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Submitted by sam on Fri, 09/08/2006 - 12:38.

Just found this very funny animation on Google video and I thought I'd share. It's actually from Summoner for the PS2, featuring characters from that game (and from other Volition games from the time).

Anyway, enjoy!

If anything ever happens to this embedded link, the original link can be found here.

Descent Bitches!!!!

I remember that game :P


Wow, so they went and upgraded the graphis for this animation. I saw this like years ago, it was done in Flash, in 8-bit style. It was on

Theres also a hole 8-bit theater series, animated via Flash, and other 8-bit movies.


As I said, this is the original animation from the game. If you heard the audio on Newgrounds then they stole it from the game.

The video above is the original animation.

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If theres any girls there I wanna do them!!!

Sam's right, this is the original from the game. Newgrounds is famous for stealing stuff.

I have this game too, it was pretty fun. The controls were quirky and the dialog was really long winded, but it was a blast to play back in the day.


eBaum f00

New grounds doesn't steal shit, ebaums does. Look up Lemon Demon sometime.

They all steal shit

Actually, they all do. I hate the whole lot of them.

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Hello! Internet

It the internet need i say more. Tech speaking, the creaters of the 8-bit D&D stole the sound file, so no Newgrounds didn't really steal it.

The funnier thing is how you hate "the whole lot of them," yet you still go to there sites. Irony :P, i think so! LOL

If you can find such a thing as original content on the internet, chances are you have to pay for it.

Original content

I actually don't go onto Ebaums, Newgrounds, or any of those places. So there is no irony.

As for original content, we have a shitload of it here :-P Every guide I've personally written is original, and I can attest that stuff others have written that I check are original. So bleh on you.

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Thats great!

How many people here actually played d&d before playing FFXI? I did.

My character was a Dwarf Barbarian named 'Muastaad'.

lol, don't ask me how I remember that...

funny little blurb

I love paper based RPG's

D20 Modern, Battletech (Mechwarriors pre-cursor), D&D, Call of Cathulu (based off of H. G. Lovecrafts books), Star Wars, and Forgotten Relmes.

Most RPG games are based off of Paper based elements, for instance the stats we refer to in ffxi and how the reflect passive traits such as accuracy, are derived from paper based rpg's.

My favorite character was Bee Arthor, a Hafling Cleric wearing Full-Plate w/ spikes ^^

Little other interesting fact -> Milotheshort, was one of golagres's characters. An evil Hafling. He was pissed when i stole his characters name :P

Past tense

Was! Was! I still am! My biggest problem is you are not a clerick or evil enough. U need to work on that

Stuff about this

Some useless trivia about this.

First of all, yes, I have the game. The game is pretty fun, honestly (albeit with rather dated graphics these days), but the best part of the game was this hidden short featuring characters from Volition games playing D&D in a basement.

The GM and 'Galstaff' are characters in Summoner (central to the story). The big beast getting cheetos and mountain dew is one of the bosses from Summoner. The 'elf' (guy in the space marine looking suit) is actually from another Volition game, Red Faction. If you look carefully, many of the toys around the room as well as a poster are from Red Faction as well. And, yes, I have Red Faction as well :-P

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More useless trivia

Volition's most recent game is Saints Row for the 360.

I have the demo, but haven't bought the game yet.

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