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Submitted by cyclonus on Thu, 06/15/2006 - 19:25.

Recall a while back, when I said "pudding > all prepackaged desserts?"

Well, you NEED to try these!

Only the bestest prepackaged pudding (best of both worlds) dessert EVA!

Ew! Blech!

Fry: Ew!

Leela: Blech!

Bender: Oh, Lordy!

[Fry gulps back some more Slurm.]

Leela: Fry! [Fry realises what he is doing and spits the Slurm out and breathes a sigh of relief. Then he drinks some more.] Fry!

Hungry Man Pudding

I tried, but I couldn't quite fit it on a can.

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Why the hell is their chicken in this?!?

I didnt know anyone else liked glazzed mcguffins as much as me ^^

lvl your sub NOOB! (*.*)o=== (^^) only 15 more to go /cry /joy
rdm 60, blm 37, rng 32, pld 29, sam 29, nin 28, mnk 27, drg 27, war 25,
whm 25, drk 26, thf 25, brd 20, bst 19, smn 12, pup 00, cor 00, blu 00,


Everything tastes like chicken because everything contains chicken ;)

100th POST



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Almost as good as...

Well, those are great and all, but I prefer Fart Nugglets:

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haha and the slogan FTW!

Leaves a taste that lingers in your mouth and not the air.

mmmm poopcicles!

wtf is that?

looks like a layer of shit? WTF IS THAT!


Not a layer of shit and isn't some bullshit fart nugget..

That brownish layer, ladies, is a piece of fucking heaven...

That is the world's lightest, yet most satisfying mother-focking pudding your bitch-asses will ever eat!

I'm telling you, that is the greatest prepackaged pudding dessert, EVA!

Wow, food gets me so excited.


bah u guys r getting waaay into this...

p.s. cookies all the way!!!!! hahahahahahah

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