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Over the years, I've made an obscene number of web sites. It's really quite sad. Anyway, presented in no particular order, this page is the portal to all things related to me. Fun, huh?

I'm fully aware the layout of this page sucks. Bite me. I'm only putting this page up because I keep getting repeated requests for some sort of portal for all my crap. I'm too damned lazy and busy to do much more than this. FAQ


Personal Home Page

This is my personal homepage. You can see my web log (some ignorant fools call these "blogs"), screenshots of my desktop over the years, and all other manner of crap I've jammed here over the years.


Sam's Ranthole

Sometimes, I'm an angry son of a bitch. Sometimes I vent my frustrations on this page. Don't go here if easily offended. You have been warned.


Pimpscript Trac

Issue tracking, wiki, and SVN history monitoring thingy for the Subversion repository I host. Chances are you will find various Free Software projects I am working on here.


Sam's Subversion Repo

My Subversion repository. Use this if you want the code. Use Pimpscript if you want to report bugs, or see documentation, or whatever.


Sam's Files

Whenever I'm just too damned lazy to make HTML for something but want to put it on the web, I shove it in here.



Tux4Kids was and is a not-for-profit group dedicated to making educational Free-Software. However, it is a project that is currently sleeping until we can get more time to devote to is.


Sam's Classnotes

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away I taught various courses on Linux-related topics (primarily system administration and security things). These are my now greviously outdated classnotes. They are being kept around for historical purposes.


Strenua Intertia

An even longer time ago, but roughly in the same galaxy far far away, I drew an online comic strip called "Strenua Inertia". At its peak, it was featured in 8 newspapers (wahoo! I freakin' rocked!). It's dead now, but you can still find the archives online here.



I also attempted some other comics, and even hosted a comic strip my ex-wife drew. These are online here. Additionally, there is yet another portal to my pages at


Clan of the Angry Monkey

This is the original web site for Clan of the Angry Monkey. ClanAM was and is my online gaming clan. This original site was when we were dedicated to playing various FPS's like Unreal Tournament and Quake. Sadly, we don't play these very much any more, and much of this site contains broken links. I keep it around anyway in case I ever feel inclined to fix it.


Clan of the Angry Monkey FFXI

Sometime in 2004 most of us started playing the MMORPG Final Fantasy XI. The old clan rapidly became this new clan. The site is currently pretty active, as we have large number of players right now.


Vis Maior's Journeys

Vis Maior is my FFXI character. This website is my diary of his journeys. I try to keep it up-to-date, but it usually is a month or more behind where I currently am in the game.


Big Man Networks

My first attempt at running my own online business. I offered lots of services through this site, but the only one I ever really profitted on was my Anti-Spam/Anti-Viral email gateway. I no longer do anything with this site, and have even considered selling the domain name.


A Brief History of Home Video Games

At one point I made this site for a class. It's not entirely accurate (I've since found out some of my sources were suspect) and it's in no way complete. I basically did it for a class, and then forgot about it. I will probably never do anything with it, although I'd love to get it into a wiki so others could help me out with it... But that's too much work at this point...


ASAV Gateway

My on-again, off-again Anti-Spam/Anti-Viral Email Gateway project. Started as an in-class activity from my classnotes above, evolved into a project I sold while doing Big Man Networks, and ultimately winding up in this page for people to use as a basis for their own ASAV gateways.

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