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ENM Static Party
Submitted by rooster on Wed, 11/16/2005 - 16:43.

Thank you all for helping to make this party a huge success. In light of the confusion and indecision we faced last night I think it is important to lay down some guidelines regarding our objectives.

The primary purpose of this static party is to regularly and efficiently get experience points for our members. Experience has shown that this can most reliably be accomplished by fighting ENM-DEM. Therefore this will be the first and primary objective each week. If a member can not get the DEM censor because they used it earlier in the week, then that member will need to find a qualified replacement who can fight ENM-DEM for that run.

If a member wants to propose fighting an additional ENM or Promy Boss, or wants to include outside players (who are not direct replacements for one of our members) this may be suggested once we have all gathered in Jeuno. If the party agrees, we will fight the additional battle AFTER we have done ENM-DEM for our core members.

As we acsend to the spire ONE player will be selected as scout to lead us there safely. This will usually be Raytien but Thersites may do this if Raytien is not playing as Ranger. It is important that we all follow the scout closely. If you do not think the scout is going the right way you should say something in party chat (if there is time). But the scout has the final say on how we get there. The scout will also say when it is time to attack the Memory Receptacle.

The starting time will be Tuesdays at 5:30PST, 6:30MST, 7:30CST, 8:30EST

Meet at Vanessa in Rulude Gardens, Jeuno for teleport. And please be ready on time!

Thanks again,

Many Thanks

Thank you all for your insightful comments. You guys really are the best. It looks like we are in agreement that ENM-DEM for Experience Points will be our primary objective each week. Whatever else we do after that will be "iceing on the cake". I would be happy to help Hilkiah (or anyone else) with his promys, AFTER we have accomplished our primary objective. I also think we will usually have time to get in a second ENM for extra EXP (if we all get started on time, lol). The second ENM can be determined according to what censors we all have, as well as consideration of what Promy Boss someone might need.

Regarding members switching jobs, I had hoped that this would be a rare enough occurance that it could be handled on a case by case basis. I really don't think we need to map out every conceivable combination of jobs in advance. Although do I appreciate Tamara's outlining how such a scheme might work.

Once again, thanks for making this such an awesome party!


Adding a Boss fight

All I really ask is to know b4 I get to Jeuno as Jeuno price r more expensive for me to buy supplies. I really enjoy helping ppl all the time, But whn we go Static should be discussed b4 Tuesday as most of us r on quite regularly. Just a whisper will do... As we send messages to each other quite regular.

As a static grp we learn to fight more as a team for future events and whn a certain problem happens will know wht will happen b/c as a team will fight and react. Learning each others style will make us stronger as a team. A team has a Leader so we follow his/her lead and whn we win its b/c a leader was once a good follower.

I believe in making sure the team stays together and not lossing time finding lost people... Been on many runs where ppl get lost and it really costs alot of time... Personal I make a macro saying "Sneak Wearing..." /call14/. Other things I do whn leading is stop at safe area's making sure everyone is with the grp...

Other thing would be on time... Its not a surprise at the time we start... Am usually setup for ENM ahead of time such clothes, items, and food... b4 I go to bed Monday night or up early b4 work getting rdy for the ENM... Rotating stuff at 5:30pm Tuesday not a very good Ideal...

Last thing would be we all have feelings... Watching wht 1 would say in whisper or chat should be thought of 1st... There is helping and then there hurting... To be a good team we have to be open with each other... Learning to help each other is a big thing in this game... Nothing in my comments is pointed at or pointed to 1 person b/c at times we fall under them all... This Clan rocks --- Ava
Summoner lvl75- Avatar Power

A word from me

I admit I didn't know all the guidelines for this event when I went, but I do appreciate that you guys brought me along. Obviously, I have WHM past 30 and can be available as a replacement. Currently, I've been working on getting WAR to 30 (26 now) for Promyvion ENMs, et cetera. Of course, you have to admit the advantage of WAR30/NIN15 over WAR30/MNK15, so my next goal after WAR30 could be to get NIN from 10 to 15.

In short, I may be able to help out with the tank issue pretty soon if Maior wants to focus on another job for ENMs. I don't want to step on your toes, I just want you to know that I'm available and willing to help.

Hilkiah - Galka - White Mage


Yeah, I don't think anyone wanted this to get to be anything big. I'm sorry if you (or others) were caught in a crossfire :-)

Basically, as I understand it, here's what happened:

* Thersty came up with this ENM static idea. Basically, a small group of friends who were very very good at ascent and promy boss battles gather weekly for experience and items (very rarely).

