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Still burned out
Submitted by mynx on Wed, 09/13/2006 - 23:46.

hello everyone, i haven't been on in about a month. still suffering massive burnout from leveling Bst to 64. If any events come up like NM hunting extravaganza or COP missions,I will attend with whatever job is neeeded that I have, but as far as just playing, I am just not in the mood anymore. The game somehow hasn't seemed as fun to me. I'm even considering selling all my gear on every mule and selling out on E-bay. I will however wait a few more months because I didnt play for long periods of time before but eventually came back. Anyways I just wanted to say hi to everyone and hope you are all doing well. I may pop on this weekend to sell a few items and see how everyone is doing, see if anything fun is happening. Gosh, I just don't know why I feel this way. It just hit me one day out of the blue. I think it's just all the time I put in and I feel guilty about abandoning other interests. This world was incredibly addictive to me. so much so that it became priority in my life. It kind of worried me. I justified my constant marathon playing sessions because my BF put in the same amount of time in his game of choice, Ultima Online. However my triathlon times have suffered and I even canceled several races this summer so I could play. God, I'm rambling..I'm sure you guys don't want to listen to a whiny woman. Well, I just wanted to say I miss all my LS friends, and hopefully I get out of this funk and come back, perhaps limiting my playing time, although I know once I start again, 16 hour sessions will pass by like 3 hours....sigh...Ok, I'm rambling again...I better go. Ignore the crazy Mithra...she's suffering from FFXI withdrawal. See you soon. Mynx

Another Game

You should play Guild Wars, Mynx! Once you get enough skills for a Build you like you can play a few sets of a couple of hours each week, enjoy the game, and still have time for life!

Right now I show up late-at-night and play a couple of hours PvE with Darkkit, then leave the game. My character is level 19 and I will max out at level 20. The game is all about Builds (and some would say PvP, I say it is not about PvP). Well if you avoid PvP then Guild Wars can't swallow your life. It even has a conceptual end in PvE mode (to me GW has a conceptual ending, meaning you have beat the game):
o at least one level 20 character
o highest level armor (defense 60 armor)
o max damage weapon (not that hard to get)
o a Title of 'Protector' on your character (means you beat Masters level on all the Missions for one of the two Campaigns)

The only time farming gets out-of-hand is if you decide you have to have 15k 'Elite' armor. If you fall prey to that, well then Guild Wars is not much better than FFXI.

Or you could just show up in Vana'diel on Thursdays for Aht Urghan Assault! =^_^=

Don't Go Mynx!

I know how you feel. I've been there several times myself. Yes! real life does take priority! No doubt about that. Must keep things in perspective. But if you cancel your account, you'll probably regret it. I've seen alot of players do that then come back later and start all over again. Its funny you would burn out playing BST since its the one job that does give you the freedom to level whenever you want to and stop whenever you need to. Well, whatever you decide I wish you the best!


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