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Xilldon and Rise of the Zilart
Submitted by Tamara on Sun, 05/13/2007 - 20:26.

Xilldon told me we are going to try for Rise of the Zilart ZM4 through...

Through ZM we-don't-know, maybe play for eight hours? for nine hours?

Meet in Kazham
Saturday, May 26th, at 3:00pm Eastern if you want to help out with this.

So far it is Xilldon (RDM 75)
and Tamara (WHM 75)
for participants. Maybe Meretrix (THF 71) also?


We did a lot!!!! Got to Sky! Only took 11 hours xP. Started on ZM4 and beat with without trouble. Next came the bulk of the time on ZM5. For the fight head stones we had Maior, Davros, and Cyc join us. After those they left and me, Tam, Unst, Tablesandchairs, and Trix went and did the non-fight ones. We went on with ZM6 with the same set up haveing TAC tank. For ZM8 we had to walk the tower as of a lack of a delkfut key. When we got there the fight was easy. The rest of the CS's and final NM was easy then we found ourselfs in sky! Looks like we're ready for Divine Might!


Ark Angels

Let's do ZM14 Ark Angels and move on! We can do the Divine Might quest to fight all the angels at once some other day!

Divine Might quest replaces ZM14
ZM14 does not replace Divine Might quest

Wiki Zilart Mission 14
Allakhazam Zilart Mission 14

Wiki Zilart Mission 15

Wiki Zilart Mission 16

Wiki Zilart Mission 17

In any case it was a long day, ran across most of Vana'diel, but it was fun too =^_^=

I'm down!

I would like to finsh too! wanna try this weekend?

I would like to try some of

I would like to try some of the Ark Angels this coming Saturday, yes. Maybe do three? Then do the last two the following Saturday? We would have our 2hrs back.

Then we could move on and finish Zilart that 2nd Saturday. There is a mission 18 for Zilart on Wiki, but it is not really Zilart. Which is to say that if you click NEXT on Mission 17 for Zilart it takes you to a quest and not this so-called "Zilart Mission 18".

The PLD/WHM is said to be one of the hardest angels. We will definitely need six folks in the party.

We could do all the angels if everyone has time. I have heard it can take three hours.

I can tank!

erm, I would like to be part of the AA fights as well. I think I could lend my amatuer DD skills as well.
Although I may have a birthday party this saturday evening... I will find out thursday.


Which tank job do you have? I have you listed as maybe for the run so we would be 5/6. If you have a tank job it would be easier to find a DD then a tank :)?

Tank job? whats that?

Mnk75/Nin37 FTW!! whoa yea
Im a big help XD


Any word on if you can make it this Saturday?

T&C can't make this coming

T&C can't make this coming Saturday, let's re-schedule.


Ill get in contact with those who were planing on coming and try and find another date. I'm thinking next Sat if that works for all. But if that dosnt work we might as well wait one week for Davros's DM (16th is the pending date). After ZM14 (or DM) I would really like to get ZM17 finished soon afterward (maybe that exact night if we all have time).

I am willing to get an Ark

I am willing to get an Ark Pentasphere if you or Davros help me. I am willing to do ZM14 and then help Davros. I am willing to skip ZM14 and help Davros since he has now moved into the firm planning stage. I am pretty flexible, just want my ZM missions out of the way.

Not so sure I am willing to drop T&C if it ever gets to that point - he does a lot of damage. Also we had others along on the run who stuck with it for eleven hours.

Three and a half years with a Rise of the Zilart CD, time to get some of the content on that CD done.

Divine Might is being modified. You can read the announcement when you log onto FFXI. Quest is being made so you can re-fight it and change your reward (sounds like you don't get a second reward, just you can swap your earring from one to another).


As for getting a pentashpere i can help with that. But yes I am against leaving Trix and T&C behind also. If neither of then go to DM(or you) I will still lead up a ZM14 however if we all go I see no need to. It will all depend on everyones avalibilty.

For Davros's Divine Might

For Davros's Divine Might fight I am going for maximum availability, which is to say I will try to be there no matter what (obviously I can't be there if the internet connection dies). It is an eighteen person alliance fight, no need to have seventeen folks telling Davros,
"I am only available for 3 hours when the moon is full."

One of the reasons I hate alliance fights - they were designed for Japanese linkshells, everyone playing from the same time zone.

Update for Saturday.

On this saturday is the ZMs at 3 Eastern. As of right now I know that me, Tam, Unst, and Trix will be comeing. So we need a tank and another DD and should be fine. Come if you can make it please ^^

Good job on the event,

Good job on the event, Xilldon! And thank-you to all who showed up to help! I remember Davros and Maior and Cyclonus and I guess Tableandchairs ended up tanking some fights too! LOL!

No Tank again? So how many

No Tank again? So how many hours do we wait on Saturday for a tank before we cancel?


I have asked Maior and he may be able to come. Davros has offered to help in the past also so I'm going to ask him tonight.

Ninja Tank?

If you are talking a Ninja Tank tell me what they need for sushi and I will cook up a stack for free. I don't know what PLD use for food, but I suppose I could also cook up a stack of that.

ToAU Missions

Going to try to do some ToAU Missions this Saturday, May 19th, at 3pm, for those who need them.

No, not planning on starting with those ToAU Missions Xilldon or I need, planning to start with the first ToAU mission that someone needs who shows up and says "I am here to do some ClanAM ToAU Missions".

Next Sat.

Just talked to Trix and he cannot make it this weekend but next he can. So far we dont have anyone else who can so lets plan for next saturday at 3 PM Eastern. This week I could still help out on AU missions.


Okay, May 26th at 3pm Eastern it is for ZM!

May 19th we will try to complete some ToAU Missions, starting at 3PM Eastern.


Thanks for posting this Tam. (been busy past weekend) But yes I would like to try this on Saturday if possible. Starting at 3 Eastern would be good for me. How bout others?

I will show up at 3PM

I will show up at 3PM Eastern this coming Saturday. I hope we make it through at least half of ZM. I am going to show up in Jeuno.

By 5pm, though, we may have to make a decision and try some ToAU Missions, if only a few folks show up for ZM. Start with the lowest ToAU Mission that anyone showing up has, proceed from there the best we can.


Obviously there are going to be some breaks in an event this long =^_^=

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