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Scheduling Events ! Please Read
Submitted by mAdBoY on Tue, 04/26/2005 - 08:28.

Noticing how busy Maior/Trix/etc have been with creating the Gil making/cooking/gardening books, I wanted to find an area to contribute. (with all of the work they've done so far, they could keep me busy for weeks!) :)

So I'm going to assist in scheduling and organizing events. Aside from the events currently available, I plan on staying up-to-date on the coming events as well. Can you say Ballista Royale??! No steel cages or ladders needed!

Given the fact that most of us play different hours, most large events will be scheduled around the weekend hours. We will try to accommadate everyone's time request, but obviously can not guarantee that we can all be available at 2:00AM. ^_^
Smaller events, (RSE hunts, level up pts, etc) can be scheduled during the week, so let us know if you need help!

Please post all requests in the CLAN Events forum, or email me directly.

Anyways, if you have any suggestions or quests that you'd like to schedule, please let me know and we will get it on the calendar.

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