* Some people in the LS got offended at this, thinking we were being elitist or something. "Hording all the Promy stuff for ourselves" was what one person actually told me. This was never the intent, this really was just like any old EXP static, except we were doing ENMs instead of traditional parties.

* Like a static, if someone wasn't going to be available, they were encouraged to find a replacement. Unfortunately, this kind of got out of hand (I'll admit I may have started this telling both Valsery and Meretrix that one week we'd be looking for a replacement for Kit as she was out of town, instead of just relying on Kit to replace herself).

Long story short, Hilkiah, you (and kach) have just been caught in a minor static problem. Honestly, this is a pretty tame problem compared to the problems I've seen in every other static I've been a part of (I've been in at least a dozen by now). I personally think this says a lot of the people in it (Ava, Ray, Thersty, Tam and Kit), that everyone was able to pretty much just work through it without any long lasting hard feelings. Ava, Ray, Thersty, Tam and Kit, you guys rock :-)

As for me, I personally have no issues with you, Hilkiah, being our WHM replacement (or being our tank for the night). In fact, I'd definately be proud to go with you on your last boss run sometime (you needed Holla, right?)

Vis Maior's Journeys

Anima {Can I have it?}

I tried Holla again this weekend with my other LS. They don't value anima as much as I do. Since I've seen what ClanAM did to the Mea boss with 8-10 anima, I never want to go back.

Yes, I still need to beat Holla's boss. I realize it's short notice to request a Holla run for Tuesday (tomorrow), and I wouldn't be able to participate in the ENM besides. But, I'm interested in trying it a week from Tuesday, either in place of or after the Dem run. If Tamara still wants her spot in ENM I am TOTALLY fine with climbing the spire and sitting out on ENM if I can fight the boss. You guys are THAT good.

Think of it this way! If I get through Promyvion it only gives everyone more flexibility on the later CoP missions, right? Right?

P.S. I had an urge to level THF for a few days instead of WAR, so I'm still WAR26.

Hilkiah - Galka - White Mage

Holla Spire Boss Bash

I am not going to vote on this Spire Boss Bash since Hilkiah is talking about taking the WHM slot.

I am going to show up in Jeuno on November 22nd and November 29th at the posted start time of 8:30PM Eastern for the ENM. I may be five or ten minutes late since I am playing airport taxi for the holidaze; but I see no reason for me not being in Jeuno by 8:40PM

It may sound unfair but I would like to say that come 40 minutes of sitting around in Jeuno I am leaving - planned ENM for the night or not. If that is a problem then I figure it would be best that I am replaced on the Static.

Seems that me that before 40 minutes pass on any Event that has not yet started it should be cancelled or commenced a forced-start; that is my new opinion anyways.


Hi Tam! It's fine if you want Hilkiah to be your replacement on this or any other run. However, I am a bit confused. Generally having a replacement implies that you are not planning to be there. This is also what caused some of the confusion last Tuesday. Are you proposing that Hilkiah come as your replacement or as an additional player?

It is my intention that we will always fight ENM-DEM for our 6 core members first (or their direct replacements). No other event will ever take the place of this for this static party. If the party agrees to fight an additional battle (perhaps with outside players) this will take place after ENM-DEM.

Your point about being on time is a good one. However I think most of us would prefer to wait a few extra minutes if neccessary rather than cancel the event at a sharp cutoff time. (Party please correct me if I am wrong). Everyone, please be considerate of your party members. Plan ahead for this scheduled event. And please be on time!

Thank You,


I'll plan to be online on Tuesday 11/29 and ready by 5:30. Rooster says we could go to Holla after Dem that day, and I could just take Tam's spot after Dem is done, since it will be late at night on the east coast.

Of course, it only makes sense to do the Holla ENM as well while we're up at the Holla spire. Bring anima just like we did for the Mea boss and we'll be golden! You guys rock, and I can't wait to get to the new CoP areas. Thank you in advance.

P.S. The first time I came to replace Tam, I think I came at about 5:50 (pac), thinking that the start time was 6:00 for some reason. Now I know that it starts, and always has, at 5:30. No more confusion.

Hilkiah - Galka - White Mage

Hilkiah was supposed to be my

Hilkiah was supposed to be my replacement last Tuesday and I was not going to be there. However, as I thought I told you, Dragonlance needs some Spire Bosses AND since she had Anima AND was willing to be in Jeuno at 8:30pm Easter I thought, "Great! With DragonLance around if I show up in Jeuno we have enough to beat Mea" Promyvion-Mea takes eight folks, and I knew we weren't going to be fighting Dem (because not enough of us could get the Censer).

That was the only reason I showed up last Tuesday, the Mea fight. That and the fact I knew the only other option was Holla.

