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Thersites' Bachelor Party (or "What happens in the Kokba Hostel, stays in the Kokba Hostel")

Thersites' Bachelor Party (or "What happens in the Kokba Hostel, stays in the Kokba Hostel")
Submitted by sam on Tue, 10/10/2006 - 12:02.

Well, this last weekend we had a Bachelor Party for Therstites, who will soon be departing this world. This here is the account of the Bachelor Party. Those with weak constitutions might not to read on....

The Bachelor Party took place largely in the Kokba Hostel, where we held a smashing party. We had drink, food... female entertainment... Everything a good bachelor party should have...

After the party, we went and helped Thersites complete the quest Knocking on Forbidden Doors... which was something he could really only do before he gets shackled by matrimony...

Read on for the entire sordid tale...


I am glad you liked my entertainment. I was happy to help Thersites' last evening as a free man enjoyable. But the truth of the matter was Maior was worse than everyone else. He is bad when he gets too much Mithra. Just look at the pics he took. It was good times for all that went. :-P


Excellent job Maior! Thanks for setting the party up Slothimus! Thanks to everyone who showed up! And special thanks to Darkkit for the top notch entertainment! Hope this doesn't get me in trouble with Kitchel....hehe


I know there's been several hostel events, and I've been to some of them, but how do you reserve the hostel for them?

We need a guide on it, lol


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