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Promy Dem....Again
Submitted by Xilldon_RDM on Mon, 08/07/2006 - 06:28.

Well for the past month or so ravennightwing has been trying to get Promy Dem done. I need Dem and Holla so I'm planing a Dem run on Friday night at 8 Central (9Eastern). This week sometime people who are going please farm for anima. We wont go unless we have at least 5 sets. We will be fighting the ENM. Post here or send me and tell in game if you can come. Also 2 weeks after this Ill have a Holla run going, and 2 weeks after that a Mea. So if you need your promys why not starts here?


This was a great run! Except for the fact at the start of the seccond floor and I had to go afk about 10 mins because of some rl problems. We beat the ENM and the Boss with ease. Thanks to all that helped and those who need the other 2 check back for updates.


when picking a party and what jobs to bring don't forget about the spawns. They can really mess u up and they have caused a few failures when i was doing the promy missions. Also the dem boss is really only weak to 2 elemets : dark and ( fire i think ) , meaning that the boss is either ice or light. Just something else to think about when bringing a smn or other jobs like blm's as their spells or avatars are element specific.


The spawns should only be a factor in the ENM. If you do the boss right, he wont spawn anything since he'll be hystero/psycho'ed the whole fight.

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One of the reasons the Promy runs Sam would host were such a success is that before we entered Sam would set up the order in which we used our Anima. One of the key things I've noticed with Sam's runs were the mages, such as me the WHM, used their anima first. I believe this is because it would let us use our spells when needed and not have to stop and use anima on the boss.

Also using Sam's way of using Anima the Boss always had the Anima on it, if it wore off at most it was for like 1 or 2 seconds. This made killing the Spire Boss of all 3 Promy's fairly easy.

2 Hours

Also you might want to look at what order you do your 2 Hours in. I remember the designated tank used theirs when the Boss was at about 75% total health, and then everyone else following in the proper order, job and Boss health dependant of course.

Yep and Yep

If you don't go in with a strong anima/2-hour strategy you are just going to lose.

I thought I covered all this in my promy guide, but maybe I didn't. The basic idea is to get those people who's lives get complicated near the second half of the battle done with their anima by the time their lives get complicated.

For example, WHM's job gets rather difficult when Anima wears after 50% (as that's when the boss gets mean). So you want your WHM to be done with their anima and free by then.

Another example is SMN. SMN generally 2 hours sometime in the 75-50% range. The SMN 2 hour is timed, so they cannot be wasting precious seconds running up and using their anima mid-Astral Flow.

And non-tanking melees, they generally go last. Their tasks remain pretty constant throughout, and their 2 hours are generally one-hit attacks (with the exceptions being jobs like MNKs, WARs, and PLDs).

Thus, you really have to look at your party layout before entering the boss battle and see how to coordinate things.

As an excersize, let's say we had WAR/NIN (tank), DRK/WAR (DD), RNG/NIN (DD), WHM/SMN (healer), SMN/WHM (nuker), and BLM/WHM (nuker). If we had something like that, I'd do the following:

  • WAR enters first, provokes, uses anima, then two hours (much needed hate spike).
  • As first anima wears, WHM uses theirs next.
  • As second anima wears, SMN uses theirs next. Generally, this will be at around 75-50% HP for the mob, so the SMN follows with an Astral Flow.
  • As third anima wears, BLM uses theirs next.
  • As fourth anima wears, DRK uses theirs next. Around this time, I'd wager the BLM has run out of MP and will likely 2 hour.
  • As fifth anima wears, RNG uses theirs next.
  • Somewhere during the course of the fight, the RNG and DRK 2 hours. Personally, when playing RNG, I generally wait until the very end and 2 hour to see if I can "one-hit kill" the boss as the last anima wears.
  • WHM 2 hours as needed for healing. Generally, you don't want the WHM to 2 hour until after the mob is less than 20-30% HP.

That's just a sample party, naturally, you want to look at how your party is set up to decide the exact order. For example, if you had a NIN or a PLD tank, then they wont be 2 houring at the start (both should probably wait until the end. Invincible would be great for not getting killed if you run out of anima and the boss is still alive, and Mijin Gakure is great for dealing significant damage and killing the boss at the end.)

Just think strategically about what you have, and what you want to accomplish, and you should do fine.

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In all honesty

If I were you guys, I'd just get a strong core of people who've already done these, focus on balance, and then just do them yourselves. You've had enough losses at what should be the easiest Promy to warrant being picky about who you bring to them.

Some people you may want to talk to who have jobs you could use:

  • Maior (me): NIN/WAR or WAR/NIN for tanking. Also RNG/NIN for strong DD. Right now, I can't commit to the time, as I need to check my wife's schedule.
  • Thersities/Roosterx(IRC): RNG/NIN for strong DD. Rooster has other jobs for Promy (several, in fact) but if I were you, I'd get him for his rock solid RNG DD.
  • Avatarx: SMN/WHM for strong nuking. Again, Avatarx has many other jobs available, but it's hard to beat his nukes.
  • Tamara: WHM/SMN as healer. Go with WHM on this one as you will likely need WHM's 2 hour. Tam is a great one.
  • Martamay: WHM/??? as healer. Marta is another great healer.
  • Slothimus: WHM/??? as healer. WAR/MNK as great DD.

Again, I'm not promising any of these players will be able to help out. I'm also not even suggesting they will. I'm just saying if I needed Promy-Dem, and had lost as many times as you guys have, I'd start being very picky about who comes to help and I'd try asking some of the strong Promy players I knew of. They may say no, but it never hurts to ask.

One thing I suggest is you don't beg. Ask kindly, and be ready to do the ENMs for EXP. Remember, there's very little reason for anyone who's already beaten a Promy to come back unless they come for the EXP from the ENMs.

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im in

and we better friggin win this i can go as war/mnk or drk war let me know what you need xill

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