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Week of 2005-08-22: The Emptiness Cometh
Submitted by sam on Sat, 08/27/2005 - 14:11.
When? Saturday August 27th @ 8pm Eastern (7PM Central, 6pm Mountain, 5pm Pacific - source)

Where? Meet in Jeuno, Teleport to Crags and enter Promyvions

Level Cap? Promyvion has a level cap of 30

How long will it take? Approximately 2 hours per Promyvion (6 hours total if we do all)

What are the rewards?

  • Experience
  • Completion of first Promyvion missions
  • Gain entrance to CoP areas (e.g., Tavnazian Safehold, Lufaise Meadows, etc.)
  • Anima

On Saturday August 27th we are planning a Promyvion event. The tentative time is 8pm EDT. This thread is where we will discuss what we need. Please comment on it if you plan to participate and check it regularily for updates

(Last updated: 2005-08-17 @ 9:19am CST)

What jobs do we need?

Generally speaking, getting to the spire in Promyvion is very hard. Very few jobs really excel at what is needed to get to the spire.

Because of this, the following jobs are absolutely a must:

  • WHM/???

Once we are at the top of the spire and fighting the boss, normal parties will apply (in fact, certain jobs like MNK and DRG can excel here).

However, for the ascent, we need the above jobs. If we only can gather enough people for one party, then the above jobs are a must. If we can gather enough people for an Alliance, then we can start considering other jobs.

What do I need to do?

First, if you haven't yet done it, read Ravenclaw's write up on Promyvions here. This will give you a very nice overview of what the Promyvion missions are all about as well as tell you what you need to do to start the missions.

Second, sometime before the actual Promyvion runs, we need to run up to the Promyvions and gather memories. These memories can be turned into various anima useful in defeating the Promyvion bosses (ENMs).

The following items are what we will need to obtain:

These items are dropped by the following mobs:

These items allow you to obtain the following items which are most useful in Promyvion boss battles:

  • Hysteroanima

    Prevents the mob from using their TP for 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Psychoanima

    Causes intimidation for the mob for 20-30 seconds. Basically means they stop attacking for a bit.
  • Terroanima

    This makes the mob flee from you for 20-30 seconds. Think of newbies panicking in the dunes and running around and you get the idea.

Late BLM

I may be going to dinner at 5:30ish and wont get home untill about 6:45-7:00. I wont be to late buh I figure we wont be starting untill 7:30. I know I will be there by 7:30 forsure. Just letting you know if you guys even get to read this. ><;


Good link to read

In snooping through my bookmarks I found the following link that really pertains to what we are going to be doing this weekend. It's kind of harsh, but, well... most of us have had this CoP expansion for a year and are yet to really get it even started :-)

Anyway... really looking forward to finally getting Chapter 1 of CoP done :-)

Vis Maior's Journeys

Lets Roll!

Ok, I got my work schedual and I'm off Friday and Saturday.
I have no prefrence to the time we actually start the Promy's.
However, i tink 6:00 would be a good idea for a time to start that way we will finish at 12:00 if we do all 6 of the Promy's.
Of Course I in a different Time Zone so I'm not sure how that will effect others. I know that Raytien is 2 hours behind my, vis a vi, if its 6:00 here it's 4:00 at Raytien's location.
Sorry for not knowing anyones screen names, I'm new to this Link Shell.

What time zone?

What time zone are you in? Sounds like you may be in roughly my timezone (which, I don't even know what mine is). Ray is MST (the only timezone I've ever known before moving to Indy).

If you're in my timezone, chances are it will be 7 or 8pm your time (which, yes, will be rough). Personally, I'd love to start even earlier, but we have all these people who DON'T want to start earlier :-)

You know, one thing we could do is, for those of us wanting to start earlier we could make a run in one of the promys that other people may have already done. Then catch up with the other people when they show up. Just a thought.

Anyway... I should be on most of the day Saturday for discussion. I'll be on occassionally tonight (Friday) too.

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Time Zone

I believe I'm in the Eastern Time Zone, just inside it anyways.
I will get on at 7ish to make sure I'm on in time to get together.
Btw, do we need a war/nin, I have a friend who might be free to help if we need her.


I honestly don't know what we will need.... so few people have posted the jobs they could be coming as :-)

Also, I have a feeling we might have to either search for more filler once we get online together, or turn some people down. We have to do this in multiples of 6. E.g., whatever we have for an alliance, we have to have ful parties. This is because, once we get to the top, we'll have to split up into individual parties for the ENM boss battles.

