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You're not the majority now, dog!
Submitted by sam on Wed, 11/08/2006 - 18:19.

BTW, this was mine... go vote on it :-)



good job, youve shown yourselves to be complete asses! {Congratulations!}


I don't see how we can be considered asses based upon our political views....

Tabke and I just so happen to be Democrats, and we're just happy that the recent election results indicate we're not alone.

Besides, this is what is known as an off-topic forum, it's for anything any of us feel like posting that has nothing to do with FFXI in general. The topics here don't get promoted to the front page, so there's no secret agenda or anything.

Furthermore, what do you mean by saying we're asses? I mean, I have to admit, I find it baffling.....

Are you saying that you're a republican and that we should be more sensitive when your party loses control of the House? If so, then what planet are you from? I don't remember any sensitivity back when Newt's Troops did the same thing in the 1990s to the Democrats...

Or are you suggesting you don't quite understand the humor and satire in the links above? If so, then you might want to... erm... I have no idea what you should do if you don't get the humor in the links... Sorry, can't help you there....

Perhaps the 'ass' isn't someone who posts political humor links in an off-topic forum, but is someone who comes in and calls other people 'asses' without any provocation, and without giving any explanation as to why they called other people 'asses'....

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lol :P

way too serious here im only 17
and *cough* i was only expressing my view on the fact that u put a pic of that girl on the web making fun of her and her father regardless if they were rep or dem even tho they were rep from penn, and i think its a good thing that theres more of a balance in the government, its better for america, just for the record im not a republican either, nor democrat im 17, and if i had to chose id chose neither :P

Little girl

Hey, it was a fucking funny picture. You need to understand just how nasty that particular race was...

Also, But you promised me you would be president someday..

In 4 words... fuck that little girl.... And that creepy kid behind her.... what the hell? I may very well have bad dreams about him...

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if you think that is bad watch this from the Nebraska Senate race it was really nasty.

This is some funny shit. not sure how you make this a link you can just click on but have fun

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