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Submitted by sam on Sat, 04/02/2005 - 06:43.

I am decidedly better than all of you... why? Because the Gods of Vana'Diel have spoken to me. Yes, that's right, I am the chosen one. BEHOLD MY TALE AND TREMBLE! (Read on for my experience with a GM)

Okay, so I was in a party with Clayton in Kazham. We were actually kicking much ass. We had a rockin' little party going that was going strong in spite of the fact we kept having players DC....

Craig came by to try and give us a bit of a PL (he was 38WHM, so not much higher than us, but did help greatly none-the-less). While he was resting and we were resting after a pretty nasty Goblin aggro, this guy runs by. This guy's name is Bryn... That's important ;-)

Bryn runs by, being chased by a Goblin. None of us check him, and just see him run by. Honestly, we all assumed he was farming. We only suspected otherwise when he came running back, this time with less HP and two Goblins following him.

He was engaged to the first mob still, so we couldn't help him. He also did not call for help, nor did he even ask for any help. He was a 28 RDM at the time, and we were only a party of 24-26's. He ran back to town.

We kind of chuckled in the LS a bit. Craig remarked that he felt bad for the guy (we all knew he wouldn't make it, but what could we do? The mobs were way too high for us to do anything about and he didn't call for help or even release the first mob).

We continued to play. Continued to kick much ass.

Soon, who comes back to the camp but... Bryn. And he has a friend. A big mean nasty Goblin Smithy.

Bryn plops his butt down in the middle of our group and proceeds to get wailed on. We /say "Uh, do you need help?" and "Call for help!" to which he replies with a hearty "Fuck you!" He then dies, leaving this mob to aggro us.

For those who don't know, this was an "MPK" or a "Monster Player Kill" (some also call it a "Mass Player Kill"). An "MPK" is where you deliberately train mobs onto a player or players with the intent of killing them (the player, not the mob). This is an act that is against the Terms of Service of the game.

Now, as near as I can tell, Bryn somehow felt we had maligned him. Perhaps he felt that we should have helped him (which is funny considering he had two evil gobs and we were 2-4 levels lower than him). Of course, having not asked us for help or even disengaging his mob how were we to know?

We dispatched the goblin without much trouble. We actually chained onto him and got 260 EXP points, so it was pretty good. He then proceeded to train more gobs onto us which we killed, all the while shouting "FUCK YOU CALL A GM!" in the area. We were able to handle the gobs without a single death (one close call, but no deaths). It even became the joke that Bryn was our puller.

Now, because of all this I submitted a GM ticket. But I had 56 requests ahead of me, and so I didn't really expect much to happen with it. But then, as I was logging, I was contacted... by GOD!

No.... Luminious never actually showed up. By this time it had been a few hours and Bryn had long since logged..

Anyway... I AM CHOSEN!


When I heard you had been contacted by a GM I thought you were in trouble for something :D

Pretty funny story anyway.

Did some searching for "Luminious" out of curiosity and found the links listed here:

But they were all dead links?! WTF?! Even the Google caches are empty. Is it me or does that seem really, really odd?


Behold [GM]Luminious!

Yes, it is strange that those links are dead... but not strange that they aren't archived. Most forums have robot.txt options that tell compliant sites like Google not to archive them (we don't, but most others do).

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haha u got my "hes probly reading this" on the screen :) ^^
"Shikin Harimitsu Dai Komyo"

Raboa Fame

BTW, Drifter, I did too mention Raboa Fame in my Fame Guide. I said it was determined by Sandy fame. From my guide:

San d'Oria fame is raised by doing quests in the nation of San d'Oria as well as in the Quon mainland cities of Selbina and Raboa.

See? :-P

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I also caught Thirsty bitching because he didn't get a drop from the Kraken ;-)

Actually, did a bit more research on it this morning, and people don't really seem to know what its good drops are.

All that I can find this morning is this image that shows it drops an Egret Fishing Rod which is Rare/EX and may be involved in a CoP quest.

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