Now for tonight.

I have designated no replacement but I will not be there. Sorry. I just received a phone call ten minutes ago the flight I am to meet has been delayed by several hours. Yes, it is the holiday season. This flight is Thanksgiving, family-related, stuff.

I have no idea why U.S. airlines cannot run flights on time but they apparently cannot. I have to leave town to go to the airport, now it is a few more hours from now. I won't even be in my home city when the party leaves for the Promyvion-Dem fight.


Thanks for the notice

Don't worry about it Tam. I'll find a replacement for you. Enjoy your holiday guests!


As to any confusion about Hilkiah and this Tuesday night (tonight) I would like to say I have not talked to Hilkiah since the last run; so I have no knowledge of what he wants other than what he posts here.

As to my typing "I have no vote" or "I abstain" I am trying to tell party organizers (/poke) that my comfort zone is less voting and more decision-making from the top would be just fine with me =^_^=

Tell Hilkiah he can come along - fine by Tamara.
Tell Hilkiah he can't come along - fine by Tamara.
Tell Tamara she can't come along and Hilkiah is her replacement - that works too! LOL!

It's just a game and we try to help each other out, does not always work out that way and yes we sometimes hurt feelings but still we land back on our feet and we go back to trying to help others out.

Most everyone realizes this particular game breaks down if you don't try to help each other out.

Hilkiah if you need help farming Anima I am generally available for that. Other Static ENM Members - I think you already know I am often available to help farm Anima. I've gotten to the point I always try to keep all three in my safe, so I am ready to help someone out with a Spire Boss.


I'll help you farm anima sometime, just look me up (hell, I'd even help tonight- Monday- if you're around). I just ask one thing, I want to fight the mobs that drop the map as well (I am a map whore :-)

As for fighting Holla this week, that'd depend on everyone else's input, as well as if everyone has anima. I personally wouldn't mind (I only lack hystero, and I'd be set), but I bet we'd have to give a weeks notice anyhow (i.e., probably more likely next week).

For the rest of CoP, we just had a successful Aqueducts run this weekend, but I think Tam DC'ed sometime during the trip, so we will be returning for her at least. If we can get you done with Holla by that time, then you could come along for that one as well.

Also, as for WAR, no worries, you have time. After this Aqueducts run, I've decided I want to level up WAR to 40+ in Promy then skill it up in Aqueducts farming for subs (woot!)

Vis Maior's Journeys

Farming for Zodiac Subligar

I can help farm for Zodiac Subligar. Just means that afterwards I need to hunt Beastmen to get my hate back down. I'll lot on any Key Drops or WHM/SMN Subligar. I need the key to finish the CoP Mission.

Most evenings I am available as WHM for Clan stuffs. Wednesdays I am available so late it has no meaning for East Coast (not really Wednesday any more). Sundays are always problematic (typically I can't play that much FFXI on Sunday).

I have no problem with Tuesday ENM being converted from time-to-time into a special thing, such as Subligar Hunts; but even then it needs to start within 40 minutes. Well it doesn't absolutely have to start within 40 minutes, I am just saying that when it does start super-late it won't be starting with Tamara in the party.


Well I think sounds like a plan not so much a um dictatorship but maybe like a set organization of civilized minds as to forego confusion. However I am usually the cause for a late start (has happened twice now) I enjoy running two spire ascents a night. I know these conflict with sleep schedules and are sometimes deemed untimely. So the afore mentioned details work more than adequatly for me and see no reason as to why someone could find basis of a quarrel.

Also to touch on Sam's point i have also thought greatly about my lowered skill cap as a result of practically free experience. My original plan was to just go out and get a few skill up parties to make up for things a bit but since there maybe multiple ppl feeling the same pinch maybe we could setup something once a month to take care of this. Of course not all static members will attend or there are certainly no obligations to anything in the game people are free to do what they will. Also I for one am planning on taking rng higher sometime in the not too distant future which is why I prefer to go as it. Gives me a lil forward progress while i am preoccupied with mnk end game stuff. I however am not against maybe a rotation of jobs that we could work out through a lil more discussion. I can go as war/nin or rng/nin and I will very soon be able to go as whm/blm or whm/smn. I dunno a lil food fer thought.

One more thing have been asked several times wether i will be attending monday runs and for the record the answer will usually be no. It is not that i am against running bosses or helping other ls members beat promy, as you all know i try to be there for everyone I can be. Things have gotten to be very busy for me recently in game and I can't afford another night to event stuff. Sounds very selfish of me and I assure you it is in a sense but it is not intended to offend or disregaurd anyone for anyreason at all.

