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Week of 2005-08-01 : Garrison Event
Submitted by sam on Sat, 08/06/2005 - 14:23.
When? Saturday Aug. 6th @ 9pm EDT

Where? Buburimu Peninsula or Valkurm Dunes (maybe both, depending on commitments)

Level cap? 30

What do you need?

  • Sand'Orians need Galka Fang Sack (drops from 30-40 level gobs in Ordelles)
  • Windurstians need Mithra Fang Sack (drops from 30-40 level gobs in Shak. Maze)

Thanks to everyone who showed up to make this such a great Garrison! You can read all about the final results here Once again, thanks for everyone guys! This was a very successful event!

(I will keep the following original post around for legacy purposes)

A Garrison is a level capped event where you defend an outpost from several waves of attacking hordes. Each wave has several normal enemies, and one boss-type enemy (who is stronger in some way than the normal enemies).

Fighting alongside of you in the Garrison are a number of NPCs. These NPCs must be kept alive. If the NPCs die, then the Garrison is over and you lose.

In between waves, you have a very short time to regroup. If you intend on resting (to get more MP, for example) then you will have to do it during the battle, or bring food to help you out.

There are two ways we can do these Garrisons: Kite or All-out-warfare.

Kite is where we have two or more parties (so an alliance of 12 or more). One party has a Ninja (or another tank with high evasion or defense) who is willing to take the boss from each wave and run around the field (dragging them like a 'kite') while the rest of the team kills the enemies.

All-out-warfare is really only possible if you have three full parties or 18 players in an alliance. If you have 18 people, then kiting is no longer necesary as you can just pummel the enemies to death quite efficiently.

Right now, I elect we aim for All-out-warfare and 18 people because it will be easier. If we cannot get that many people, then we will fall back on just using the kiting strategy.

Here are the tentative teams with team leaders in bold:

(Note that DD means "Damage Dealer". This can be any of the DD classes including Damage Dealing Mages, e.g., BLM.. Also, if I have your job wrong, please let me know)

Team 1

  • Maior MNK/WAR (DD)
  • ... (tank)
  • Xilldon RDM (healer)
  • Ravenclaw RNG/NIN (DD)
  • Kamustaka THF/NIN (DD)
  • ... (DD)

Team 2

  • Raytien MNK/WAR
  • Thersites WAR/MNK (tank/DD)
  • Lunamarie WHM (healer)
  • Kitchel THF/NIN (DD)
  • Arbelest WAR? (DD)
  • ... (DD)

Team 3

  • Valsery DRG/WAR (DD)
  • Meretrix WAR/NIN (tank/DD)
  • ... (tank/DD/healer)
  • ... (DD)
  • ... (DD)
  • ... (DD)

Please post below whether you will be joining us and what job(s) you can bring.


yo yo
you can count this kid in. only jobs ive got at 30 though are of course MNK and WAR however i am a mean tank/DD in a garrison ^^ i'll be sure to log on specifically for it if we can pull enough people to gether.

ray. 'o.~


Cool... right now I'd say MNK... but who knows... we may lack tanks.

I will be going as MNK primarily because all my WAR gear is spread across 3 mules :-(

Vis Maior's Journeys

maior i am joining in the gar

maior i am joining in the garrison but i work until 9pm central time. if i am not online when u start go on without me

9pm EDT

Okay... what we may do is start at 9pm EDT instead. That would be... what... 8pm central? (Stupid timezones).

The trick is to try and coordinate times when the most people can be there.

Also, FWIW, since no one is taking me up on my offer to get items before hand, there is a likelihood we may spend the first hour or so just getting everyone the items they need :-)

Vis Maior's Journeys

I'm game!

But I don't think I still own a Mithra Fang Sack. I will check my inventory tonight, or will see if I can farm one this week.

But definitely count me in as a RDM, but hopefully DRG. In my ventures to party in Kazham last week, I was lucky enough to gain just enough exp in my first party (almost level up) to drop right back down to where I began with my second party. >< So I'm going to try again this week and see if my luck is any better.

Sat at 6.

I should be able to make it then if anything comes up ill say. But the only job I have at 30 is RDM dunno if I'll be any help. >>I've never done a Garrison

Image hosted by

All jobs welcome

Honestly, 3 parties each with a tank, a healer, and some DDs will work.

If we can get 18 people, then the setup doesn't have to be optimal... we should be fine.

Vis Maior's Journeys

very true but keep in mind th

very true but keep in mind the more ppl we have the gobs we have to beat. the garrisons i have run were optimized at 12 members a two party alliance and we schooled em. however having a good pld or nin to kite is where the true success lays.

Kite vs. All-out-warfare

I honestly don't think we can pull off a kiting Garrison. Kiting is something that most people don't quite get their first time, which will be a problem considering how many people we have this time who've never even done a Garrison before.

Now, I've also had a lot of success with large 3 party alliances (18 people) where we just pummel the enemy. 18 people is more than enough to not have to worry about kiting.

So... I think what I will do is aim for 18 people... but if only 12 show up we will just make the best of it and kite.

Vis Maior's Journeys


i'd love to do a garrison T.T . saturday evenings....i cant do. hrmph....hopeully when my schedule stablizes. but then by now you all have probably come to expect this from me.


Have you voted on the current poll?

Right now, it seems most people want Saturday nights. Honestly, I don't understand it because I usually find more people on Sunday nights than Saturday... but this is what the poll is saying right now :-)

Could just be that not everyone is voting :-/

Vis Maior's Journeys

now thats what i'm sayin

dude if it were on sunday i could do it all day all night. but i dont expect everyone or u to change ur plans for lil ol me. good luck tho guys lemmie know how it goes.^^

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