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GM Encounters Part II
Submitted by sam on Mon, 05/02/2005 - 12:28.

Some of you may remember my last encounter with a GM, and that I never actually saw the GM.... only talked to him. Well, finally, after over a year playing this bleeding game I have finally seen and met a GM face-to-face.

Read on for the details :-)

A Quiet Day in Bastok...

The day started quiet enough. Stinkbreath was setting up shop to sell her wares, people were milling about planning their days, and someone was asking for teleports. Suddenly, there was a shriek and a splash! A little boy had fallen over the bridge!

"Help!" cried the little boy.

"Quick! Someone help that child!" people shouted from the bridge. "Surely he will drown!"

As citizens and adventurers scrambled trying to find a way to save the child, a cloud of smoke enveloped the child and *POOF!* they were no longer a child!

"Ha-ha! Fooled you!"

It was really an adventurer who had eaten a Hume Mochi. He had tricked us all! Thunderous {/slap}'s echoed from the bridge as people breathed a {/sigh} of relief. People began to return to their morning activities.

"Uh... how do I get back up?"

The adventurer started running around under the bridge. He couldn't get back up. He ran down to the docks and tried to pull himself up. He ran to the pipes and tried to climb. He even tried to {/jump} but then remembered that you can't jump in FFXI. "Call a GM," Stinkbreath suggested. "{/sigh}" sighed the adventurer, "okay".

Before long, the GM Tiyshen showed up.

"What seems to be the trouble here?"

The citizens explained to Tiyshen what had happenned who {/sigh}ed and cast Warp VI on the adventurer who promptly appeared on the bridge.

"I'm so sorry!" Said the adventurer.

Tiyshen gave the adventurer a stern talking to.

"You ever hear of the boy who cried wolf, Timmy?"

The citizens cheered because the GM had done such a good thing.

Stinkbreath cheered Tiyshen on!

"Well," said Tiyshen, "I must be leaving you. There are other adventurers in need of help." The crowd was sad to see Tiyshen go.

"Will we ever see you again?" The crowd asked. "How will we survive without your guidance?"

"Wherever noobs are stuck in walls, or jerks training gobs onto parties," Tiyshen said as she faded, "I'll be there...."

You da man!

Once again, you da man! How do you find these things? ^^




How come I always get to see the GMs? :-)

I've been playing this game since March 2004, and I've only ever seen this one. I've talked to one other only because I filed a ticket with them.

These bastards aren't too common... They're like Jedi :-)

Vis Maior's Journeys

Don't eat the brown acid!!

I'm having flashbacks of my childhood and the story books my folks would read. heheh Awesome captions Mai. I ran into 1 GM when I played previously, but caught him as he was saying good bye and warping.

Speaking of, there should be some kind of screenshot contest. Rare characters that appear (like the Jedi ^_^) and you can win prizes if you capture a shot of one. Oh well...

More loading of screenies

Okay, so these aren't actually related to the above... but I thought I'd share.

What in the f**k is this Elvaan wearing?!

Vis Maior's Journeys

Actually I know what that is

After you do the promy quest and get access to the meadow, you can get parties to fight these job specific fomors. These thing drop job specific subligars. Some other could look the same, never checked but a rdm only subligar looks exactly like the one in the picture. So you may see me in one of those one of these days, lol.


ROFL LMAO! Woah that is one bad outfit! O.o

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