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Submitted by Xilldon_RDM on Mon, 07/23/2007 - 07:02.

So ya who wants to do ZM14. I want to get my AN earring and for that I need to finish ZM. If you want to do ZM14 post here are /tell me in-game. Wont know a date until I know who wants to go but I'm thinking maybe sometime on a Saturday or Sunday. Not sure if doing all Angels at once, so it'll probably be 1 long day or 2 days. Anyways lemme know. :)

Submitted by Tamara on Sun, 07/22/2007 - 09:11.

Airship fight Number One is this Friday the 27th at 10:15pm or 10:30pm @ Sealion's Den. Be present and accounted for, in Sealion's Den, before 10:30pm Eastern.

Person who will be the tank: Davros. If no Davros I will probably cancel the fight. We have no other tank.

What to bring: Some Yellow Liquid, Potions, Food, maybe an Icarus Wing, at least one CCB_Polymer_Pump (33k gil at AH). Davros, tell me what I need to buy for you, I have your earrings.

People who told me they would show up for the other five slots for the first fight:
Tamara as WHM
ICdeadtaru as BLM
Janoric as BLU
Kamustaka as-I-dont-know
Slothimus as SMN

We may have a 2nd fight, late at night, if there is interest. Currently planning on one dry run, and one real fight. People who may want a 2nd fight, later in the same night, or later in the week: Avayr, Tableandchairs, Meretrix, Rakion.

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