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ClanAM COP WeekOf May28
Submitted by Tamara on Mon, 05/28/2007 - 08:04.

Update for ClanAM Weekly COP for the Week Of May 28

Darkkit's Wednesday Nights Weekly ClanAM CoP Team...
will attempt Promathia Mission 4-3 THE SECRETS OF WORSHIP. Gather in Tavnazian Safehold at 9:50PM Eastern on Wednesday, May the 30th. An Alliance can fight this fight, so please come to help Darkkit's team out and it should go quickly.

My Friday Nights Weekly ClanAM CoP Team...
completed Ouryu fight last Friday.

This coming Friday June 1st my team please gather in Tavnazian Safehold at 9:30pm Eastern and when we have five folks we will head out to farm keys in Sacrarium. Since we HAVE to fight this Mission in rooms containing Fomor we will HAVE to head back outside and lower our Fomor Hate back to zero. Still, bring a stack of sneak oil for the run through various passages of undead. An Alliance can fight this fight, so please come to help.

Rumors I have heard...
I've been told that one or two folks who do not usually show up will appear for the CoP Friday Night fight, so hopefully Friday will go somewhat fast (less than three hours?) as I may have an Alliance. Still looking for more to help out Darkkit's Wednesday night team and make it go quickly also.

Other news...
Gothik is still running a CoP team lagging slightly behind us. Since an Alliance can fight the Friday night battle hopefully that team will be caught up in the next five days.

SECRETS OF WORSHIP mission info (don't forget your cut-scenes!)


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