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Wedding Bells!
Submitted by rooster on Mon, 10/02/2006 - 18:42.

Thersites and Kitchel request the honor of your presence at their game wedding:

Where: East Sarutabaruta, H-12
Date: Thursday, Oct 12, 2006
Time: 5:00 PM Pacific
Guests: 36

All our friends are welcome! I have been asked to prepare a guest list, so please respond to this message if you are planning to attend. Guests should arrive early as the ceremony will start promptly at 5:00pm pacific time.

A warm thank you to Meretrix for having the patience to submit our application for over a year! And special thanks to Lulou for finding us a cancellation!

Wedding Etiquette

A wedding is a sacred event and should be observed with the utmost respect. Thus, during our ceremonies, it is important for all involved to conduct themselves in the appropriate manner.

If the behavior of the participants and/or guests is deemed improper or disruptive, we reserve the right to cancel the ceremony. Please help us to create a joyous and memorable occasion for the bride and groom by ensuring that everyone obeys this simple etiquette:

- Do not be late
- Do not move around needlessly during the
- Do not bring monsters to the wedding site, and
then release them.
- Refrain from casting spells, synthesizing, or
using unnecessary items until the ceremony is
- Refrain from unnecessary chatting once the
ceremony begins, including excessive emotes.
- Do not engage in battle.
- Maintain a reasonable standard of decency
during the ceremony.
- Do not engage in any other activities that
might disrupt the ceremony.
- Do not send unnecessary /tells to the groom or bride.
- Questions should be directed to the chaperone.

It is the responsibility of the chaperones to inform all attendees of the above etiquette, but they are free to do so in their own words, if they wish.

It may be a good idea to recruit helpers and ushers who can direct and caution the attendees upon arrival, or shortly before the ceremony begins.

Please make sure your ushers do not block other players (non-guests) that need to enter the wedding site to speak to quest NPCs.

(1) Attire

In regards to attire, helmets, masks, visors, faceguards and heavy head items should not be worn. Hats, cloaks, circlets, eyeglasses and the like are acceptable. Female guests should not wear opaline, ceremonial, or wedding feet, leg or body items out of respect for the bride.

If your wedding is indoors at Jeuno, or at a special indoor site like Heaven's Tower, please ask guests to remove their hats.

It is recommended that one dress in a manner befitting a sacred occasion. This request extends not only to the bride, groom, and chaperone, but to all those who plan to attend the ceremony. The bride, groom, and chaperone should discuss this matter beforehand in order to establish a general guideline, which in turn should be passed on to all attendees.

As an optional service, a complete wedding dress set will be provided for the bride, if one was requested in the initial wedding application. The set will be given to the bride during arrangements for the ceremony. If it was not requested on the original application, but you'd like to request it on the wedding day, bring the extra 50,000g fee. If the bride plans to wear opaline or ceremonial gear, she mustn't equip it on the wedding day until directed to do so by the WM.

(2) Weapons

We ask that the bride, groom, chaperone, and attendees remove weapons and shields during the ceremony.

For more information about game weddings in general see Meretrix's excellent wedding guide:

Well congratulations for

Well congratulations for your wedding, it's always pleasant to hear such news. I hope everything is as you want on this special day.


I love it, I'm not going to delete it... Wedding spam in the post for a fake, in-game wedding.

That's just too damned funny.

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Congratulations and thank-you for having me at the wedding! It was most enjoyable.

Best wishes to you both!

I'll Be there

Lulou Invited me under her invite.
Will be there Thersites and Kit... Logged out at the site...
Summoner 75
Red Mage 71
White M 53
Paladin 48
Ninja 47
Black M 44
Bard 41
Beast 40
Warrior 34

I'll Be there

Lulou Invited me under her invite.
Will be there Thersites and Kit... Logged out at the site...
Summoner 75
Red Mage 71
White M 53
Paladin 48
Ninja 47
Black M 44
Bard 41
Beast 40
Warrior 34

Don't Be Late!

I just received word from the wedding master that guests should arrive by 4:30 PM Pacific time. Hope to see you all there!



Just to clarify, that time will be: 7:30 PM EDT, 6:30 PM CDT, 5:30 PM MDT, 4:30 PM PDT

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Following the wedding there will be a reception on top of the Aurastery in Windurst Waters (K-6). The stairs are located on the west side of the building. Bring your fireworks! (If you don't have any fireworks don't worry, we have plenty to share!)


guest list

My friend ozzman needs to be added to the guest list so that he can attend.
Not sure how this is working so posting it here. Is Lulou doing the guest list?
If so Thersites, can you be sure and tell her:)

guest list

My friend ozzman needs to be added to the guest list so that he can attend.
Not sure how this is working so posting it here. Is Lulou doing the guest list?
If so Thersites, can you be sure and tell her:)


Congratulations to both of you!

I am still not certain if i will be working that evening but would love to come if i am off. Mynx


Congratulations! Ill be there. Oh yea, is there gonna be a Keg!? ^^

Our Big Wedding Day!

