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In Defiant Challenge (Genkai 1)
Submitted by sam on Wed, 03/23/2005 - 13:38.

Several of us are needing our Genkai 1 items (the items that allow you to pass level 50 :-) and we have been discussing doing it this weekend. As a show of hands, who all is willing to try getting at least some of the items for Genkai 1 this weekend (Mar. 25-27th)?

For those who don't know, Genkai 1 is the quest you have to do to raise your level cap past 50. You talk to Maat in Ru'Lude Gardens, and he wants you to bring him the following three items:

Of these three, the Lich will probably be what we will go after first. They come in the level range of 49 - 57, and are very week against Monks (which means I will do very well against them). Also, the Papyrus seems to be the most rare drops from these guys.

After that, the Explosure will be difficult but the drop tends to be regular. The Explosure is level 52 - 53, and has some devestating AoE bomb attacks, so he will be pretty nasty to just about anyone in our group.

Finally, the Exoray (level 51 - 54) will be interesting. As of 44, my MNK was already leveling on them, which means they aren't too tough. The big problem with the Exorays are their few VERY HIGH damage attacks. Several of these attacks will be able to wipe out our team-mates in one hit.

My bet is that we want to be very careful who comes along. I'd guess you should be a minimum of 45 unless you are very good at avoiding aggro. Right now I know that Thirsty, Trix, Kyler, and myself are all in need of it and are approaching rapidly our 50s (Thirsty is 50 actually). Craigshin has already gotten his, but if he want's to come along and blink tank for us, I certainly wouldn't be opposed :-) Other players need it as well, but I am unsure of their current levels.

So, who is in for this weekend? Can we do it?


Just wanted to summarize what happened with this.

Well, we got off to a freaking awesome start. With some help, we managed to get the bomb coals for every one involved (Thirsty already had his, but, oh well). We then managed to get the Exoray mold for everyone but me (and, since I am only 45, it's not critical to get me mine).

Then Thirsty and I were invited to do mission 5-1. It went off without a hitch and it kind of kicked ass.

Finally, we got another party together for the remaining items. We got me the mold and headed to Eldieme.... Holy shit.

Let's just say tha the help we had wasn't too bright. I managed to die 3 times, and nearly de-levelled. I know we have talked about this before, but THIS is why I hate high-level help.... Bleh....

Oh, after 3 deaths, we didn't get one lich drop. Vunderbar, no?

Still, the last effort aside, we did have great success earlier in the day. All in all, very productive me thinks.

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Sorry guys, I got caught up after I was on Saturday, so I didn't come back to help. Glad you guys got the first 2 drops, that's probably all I would have been able to help with (RNG isn't very good against bones).

Erm...*raises hand*

So I lead the pack, jump to lvl 40, and grab Rank 5...only to have all of you get jealous and pass me up considerably.

I'm currently preoccupied having tons of fun leveling up WAR in Kazham. I have no clue why you guys dislike this job so much. Unfortunately that means my THF is only level 41. I'll need the objects soon, which means that I'm more than willing to participate, but the question is 'should I?'. I'd hate to be a liability, but you'll definitely need the extra pair of hands. So, I'm game.

Also, for the Lichs, I read it was best to enter Eldieme from the Beaucidine Glacier side. Which means traveling through Ranguemont Pass. Which means two things, we can hunt for Eyes and (crosses fingers) I might finally find the damn torch I need for the Tele-Mea scroll. I'd love to kill four Ras with one pellet.



Hey! I like WAR :-) I've just wanted dual wield for a while now...

I personally think, if you keep yourselve sneaked and invis'd during the bad areas and just avoid aggro elsewhere you shouldn't be any worse than the rest of us. These areas are all pretty mean.

I also heard the best place for Lich's was there.. So I suggest we try it.

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55 RNG reporting

I'll come too, if you guys can get on early enough on Saturday.

These things are all pretty mean, we really need to ensure we have enough damage to take a lot of these down for all the items we need.

The bomb drops all the time, so it is pretty easy. We might want to get it first. The exoray is a common drop too, so we could do that one. The lich drops hardly at all, so I think that will be the one that consumes the most time lol.

Thirsty coming up the rear...

You know, if we can get Thirsty his Genkei 1 items, and later his Genkei 2 items, in a timely fashion, I'd wager he will beat you in level soon enough. You are still spending time leveling your subjob, correct? Thirsty, AFAIK, already has his subjob ready for a long while ;-)

Now if I can just get my WAR to 37, then I can get back in the race ;-)

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I wish is was true. But my s

I wish is was true. But my subs are at 25 now, so I too need to level them, lol.

ummm....race? O.o;

ummm....race? O.o;

count me in

count me in

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