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Submitted by sam on Wed, 01/02/2008 - 19:12.

Many of you knew this was coming, and a recent broken 360 that has kept me out of the game for a month has spurned me to make it official...

Effective immediately, Clan of the Angry Monkey FFXI is closed.

We've had a good run, operating since May 2004 and running several hundred events. We've been a part of everything from an in game wedding to getting many players to end-game and past many missions. We've had an excellent community-driven guide section, thousands of forum posts, and active polls. All in all, I'd have to say we've exceeded any expectations I ever had when I first started the FFXI branch of Clan of the Angry Monkey, and I wanted to say "Thank you" to everyone who made ClanAM-FFXI such a great place for as long as it's been around.

Why are you ending ClanAM FFXI?

I know a lot of people are asking this, I've certainly been asked in private many times, but the main reason I'm ending ClanAM-FFXI is because I personally have little interest in running it any more. I'd personally rather focus my efforts on ClanAM FFXI End Game as well as ClanAM 360.

I've actually felt this way for many months now, but my 360 dying (forcing me out of the game for over a month now) was the catalyst that made me realize I needed to make it official.

Are you leaving FFXI?

I am not leaving FFXI. Maior (and all his mules) will still be around. I will still be leveling, leading up the occasional end game event, and doing other game things.

I will, however, be playing much less. I will also probably not be hanging around in any social LSes. Honestly, I just kind of need a break from it all.

What will happen to the ClanAM FFXI website and LS?

Both will continue to operate until January 2008. In January 2008 I will discard the ClanAM FFXI LS and disable all accounts on the ClanAM FFXI website. The website will remain online as long as I still host websites (e.g., likely for a very long time), it's just that no one will be able to create new accounts or make new posts after January 2008.

I am leaving the website running normally and the LS running as usual until January 2008 to give people a chance to say their goodbyes, get the word out about ClanAM FFXI, and find other alternatives. Sure, I could just {/breanklinkshell} and disable accounts on the website now, but that would be kind of a rude thing to do to all my friends :-P

ClanAM FFXI End Game and ClanAM 360

If you're interested in joining ClanAM FFXI-EG then head over to our site. You can also contact me in the game, or just show up for the events. ClanAM FFXI-EG will be events only, there will be no social aspect to it beyond the events. People are free to drop the ClanAM FFXI-EG pearl after the events are over, we will make you a new one for the next event. If we ever start hosting large events that would make this difficult, we may change this policy, but for now keep it or drop it between events... we don't care.

If you are interested in the ClanAM 360 events, note that until my 360 comes back from repairs there will be no events. This means that the next ClanAM 360 event wont be until October (2007). If you are interested in joining us in ClanAM 360 events, please watch the ClanAM 360 website or contact me in Live (gamertag of 'criswellious'). Starting in October (2007) we will be hosting Halo 3, Team Fortress 2, Burnout, and many other events.

Thank you all

In closing, I'd really like to thank everyone who made ClanAM FFXI such a fun place to be. I sincerely hope that I will see you all again in other ClanAM venues!

Submitted by sam on Tue, 01/01/2008 - 06:55.

As ClanAM FFXI begins to wind down, it seems like it would be cool to have a central place where people can share their personal ClanAM highlights and memories.

I'll kick things off with a bunch of links to the stuff that I want to highlight. These are things I remember the most, and would be where I'd direct people to if they wanted to know what ClanAM FFXI was about.

  • ClanAM FFXI Movies : Movies we've made about various things we've done in FFXI
  • The famous pudding thread : Bizarre little thread about one man's love for pudding
  • The Promy Guide : Once, long ago, we were among the first (if not the first) groups to figure out Promy's deep, dark secrets. With our little guide, we were able to turn a notoriously difficult group of missions into a cakewalk, and became a dumping ground for HNMLS fodder that couldn't get past the Promies, but needed to get Sea.
  • Maior's last Promy event and Promies: We've had good times, and we've had bad times. The really bad times I mentioned above, when we were abused by other LSes to help their rejects get past the Promies. These posts are where I finally verbalized on this site why I wasn't leading up any more Promies.
  • Thersite's Bachelor Party : Another funny account of a very funny event.
  • VE Guide : Back when VE had a sellable drop, and the gil sellers dominated him, we were one of the first places to have a viable, and reliable, VE camping guide. This guide is likely irrelevant any more (since there's no more gil sellers, and only 'voke spamming idiots camp him now, thus screwing up spawn times), but it's still one of my favorite classic posts.
  • ENMs, and you : Another great guide on ENMs throughout the CoP realms.
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