Wow sorry but couldn't get logged in :) Thank you everyone for planning to come! Umm about dress....
Well even though we will be outdoors (very scenic view! yes!)the wedding is still going to be very formal.
The sibyl celebrant herself has kindly taken it upon her self to oversee our wedding personally, so we must be on our best behavior! Af is not necessary. Do now worry:) The most important thing is that everyone who can comes and shares our special day with us. Especially you Meow! So looking forward to dancing happily with you at my wedding (been a long time since we danced and set off fireworks together, can't wait!).
My only real dress thoughts are these. Preferably no subligars, harnesses, etc. that show too much skin.
Yikes! We don't want to look like a bunch of barbarians or ruffians. This is a wedding not a gladiator arena hehehe Also if you can avoid wearing white (reserved for the blushing bride *-* me! that would be great. However, if your job requires either of the above, then of course that's what you must wear.
Tamara showed me a lot of outfits, and the baron's (or trader's) wear is nice wear if all else fails.
Hats can be worn since we are outdoors, so don't forget to bring your new hat Tamara :) As for head wear, well my one request is that you not cover your face so that you become unrecognizable. Want everyone to really stand out as their characters. Especially since we are going to have not only pictures, but a movie of the wedding as well. Yikes! I am starting to get really nervous here *o* Anyone else with suggestions should be sure to post them. I think I am too nervous to think! /em Puts on dunce cap and stands around looking blond ahahhahah
Is it a good idea for the wife to be to crash her galka's bachelor party by the way? Shhh...don't tell Thersites :) MWahahahha


OK everyone REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR BRONZE SUBLIGAR ARMOR. We need to make a good impression so please make sure you have the whole outfit (head, body, hands, legs, and feet) Also everyone that has bst, smn, drg, or pup lvled any please come as that job. (so we can have all our little friends running around too) Imagine how the bride and groom will feel when they not only have 60 pairs of eyes looking at them but over 120 eyes. SMN please use Diablos because he is so cute and cuddley. So I will see you there with as a drg/smn in my bronze armor. :-)

Bronze subligar?

OMG well, if that's what you really want to come as Darkkit!
I guess maybe i should save the 50,000 gil for the wedding dress and come all in thief green.
I could bring lots of arrows and play Mrs. Robin Hood:) But i have to wear that flower Thersites
gave me or he might be mad! Can't have that../em shakes her head sadly


Okay, red level 20 Trader's for wedding-guest wear it will be for me! LOL! May as well, since I own the entire outfit now. =^_^=

Congratulations! I'll be

I'll be there


Congrats Kitchel and Thersty!

Unfortunately, I will be at work at the time of the ceremony and will not be able to attend.

Congrats again!


Congratulation Guys!
Kamustaka, Kaikyo, Rakion, Lunamarie, and myself will be there for sure.
Errmmm do we have to wear our AF's?
because I started a new account and I don't exactly have them >_<


*** If you are mage-like you can wear Seer's, or Trader's/Baron's

I just spoke with Kitchel and she is going to post suggestions for wedding wear for the guests - I think some of the guidelines for what to avoid are coming from the GM who runs the ceremony.

im there thersti

i will be there congratulations you working on getting my af as soon as possable i may have all but the helm if that is acceptable

I am there

I will be there in your choice of rdm AF, smn AF, or drk AF. your choice. (but I think rdm looks better But drk looks good too)

I'll be there

I'll be there and Thursday ASSAULT for that day is CANCELLED.

I have been at a ffxi wedding before - the guest list is so the GM can lock folks out. I don't know how they do it but I think the Wedding Party is invisible to others. If the party is not invisible then the GM uses your Guest List to boot folks back to town who wander too close, one of the two. So the Guest List is an important thing.

I can wear WHM AF except for the headgear (which is ugly) or I can wear Seer's - which do you prefer? Last wedding I attended I wore all Seer's

5pm Pacific is 8pm Eastern, so I suppose I will show up at 7:30pm in East Sarutabaruta

Thank You Tam

Thanks for your support and for the info on the importance of guest lists. Since you have been to a wedding before, would you like to be an usher? If so check with our chaperone Lulou to see what kind of help she may require. Regarding attire - I trust you to make an appropriate choice! Maybe Kitchel has a preference?


I spoke with Lulou and told her I would show up two hours early to take instructions and to help out.

Lulou told me "no hats". Sooo, for you guests...
if you have headgear, or hats, or probably anything other than a coronet or a hairpin then we ushers are going to be instructed to ask you to remove it.

Just keep your headgear in your inventory, in case someone requests a "full dress photo" after the wedding is over.

I showed some outfits to

I showed some outfits to Kitchel and she told me to avoid white - which is good, I prefer not to wear my WHM AF clown suit anyways! LOL!

Kitchel is also going to post some suggestions for the guests' outfits.


Congrats Thersites and Kitchel! After a year of trying over and over again finally you guys get your wedding! I wouldnt miss it for a thing.

Wedding Gallery

I'll be there, and I'll take pictures of the event.

I've created a dedicated gallery here just for the wedding.

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Wedding Screenshots

Thanks for setting up the wedding gallery and offering to be photographer, Maior. Everyone one else is welcome to take screenshots too and contribute them to the gallery.

Wedding Video

I just hooked up my 360 to be able to record movies, so I plan on filming the wedding too. I'll add it to the ClanAM Videos page.

So... barring anything weird, I should have a small video of the wedding to accompany the gallery.

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