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Submitted by terry8642 on Sun, 10/01/2006 - 18:12.

I am a lazy boy,and i dont wanna spend much time on FFXI.But i met a problem: I can get seldom of fun in this game because of the low level of my character.And in the game i am a poor person with bad furnishment. lol. So anyone here know is there a fast way to improve my level? And is there a fast way to get gold in the game? Who can answer my questions? Thanks very much!

Suspected spam-bot

We have been under attack from spam-bots recently, and the user 'terry8642' shared the same IP address as known spam-bots.

Thus, it seems that 'terry8642' is a spam-bot (or someone running spam-bots).

I am disabling the 'terry8642' account, as well as 'hukai520', 'gogo520', and 'andylau123'.

If I am disabling these accounts in error, and they are in fact valid users, the person owning these accounts needs to contact me in game and request their accounts be reactivated. Additionally, they need to pick one account and run with it and not create a bunch of accounts with random numbers shoved onto the end of them.

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This person was a RMT trying to spam the site.

Users they created (along with IP addresses):
terry8642 : IP addy
hukai520 : IP addy
andylau123 : IP addy
gogo520 : IP addy

Additionally, they just made a new user 'whoami123'

I have blocked the IP address.

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Wrong forum

I also noticed this post was originally outside of any forum. It's parent was [root], which I didn't think was possible.

Did they crack the site in order to do that?


Not a crack

No, you can actually select [root] when you go "create content -> forums" in the navigation menu.

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Power Leveling Service

I once saw a service advertised where, for a fee, they would take your character out and level it for you. As a bonus they let you keep all the drops! Sorry, but I dont have the url.

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