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2006-08-14 Site Content Updates
Submitted by sam on Mon, 08/14/2006 - 20:52.

I have a few updates to the site content that are coming. This post is intended as an overview only of things I have in the works.

  • Guides Reorganization: The current Guide/Book section is confusing, and has been for a while. Some content seems hard for people to find (like the Promy strategy), and other content is old and needs to be deprecated (like my money making guide from 2004). I plan on making a new catagorizing system that should make things easier to find.
  • Main page tweaks: Since we now have important forums that are not automatically promoted to the front page, it would be useful to have a recent forum posts section on the front page so people can see at a glance what posts have been made.
  • Site Guide/Howto: Even though it seems pretty straightforward for a lot of us, many people still have a hard time using this site. They can't find what they're looking for (even though we have a powerful search engine) or they can't figure out how and where to post things (posting forum topics as books, or visa-versa). I've meant to write a simple "overview of the site" guide/howto for a while now, but haven't. I will work on this soon.

I have no projected date for these updates. They will go live when I get them done.


Just as an update:
* New Guides page online
* Main page tweaks : done
* Side Guide/Howto : see this

I consider these updates done enough for the purposes of closing this post.

Vis Maior's Journeys


I suggest previewing the guide reorg as well as the site guide. I don't understand people's difficulty in navigating the site either, so it probably would be helpful to get people's opinions before putting it into place.


i second that

i agree with ravenclaw. i don't find it hard to navigate, however maybe it is for newer members, and the really pertanant info such as promies could be difficult if ppl didn't know to look in around vand. I don't know how much time you want to invest in such an endever, but a suggestion, might be admin promotion status, with Webmaster varification for promotion from page to book status. Maybe an auto hit counter(this could be hidden, to avoid ppl from placing false hits) and after so many hits the page is nominated for review to a promtion to book, this would also tell you what information the clan is seeking out. If i'm back at my place tonight i might hop on IRC.


Well, I had sinus surgery this week, and have been out of it (I had turbinate reduction). But I have been in IRC... a bit.

Right now, I'm guessing I wont get to this until Friday at the earliest.

Vis Maior's Journeys


Okay, what I have thus far can be found here /guides.

Right now, it's just a layout example, I haven't really done much by way of parring down content (it seems rather big right now).

Whaddya think?

Vis Maior's Journeys

Nice start

I think it's a good start. Fill it out with more sections, maybe put some master navigation, and it should be good.

LOL, if people can't find stuff in a page like that, then they are real idiots!



I got impatient, so I made it live. I can tweak as needed.

The old one is still online here if we ever need it again.

Vis Maior's Journeys


looks good as usual Sam!

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