not buy meds in advance. We need scales, we need feathers, as of Wednesday we have neither. I cannot guarantee a Mission Fight until
1) I know who all has showed up for Ouryu
2) How many HOURS the people who NEED the Ouryu Fight have left to play

The Friday Team needs a lot of feathers, we have none.

A word on farming - folks don't like to do it. In fact it has gotten rather old for a lot of us. So some weeks we will be farming, and we may even be farming without a tank where the hate bounces around the party a lot. No tank means we just bring lots of healers. I have done it before. It is ugly but gets the job done.

When is farming for the Friday Night Run scheduled for? It is scheduled each week the night before, at 11PM Eastern that Thursday. 11PM Eastern is 8PM on the West Coast, Seattle time. Two hours of play time for West Coast folks, I used to live on the West Coast.

So this Thursday we (I say "we", but sometimes it is just "me" that shows up) will appear at 11PM Eastern in Tavnazian Safehold to farm Feathers and Giant Scales for the Friday Ouryu fight.

In other News

In other News...

Show up Early this coming Friday the 18th in Tavnazian Safehold and you can help out some ClanAM folk with

Here is the Mission they will be attempting

You want at least one stack of Silent Oil per person, and if you get DOOM cast on you (DOOM also exists in Besieged, so you may know about it already) you will wish you had one stack of HOLY WATER keyed into a Macro.

This is not one of my events, I will probably show up to help out for the Minotaur portion.

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