That being said, the basic jobs which are needed for each party (IMHO) are:
* WAR/NIN (Tank) or NIN/WAR

Beyond these, provided we have enough people, it wont matter as much what we get. For example, jobs that traditionally don't do so well in Promy (MNK, THF, DRG, DRK, etc) would be more than welcome if we can just get an alliance.

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DRG is 30

but I can use RDM if it will come in handy. My plans altered somewhat this weekend. My mom is fighting off the flu, so we are planning on visiting with them on Sunday now instead of today. So I will be online in time and be ready to roll whenever everyone else is.

In case you didn't notice

Sam has added an event on the site's calendar in red indicating that the Promy missions are scheduled. Using the calendar like this may help keep tabs on what's up coming. Thought some of the members may not have noticed that.


Actually, all I did was trick Drupal (the software we're using here) into posting it for a future date. That way it stays "sticky" at the top of the page until the date has past. I hadn't noticed that the link on the calendar was red... but it's cool now that I look at it :-)

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May want to do that from now on. It does help make the date stand out. I figured you had done that intentionally. :P

That's the plan

Yeah, I did it this way the last time, and it worked well. I even created a forum for all clan events and I am going to stick to this format.

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Can we start at 6pm PDT (9pm EDT)?

Kitchel (THF/NIN) would really like to join us on this mission, but the earliest she can play on Saturday is 6pm PDT. Would this time work for everyone?


Kitchel asked me to withdraw her request for a time change. She probably won't be doing promy with us this weekend. Please disregard it.


I appreciate that people are /finally/ trying to discuss the time... the one thing we have to keep in mind is that this will be *at least* six hours.

So, the later we start, the later we finish. Some of us (*ahem* me) have to get up early the next morning.

One other thing to keep in mind, if you are not willing to stay for all 3 promys, you probably shouldn't plan on coming. Unlike Garrison, if we lose people doing the promys then the promys will most-likely just be over.

Vis Maior's Journeys

Well it's my opinion....

That whoever takes the time to organize or suggest an event has the say-so. If those who can't make this run that Sam organized, then they should suggest setting up another run next weekend. Like Sam said, I tried posting the "This Week in Vana'diel" for several weeks in a row and had scarce input. If I stated we planned to do a mission/quest, I would get posts from people involved, but rarely did anyone ask for an event to be set up.

So I'll offer again to run a weekly thread dedicated to organizing a calendar. If accessing this page is not convenient, I will provide you a hotmail email account to email me any requests. I certainly do not mind helping the clan out by working on scheduling but it's up to everone else to use it. If you don't suggest, you can't whine.

Unfortunately, a small number of people in the LS (mainly Sam) are expected to run all events and to set up fun/entertaining things for the entire clan, which isn't fair. Especially with the way our LS has grown over the last few months and the addition of the newer players.
All of the vets should take an active role in these aspects, to show them how it's done.

JMO, take it for what it's worth.....not much. ^_^
I'll keep on participating either way, so keep'em coming!


I would agree with Sam its gonna be a long run alrdy and though we prolly wont complete all 3 the earlier we start the more progress we will make. these missions are repeatable and I am sure this will not be the only time something of the nature goes down. I would like to see all those that wanna come be able to make it, though not everyones schedule is conforming enough. ><

Schedule is always a killer..

Schedules are what really hampered us in the old ClanAM. Trying to get times that everyone is happy with is very hard.

Yeah, our goal should be to do all of them that night. But, naturally, if we have people flake out, then we will probably have to abort.

Bear in mind that this expansion pack as been out now almost a year... and yet most of us have not yet completed the Promies (which, like the Kazham keys were for Zilart, are the "key" to Chains of Promathia). It really is pressing on a lot of us to do it. If we don't do it as a clan this weekend, there is a very strong likelihood that some of us will just press on and complete it without the rest. Some people may not want to return to Promy after they have unlocked the new areas and moved on to the next chapter.

So please, keep this in mind. Some of us have been waiting for nearly a year to complete these, and probably wont wait much more. If you are the one person that leaves while everyone else wants to stay, you will be ending that party's chances of completing it on Saturday.

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Too much for one night

I honestly think it's too ambitious to try to do all three promys in one night and expect the same group of players to be there for 6-8 hours straight. I would suggest setting a more reasonable goal of completing one promy per weekend.


LOL that was the original goal of the group. So many people haven't been able to do the promys that Ray, Sam and everyone wanted to get them over in one day.

Personally, I think we should start during the day. This starting at night crap is insanely stupid when you have something as big as promy to do. But Sam wanted to accomodate everyone so he set it later (IMHO, Sam is far too accomodating considering how many people complain when he puts forth the effort... Thats why I gave up on helping long ago).

