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Clan Ballista Weekend 2005-03-04
Submitted by sam on Fri, 03/04/2005 - 20:08.

This weekend several of us are going to be participating in Ballista matches. We would encourage all people interested to join us.

If you haven't already, go and read Meretrix's Ballista for Beginners and be sure you have your Ballista license. After that, the following Ballista matches are the ones we are planning on doing:

  • Bastok vs. Windhurst - Jugner Forest - Level 40

    Entry: 3/04 9:02PM EST

    Match: 3/04 9:31PM EST
  • Sand'Oria vs. Windhurst - Pashow Marshland - Level 40

    Entry: 3/04 10:57PM EST

    Match: 3/04 11:26PM EST
  • Bastok vs. Windhurst - Jugner Forest - Level 30

    Entry: 3/05 8:04PM EST

    Match: 3/05 8:33PM EST
  • Sand'Oria vs. Windhurst - Pashow Marshland - Level 30

    Entry: 3/05 10:00PM EST

    Match: 3/05 10:28PM EST

We may do others as time permits (or even if some of these are cancelled).

There is a great strategy guide for Ballista you can find online here. Read up to see how to play, what your job's role will be, and how to win.

Hope to see you all there representing your home nation!


yea they were awesome matches...i scored like 1 in the first match with 4 kills and in the second one i scored like 4 with like 2 kills but towards the end i had to leave cause my parents came home and if they saw me with the game they would killed me lol
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Here is a summary of the matches we participated in:

  • Bastok vs. Windhurst - Jugner Forest - Level 40

    No show. Me and 3 Bastokian's showed and the match was cancelled.
  • Sand'Oria vs. Windhurst - Pashow Marshland - Level 40

    No show. Not one Sand'Orian showed.
  • Bastok vs. Windhurst - Jugner Forest - Level 30

    We lost, 14 to 29. The first 30 minutes of the match, I was the only person scoring (I scored 5 points) for our team, while the other team was creaming us with 20 points. The second half our team figured out how to play and we were much more aggressive. For the second half, both sides scored 9 points each and we were matched point for point. Windy lost, of course, because they already had such a huge lead. I think had we played during the first half like we played in the second we could have had a much closer match.
  • Sand'Oria vs. Windhurst - Pashow Marshland - Level 30

    I DC'ed just as the match began, and they fought without me. Sandy had Shinfuuma on their team, who is legendary on our server for his prowess in Ballista, so there wasn't much of a chance that we would win. Final score was 24 to 59, Sandy won.

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Would like to join....

ive always wanted to do a Ballista match buh have always been low level, will you guys be doing this every weekend are like every other? Cause I wanna join, by the way I'll be back tomoro! ^^ YEA!

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Again and again

I'd like to try again. Personally, I'd rather not go up against certain persons who were rather rude last time (we went up against some people who gloated too much).

As for every weekend, I don't know. Check the shedule, be sure to have your license, and post any requests here.

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