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Submitted by sam on Tue, 08/30/2005 - 15:06.

I'm taking a break from leveling (since my MNK is stuck at G3 due to my misfortune at Castle Oz) and would be interested in doing some BCNMs. Is anyone else interested?

Right now, I'd love to do all the remaining ones for my Mannequin parts, especially:

In addition to these, I'd love a 30 cap one (because I have had an orb for a year now and am itchy to use it.) But I have no idea which would be best. For 30 I have WAR, MNK, RNG and SAM that I could use if anyone has any suggestions.

Crustacean Conundrum

I have BLM WHM and RDM at20+ if you need me I can come.


For this week?

Count me in. Actually, I started looking at some 30 BCNM's the other day and began researching some. I was going to mention the Crustacean Conondrum to you! I still have plenty of beastman seals, so I'm game if you need me. I'm keeping an eye on the calendar for the next PM Ballista match. Can't wait to try out DRG instead of RDM.

Let me know what job you need: DRG or RDM for the BCNM.

This week

Sure, why not?

Your DRG, my MNK, and a RDM or BLM for the crab one. The big problem is MNK will have to 2 hour. So, the downtime between runs will be nasty.

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