Intelligent Thoughts, for a non-Gryffindor.

I absolutely agree. I think we should do all three, and I think we should start Saturday afternoon. Even if we only get one party worth of people to show-up, we can do one or two of the Promys. When everyone shows up at the end of the night, we can go for the most evil of the three beasts.



roosterx: We did Garrison a couple weeks ago for more than 6 hours. And I seem to remember someone saying it was a success. The simple fact of the matter is, if you go into it complaining and moaning you wont have as much fun as you can if you go into it with a more positive attitude. Promies take time, it's pure and simple and there is no avoiding it. However, they can't be exceptionally fun.

ravenclaw: Yes, I know you've been burned by people flaking out and complaining about events. Trust me when I say that you are not the only one to have been burned. And yes, I get really sick of making events only to have people flake out or complain. But the simple fact of the matter is, if I don't attempt to organize things like this, they don't happen. And, damnit, I want them to happen for me. So, come hell or high-water I'll organize these things. I may grow more and more irritated by certain people who consistently whine about things... but I'll still keep trying.

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Noooo! I need someone to give me millions of telles for an uncalled for price!

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im stupid

GRRRRRR...... im so smart i forgot im leaving for college the 27th wow im mad


Well, if this is successful, I'd wager we will do this again, so no worries.

Also, if (for whatever reason) we don't do it this weekend, we can try to coordinate better next time.

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Job Ahoy!

I can come as a Whm/Blm, I plan to have Whm leveled up to 40 so I will be able to get the NPC Friend and do the Promys.
However, I don't know my work Schedual as of yet, we don't get them untill Wednesday of the previous week so I will know soon.

My schedule...

Well, as I've mentioned to some people, I wont be around this weekend (Aug 20th). I have my reception to go to (my mother-in-law wanted to throw us a reception really badly... seeing as how my wife is her only daughter I don't see a problem with it :-)

So, if you guys farm animas this weekend, feel free. But I wont be around to help. I personally have one Terroanima still in my MH, and would like to spend some time getting other animas, however, my RNG is only 21 at the moment. I tried to level last night but had no luck. After this weekend, I will focus hardcore on getting RNG to 30 so I can either come as WAR/NIN or RNG/NIN.

Perhaps the day of this event (Aug 27th) I can go out with any other last minute folk and gather animas? :-)

Vis Maior's Journeys

My schedule

I confused the weekends originally - thought we were making the run this last weekend.>< I will be spending the afternoon on Saturday with dad for his birthday but will be home that evening for the event. As it stands right now, I would not be able to help farm on Saturday, but would be available on Friday night if we're able to swing it.

I would really like to lend a hand on this part since I did not make it in time to help farm key items for the Garrison last time. Let me know so you and I can organize things accordingly.


I actually suspected you had the dates confused when I said goodbye to everyone on friday :-)

No worries about farming. If I am RNG30 by Friday, I will head out with anyone who needs them.

Vis Maior's Journeys

Polearm at your service...anyone for kabobs?!

I'm in and will be online most of the night tonight and tomorrow afternoon leading up to the Promy run. Since I had no luck with parties last night, I'm still sitting at 29 DRG/14 WAR. Tonight's main focus is getting DRG to 30, then maybe asking for a plvl while I get WAR to 15. WAR is only 1-2k away from level up, so it should not take long. Hopefully I can take care of that tonight and have all afternoon tomorrow to help with farming.

If the Alliance doesn't pan out, I still have my RDM/(BLM/WMG) that I can take if it comes in handy.

My Butt Is At Your Service

I'm planning to come as WAR/NIN. Just need to finish getting NIN from 12 to 15. As for farming animas goes, just post a time. Hopefully this weekend we'll be able to head up and get what we need. I'll come on sporadically over the weekend of course.



w00t finally a lil action from the meretrix. living up to name, lol. do I get service at a special fee or do ya charge even yer friends full price?

lol I'm just kidding

My bow is at your service

I have 2 of the more popular jobs for promy runs
though I would much rather go as ranger I am proficient with both.

I will also be farming for anima soon, like Maior said anima makes the fights easier I however see them as necissary so please take heed in this offer. It may cost us the fight if we go in with too few anima. I will set a day and time with maior for pre-promy anima farming. the more that come the easier the farming and the easier the promy.

Anima and BLM/WHM

Hopefully I get some more luck with Kazam and get BLM to 30. Well for Anima I'll be there either way with BLM or RDM if you would like. Well time to go lvl.

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