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Week of 2006-05-28: Promyvion Event
Submitted by sam on Mon, 05/29/2006 - 19:22.
When? Tuesday May 30th @ 7pm Eastern (6PM Central, 5pm Mountain, 4pm Pacific - source)

Where? Meet in Jeuno, Teleport to Crags and enter Promyvions

Level Cap? Promyvion has a level cap of 30

How long will it take? Approximately 2 hours

What are the rewards?

  • Experience
  • Completion of first Promyvion missions
  • Gain entrance to CoP areas (e.g., Tavnazian Safehold, Lufaise Meadows, etc.)
  • Anima

I've decided to lead up one more round of Promies for friends in the clan. Our first Promyvion run will be on Tuesday, May 30th, 2006 at 7pm EDT. We don't know which spire we will do, more likely than not it will be determined by popular vote. Please bring the correct anima to the event.

If we do not have enough people or anima by 7:30pm EDT to do the event, it will be cancelled.

(Last updated: 2006-05-26 @ 3:27pm EDT)

What do I need to do?

First, if you haven't yet done it, read this guide. This guide explains exactly how to do these runs and win every time.

Second, sometime before the actual Promyvion runs, everyone needs to run up to the Promyvions and gather memories. These memories can be turned into various anima useful in defeating the Promyvion bosses (ENMs).

The following items are what we will need to obtain:

These items are dropped by the following mobs:

These items allow you to obtain the following items which are most useful in Promyvion boss battles:

  • Hysteroanima

    Prevents the mob from using their TP for 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Psychoanima

    Causes intimidation for the mob for 20-30 seconds. Basically means they stop attacking for a bit.
  • Terroanima

    This makes the mob flee from you for 20-30 seconds. Think of newbies panicking in the dunes and running around and you get the idea.

Questions and comments please post below. Also, see the discussion here as to why this is happening.


My first Post!! (/bow)
I need all three Promys and currently have Psycho Anima and Hystero Anima plus a recollection of Fear and Recollection of Pain. Monday, June 5th is fine with me. I have RDM WHM BLM over 30 at this time. I will find out on June 5th what job is needed. Thanks for the membership, I enjoy the linkshell very much, even tho I dont talk much, I listen a lot!!

June 5th

Right now, I'm betting that june 5th will be too soon for me to be ready for the next one. I will post something soon (probably this weekend) fishing for a date (like I did last time).

I think fishing for a date worked really well this last time, so I hope we can get as much discussion going as we did once more.

Of course, if anyone wanted to lead up their own Promy run on monday, they'd be free to. Honestly, the runs are really easy, and a lot of people tend to just have mental blocks for them. The guide I've posted online is everything anyone needs to know about them.

Vis Maior's Journeys


They don't require high level help obviously, and I am certain I can lead them. Monday and Wednesday nights do not work for me unless they are late (after 9ish CDT).

How is Tuesday the 6th sounding? All times for me are after 6 p.m. CDT. I personally need to go farm some anima before hand, as I am sure others do too. Luckily I have my NPC quest active there, so I can go solo it if I want.

Check previous post

Be sure to check the previous post as there were some dates there for people's availability.

If you want to make a new post and request updated schedules, feel free. That's what I was planning on doing when I next had some free time to do it.

Right now, with my schedule, it doesn't look like I'll be able to help out at least until after June 7th (next Wed).

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We Missed It

Mrnewby and I was planning on doing this because we need to do it all but of course real life issues would come up at the worst moment. We hope that maybe we can catch the next one. :-(


These folks showed up for Tuesday Night Promyvion-Mea:
Slothimus (needed MEA)
Xilldon (needed MEA, HOLLA, DEM)
Ravennightwing (needed MEA, HOLLA, DEM)
Piskowit (needed MEA and HOLLA)
Davros (needed MEA and HOLLA)
Martamay (needed MEA and HOLLA)
Brokenpig (was coming, but RL intervened - needed MEA)
Tamara (needed none)
Kaliv (needed none)
Maior (needed none)

After Tuesday night we have the following:
Xilldon (needs HOLLA and DEM)
Ravennightwing (needs HOLLA and DEM)
Piskowit (needs HOLLA)
Davros (needs MEA and HOLLA)
Martamay (needs HOLLA)
Brokenpig (needs MEA)

Thank you, Madam Secretary

Well we attempted Mea, and won... but the win was very close.

I actually did not attempt the boss with the rest because we needed a more balanced party. However, I did stick around outside as cheerleader/worrier (hah, I think it may have been more frantic outside than in :-)

For the next one, I think we will attempt Holla, since so many people still need it. For those who showed up last night unprepared, I cannot stress this enough to you, read this guide. Seriously, you cannot lose with a well balanced party and the strategies in that guide.

Vis Maior's Journeys

cool ill be there

i already successfully farmed pain and will be going after the other 2 tomorrow....see you there mai and thanx again


I know you asked me over the weekend what job to bring, but I was too busy to give you a solid answer.

Personally, I don't know what jobs everyone will be showing up with. I know Pisk will be our WHM, and I know Sloth could come as WAR or WHM, and tha you have DRK (and something else, I forget what), but I don't know about everyone else.

Personally, I have WAR, NIN, RNG, MNK, and SAM that I could bring. More likely than not, I'll come as NIN or RNG. If we need more DD, then I'll likely be RNG.

However, I'd really prefer to be the tank. I'd prefer to come as either NIN (easier to tank, decent DD) or WAR (greater DD, higher def). The reason I prefer to be the tank is because tanking all of the Promy bosses is hard, and I've just done it so many times I'm very comfortable with it.

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too bad

lol 7pm bah... i don't get off of work now untill 9:30 most nights, i would have gladly gone too. well i helped mrnewby and nata farm yesterday. they got the two necassary animas. and only one guilt(terro) I'm sorry i can't help out more with this run. Good luck guys.

No worries

Bah, you helped plenty :-) You helped farm :-)

Seriously, I *REALLY* would love it if most people on this run actually needed the run. That way, hopefully, they can learn how they are done and... oh... Idunno... go off and lead up their own :-P

Vis Maior's Journeys


currently i only need holla but i will do w/e anyone needs :D
i have psycho and hystero animas, and a rec. of pain.

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