The ENM static is alot of fun fer me i enjoy the time spent with friends on a similar motive driven world domination plan lol. We make a spire ascent look like a walk through a petting zoo. Countless people struggle with these areas/events/missions. Let us not forget our roots and let us not grow calous of our achievments. We are here as a team because each individule knows that the other will have their back and we will have theirs. Things dont work solo in this game it is a 'game' yes but it is more than that. It is the 'home' of friends and allies.


On skill-caps

Actually, I was thinking about this some more, and it seems like it shouldn't be a problem as long as we coordinate with eachother.

For example, I really need to get /NIN up to 37 so I can use it all over the place as a sub. So, if I can just get NIN up to 29-30ish, then I could swap out WAR/NIN and become NIN/WAR and still tank. That way my WAR doesn't get out of hand, and I can get NIN up those last few levels it needs.

Also, I wouldn't mind swapping out one night as a RNG if both Ray and Thersty wanted to level something else (I'd need some advanced notice, my RNG gear is in mules atm).

So, maybe we could just discuss after the ENM each week if we wanted to change any jobs for the next week (or even coming weeks?) This way, there'd be no debate once we get there for the weekly static... we just show up with the job we were scheduled to be.

Vis Maior's Journeys

Seems like the swap-talking could be worked out now

To support swaps I think Thersites could work out a chart. Seems like a chart would forego a whole lot of late-nite, tired player, talking.

In other words if person A was coming as such-and-such maybe they would have a pre-arranged partner B or C to offset their desired change? Then Maior could review the chart in order to check for overall party strength still being at a viable level? Bad alternates would be reviewed and discarded in advance by Maior.

One guideline might be no job under level 29 (just a suggestion).

Example of how the chart would work:

- First -
Chart lists 'default' party configuration. For Tamara that would be: WHM30/SMN. For Avatarx I believe it is SMN30/WHM.

- Second -
Chart lists declared alternates WITH one or more partners (this is the main part of Maior's review)

Tamara would have two alternate listings (other players might work out as many as eight or twelve listings for their portion of the chart)

For Tamara, alternate listing one - Tamara SMN29/WHM with Raytien as WHM29/SMN

For Tamara, alternate listing two - Tamara SMN29/WHM with Avatarx as WHM29/SMN

- Third - (Maior's Review)
A review of the chart takes place looking for alternates which are a poor swap and those entries are discarded at Maior's discretion.

Suppose an alternate listing was Tamara as WHM30/SMN becomes Tamara fighting as SMN29/WHM being replaced by Maior as WHM29/SMN? Well a look at the 'default' party configuration shows this is not viable since the party would show up without a tank for that night.

No reason to do this chart work if there is no advantage. The advantage is the swapping needs only to be discussed by two people! If Tamara and Avatarx have agreed upon a viable, previously-approved-by-Maior swap then everyone else need not be involved.

The rest of the party should not care if player TANK shows up as player DD if the viable swap was already acknowledged where someone usually taking a player DD position now shows up as the replacement player Tank. Just two folks talking, and they each acknowledge their new roles for the night's runs.

- Four -
Chart is posted for ENM Members to consult when they need to.

So Tamara's default on the chart is WHM30/SMN

I offer up SMN29/WHM as an alternate I would like to run in the future.

I think this blossoms into two possiblities because I believe in the future Raytien or Avatarx can fill WHM29/SMN shoes (and also purchase the required re-raise earring).

Now, back to the review part - if Raytien is normally a RNG (default) dishing out DD to the ENM and Maior (at his own judgement) decides that a SMN's overall damage output is substantially less-than a RNG's overall damage output then the alternate entry would not have even been approved and does not exist in the final chart. Tamara is left with one alternative - player coming as WHM now comes as SMN and replaces a SMN coming as WHM. This, as everyone knows, should work.

Maior will have to use his gray matter to determine if WHM coming as SMN would be a good alternate replacement for THF now coming as WHM; but Maior has probably been in enough parties to have an idea on this kind of swap. I'm not listing this alternative because I have yet to hear Kitchel is leveling WHM =^_^=

I was asked to respond

I have a message out on FFXI asking me to Respond to this topic, which I suppose I should do though I was thinking I had little to add =^_^=

My personal philosophy is "too many chefs spoil the broth", which is to say that on relatively simple things (which ENM has turned into, once we began to understand it) if you get five or six players together you may well end up with five or six opinions. So I tend to go with what the ORGANIZER establishes for the ground rules.

So Maior organizes/hosts/leads the Clan Garrisons, his rules work for me (even though I think he prefers to call them Clan Garrison Rules).

