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Garrison 30 ~ No cap (Do You Need It?)
Submitted by Xilldon_RDM on Sun, 06/03/2007 - 03:25.

What: Garrison
Where: Debatable
Date: June 8th or 9th at 9PM Eastern
For those who havnt done a Garrison it is when you go to an out post trade a Rare/EX item to the NPC at post there and you are then attacked by many monsters. The rewards from Garrisons very by level but usually have some really nice gear for the level. We usally have the person with the pop item chooses one item to keep and the rest is pooled together and sold. I have a tenetive date set for June 8th or 9th. I will annouce which Garrison start items we shall farm on this upcoming Monday the 4th. I am aiming for a start time of 9PM Eastern going as many times as many pop items we have (or everyone gets tired, heh). Any interest please /tell me in game or post here. Hope to get this going!


This week my Garrison will be on Saturday at 9 PM. We will be going to Zi'Tah which is controlled by Windy this week. Those from Windurst planing on taking part in the Garrison if you could farm a Hound Fang Sack for this would be great. The level cap is 40 and the start time is 9PM eastern.

"No cap"

Garrisons have level caps, unless you're doing one of the end-game ones. And since you mention "Garrison 30" I assume you're talking about the level 30-capped Garrisons in areas like the dunes or Buburimu.

Vis Maior's Journeys

No Cap

Well by no cap I the highest cap there is, which I assume is lvl 70 or 75.


This one?

but the Mighty Pole drop
is not the +12 to CHR on a quarter-moon
that Cyclonus was joking he wanted for his BLM. Which, if it existed, would be an amusing staff!

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