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Submitted by Tamara on Sat, 06/16/2007 - 07:12.

First - no Wednesday CoP Run, it has been canceled until further notice.

Second - CONGRATULATIONS to all those who have beat CoP Promyvion-Vahzl!!! You now have a LOT of running around to do and a LOT of Cut Scenes to gather from all over Vana'diel.

We are on Promathia_Mission_5-3 which is generally thought of as three missions...

At this point you will need to read up on
Tenzen Path

Ulmia Path

Louverance Path
(concentrate on Tenzen's Path, though)
and you will need to click on Cid, Carbuncle, other NPC's three or four times to make sure they don't give you the wrong quest; Carbuncle has multiple CS's, as does Cid as I recall - these NPC's may NOT give you the CoP Quest first, so keep clicking on them until they do.

Your goal is to activate all three paths at once, hopefully in the same evening.

Submitted by dragonlance on Mon, 06/11/2007 - 16:19.

Ever wonder why those damn Air Tanks cost so much in people's bazars?

Well they are used to pop an NM that drops Rutter Sabatons

Bugbear Matman

Id like to obtain a pair of these, but it would require the help of a couple ppl, not a lot.

If your interested in obtaining a pair let me know.

I plan on farming air tanks - then popping NM - obtaining Sabatons until those who wanted them, got them.
( should be easy enough to do with 4 ppl ) ( given one and a tank and one is healer )

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