Thersites organizes/hosts/leads Tuesday ENM, his rules work for me.

I organize/host/lead Even-Numbered Monday ENM, my rules work for me! LoL!

Maior pointed out our Tuesday night Mea-fight Benediction-scheme did not function properly because I was in such a tiny party (just me and Dragonlance). That was because I organized specifically with Dragonlance waiting for word (in Jeuno) whether Dragonlance and I were in for a Promyvion-Mea run. I was well prepared to be told "no, we are going with six folks for Holla"; that would have worked for me. Instead I thought I heard, "looks like we are doing Promyvion-Mea, LoL" which I took as meaning a decision had been reached and it was time to go. I was also being asked to provide input on a Crag vote; I voted but that does not mean I felt like I should be voting.

My Tuesday replacement was already there in Jeuno, maybe ten minutes late, but Hilkiah was there; I was quite content to go with that, lots and lots to do in this game (soloing SMN this week), so I did not need to do a Tuesday ENM.

So I don't have much input on the rules Thersites posted. It's a game to me and Thersites has organized a fun Tuesday night event. I try to show up for it, just like I do for Garrison. On Tuesday I brought Dragonlance along because I figure Mea *is* feasible with eight players, and Mea *is not* feasible with less than eight.

So Thersites saying, 'six folks for Holla' - would have made for a good decision; in my opinion.

Thersites establishing some ground rules for Tuesday - I always buy into rules/guidelines for the organizer's own event.

Maior missed my Monday ENM because of storms in his area; next time it could well be me missing on a Tuesday night (the South has some impressive storms too)! So rather than voting round-robin as this or that little twist raises its head (at the poverbial 'last moment') I prefer the Organizer to make the call.

And as I stated previously - Organizer establishing rules up front (like here) works just fine.


Even-Mondays ENM's hosted by Tamara - I host Even-Mondays Promyvion ENM's.

Even-Mondays' Primary Objective is to help members out who still need a Crag Boss.

However, a lack of Anima on hand will either:
a) elevate the Secondary Objective: ENM Run-for-fun.
b) create a delay while Anima is Farmed

And so it was this past Monday...

I was in charge, I used my judgement for the known facts:

o insufficient Anima existed IN THE ORGANIZER's OPINION (me) to beat a Spire Boss


o enough Anima was present, 50% of players had some Anima, so it seemed unfair to head off to Farm

And so the run was turned into an ENM Run-for-Fun and no Crag Boss was fought.


All of the above is another way of saying that it does in fact appear Benevolent Dictatorships work quite well for hosted FFXI Events!

Maybe we will see such a dictatorship from Maior for the upcoming Minotaur fights and we will all eventually end up with Minotaur rugs to give to our Moggles as Christmas presents! =^_^=

abridged version

Your rules/guidelines are just fine, Thersites!


One more thing....

Something else I think I should mention is that, unless the job you are going into this with is your main, there isn't as much motivation to do them.

For example, I started doing these to get my subjob for MNK (WAR) to 37 (since it was so close to 37 anyway). Now, my WAR is 38, and the job that really needs EXP is my MNK.

The problem is, we have no tank if I switch to MNK. So I'm kind of stuck as WAR for the time being.

This is a problem because, eventually I do actually want to try and take WAR higher. There's some truly awesome gear and abilities WAR gets past 60, and I'd love to be a part of that.

So this is the problem, my WAR's abilities are currently at around a 34 cap. If I get my WAR too much higher without skilling him up, I will be a pretty crappy WAR when I later on want to party with it. In other words, once I hit 40-45, I really shouldn't take my WAR any higher without capping his skills (okay, I realize I could do this if our static eventually moved on to the ENMs in Promy-Vahzl... but who knows if that will happen :-)

Long story short, while this wouldn't be a problem for... say... Rooster (who goes into this ENM as his main).. it is a problem for me :-)

Vis Maior's Journeys

We Can Be Flexible With Jobs

I think we can be flexible regarding the jobs members want to bring. As long as we coordinate with other members to make sure we always have a tank, healer, and some damage dealers.

Flexible, yes!

You are proposing ENM DEM once a week - the easiest one.

You are proposing a fixed-static (stated under your objective); everyone in the static has beaten the Spire Bosses. This means that 2hrs will be available the vast majority of DEM ENM's.

The WHM brings re-raise earring, so heals/benediction can be tossed around like Halloween Candy. Ummm, yes, I would hope flexible jobs could beat this thing!

Seems that WHM Raise is needed, so unless someone else is going to bring their WHM with level 26 Raise (cannot be subbed) I suppose I am the only one stuck =^_^=

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