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Things I Hate #128 : Stupid Fucking Drama
Submitted by sam on Tue, 06/05/2007 - 14:24.

So I've been doing a little bit of KSNM-ing lately in a pick-up group that I met during some EXPing. I have been trying for Destroyers, which I didn't get, but managed to get some other cool little trinkets like Senjuinrikio and Dissector. The group seemed pretty cool, they were taking down these KSNMs like no one's business and had been running their group for a long time now (~8 months).

Of course, that was until this last Friday night....

The night started out badly with everyone showing up to the event trying for Destroyers. This meant that everyone had Clotho orbs. This also meant that "Elemental Seal" was needed in every fight. Which meant that there was like a 10 minute cooldown between each KSNM (unlike the rapid fire KSNM sessions of the past). This irritated a few of the BLMs in the group (BLMs that I didn't really know too well). However, the shit really hit the fan when it was my turn to use my orb...

See, I had sat patiently all night long, always being out-randomed by everyone else. So I had waited around 3 hours for my turn. This was okay as I really wanted my Destroyers and was good friends with two of the BLMs. But when it was my turn I kind of expected some professionalism... 30 Kindred Seals aren't exactly easy to get, and I had waited very patiently.

What did I get instead? Well, I got a wipe because of one BLM's misfire. Then, as we all lay there dead one of the other BLMs I didn't know started going completely and totally apeshit.

He starts yelling at the other BLMs, calling them horrible names, and generally throwing a giant tantrum. Now, I can understand being angry... I've been angry many times in the past at people who've done stupid things in and out of ClanAM. But this guy went beyond angry and entered the realm of spoiled bastard with unrealistic expectations on people.

One person's macro mis-fired... he admitted it and apologized profusely... And we died with plenty of time to reraise and finish it. So maybe express your irritation, tell the person not to fuck up again, that's fine. But to throw a temper tantrum and lash out at everyone was not cool in the slightest.

So they all re-raised and tried again. This time we wiped again just as the enemy died. So we had 2 wipes, but success. And what a success it was, two items worth over a million each, and one decent Rare/EX weapon (not destroyers).

And yet, because of the second wipe, this original BLM threw and even bigger tantrum than he did before. He warped out as soon as he had raised and disbanded the party. This otherwise may not have been very bad except for two things.

1) I (the person who fucking supplied the orb) was still dead...
2) The loot hadn't dropped and, because he was the party leader, him disbanding the party caused all loot to be lost.

So I lay there dead, pissed that I lost my 30 seals and orb, but even more pissed because this one complete asshole threw a tantrum that cost me (and everyone else) some very nice gear and moolah.

Why does there have to be drama like that? Why do people have to be such spoiled children? I understand anger, believe me, I fucking do, but why throw tantrums like that? That serves no purpose except to show everyone just how much of a child you are.

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