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Submitted by cyclonus on Thu, 06/15/2006 - 19:25.

Recall a while back, when I said "pudding > all prepackaged desserts?"

Well, you NEED to try these!

Only the bestest prepackaged pudding (best of both worlds) dessert EVA!


Well both of my things came out well before the Famicon disk.

Oh... and I do have one of those :-P

GAH, man, I'm a video game collector! I have 5000+ games spread over 40+ consoles! It's easier to name stuff I don't have than stuff I do have :-P

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hey i found you pic on the web


some how....

I don't think they called the artistic owner of Chiyo-Chan's image and asked for permision to promote there stupid agenda... all i'm doing is redistrubuting there stupidity else where. :-)

Nice going, dork

Way to be an abuser of hotlinking.

Why don't you download the image and host it yourself? You tool.

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that would require me to:
1. not be lazy
2. Use my bandwith
3. not afford me opertunity to state the obviouse... um isn't that image also using there bandwith? Just a general observation... i mean they are still hosting that image.
4. to really care
5. Like pudding

BAH! I offer clanam people image hosting, foo!

Every registered user on this site has image hosting here.

Just click image under 'create content' :-P

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do i really wanna know i caused the end of the world i think not. :P

In my day..

Harold Zoid: Now remember, and I can't stress this enough, this is a talkie...


C is for cookie...

C is also for CRAP

Pudding pwnz J00!

Mmmmmmm.... PUDDING!

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WTF is that?

That's not pudding!

That's some bullshit Miracle Whip disguised in pudding's clothing!


/slap CyclonusAM

What are you talking aboot? Kozy Shack Pudding is the bomb muther focker. They're one of the few companies that actually make Rice Pudding, which is the only pudding I eat. Just don't get the European Style...too much cinnamon IMHO.


Rice pudding is different animal...

They're one of the few companies that actually make Rice Pudding

What the fock kind of ass-backwards place do you live in? There are so many rice pudding manufacturers in the NE...

On another note, yeah rice pudding is good people - BUT cinnamon has absolutely no place on (in?) it. I bet some European douche just decided to "dabble a sprinkle" of that crap on (in?) it and in the process has completely focked over a perfectly well designed food... I am sure Sam or Milo will find a wiki on this and prove me completely wrong but, that is besides the point.

Stop focking with the pudding you biotches... none of this pudding pop, pudding roll-up, cinnamon bullshite!

Pudding sucks!

There, I said it!

I don't care for it, I don't like it, I don't need it.

Give me a fucking cake, or fucking ice cream, or fucking anything other than pudding!

Pudding (as Cyc is describing it) is the lame bastard child of Milk and Gelatin, which, if you don't know, is made from "prolonged boiling of animal skin, connective tissue or bones". Not exactly something I want to fucking put in my body.

When you eat chocolate pudding, you're just eating chocolate flavored decaying animal skin! Remember that!

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Pork Rinds... or chicharrones... as my abuelita would say. good stuff.

Technical uses

Gelatin typically constitutes the shells of pharmaceutical capsules in order to make their contents easier to swallow. Hypromellose is the vegetarian counterpart to gelatin, but is more expensive to produce.
Animal glues such as hide glue are essentially unrefined gelatin.
It is used to hold silver halide crystals in an emulsion in virtually all photographic films and photographic papers. Despite some efforts, no suitable substitutes with the stability and low cost of gelatin have been found.
Used as a carrier, coating or separating agent for other substances, it, for example, makes beta-carotene water-soluble, thus imparting a yellow color to any soft drinks containing beta-carotene.
Gelatin is closely related to bone glue and is used as a binder in match heads and sandpaper.
Cosmetics may contain a non-gelling variant of gelatin under the name "hydrolyzed collagen".
As a surface sizing it smoothes glossy printing papers or playing cards and maintains the wrinkles in crepe paper.

Sounds yummy cyc.

My fathers nickname is puddinghead, because he works on the aseptic lines at Conagras Snackpack plants. He has on numerious occations "Kidnapped" 55 gallon drums of flavoring agents used int pudding products... there is a beutiful Hazmat sticker on these. ^^

Gah w/e

Because I'm 100% sure the FDA would allow a Hazardous item to be used in mass production of food or allow it to the extent that if consumed in quantities it would cause me to grow a third testicle...

W/e, it tastes good. You all eat at restaurants don't you? What about the cook that picks his ass and then cooks your meal? There a hazmat label for those guys? :p

flavoring agents

Bah, this crap is EVERYWHERE


its the number one hazmat label FTW!

Umm... hot dogs and other processed crap

I eat the shit that Sam described when I eat anything that is processed or grown by the good ol' American farmer (including some of the “organic” stuff)... Anyone catch GMA yesterday?

On another note, yeah, cake is really good. Cheesecake Factory is good "chain-cake."

Pudding just has a special place, light and easy.

Ice cream sucks, Gelato FTW!

A note on hot dogs...

I worked in the meat department of Kroger before... we had these 50 gallon garbage cans in the cooler, called bone cans. From here pastdates, un markatable goods, and "Leakers" plus the ban-saw shavings all went into these suckers... here they'd sit for a few weeks in the cooler till a jolly fat man would come to hull them away to the "Hot Dog Facitlity". Something that should be noted is these cans allways reaked... and i found maggots in one once. Hot dogs also cantain high amounts of perservatives and nitrates... over all its a bad food product maybe even worse then Hillbillie Piss!

Those dogs

Those dogs are ribbed for her pleasure.

lvl your sub NOOB! (*.*)o=== (^^) only 15 more to go /cry /joy
rdm 60, blm 37, rng 31, pld 29, sam 29, nin 28, mnk 27, drg 27, war 25,
whm 25, drk 26, thf 25, brd 20, bst 19, smn 12, pup 00, cor 00, blu 00,


Actually, they are a client of my employer, KPMG.

Not to single them out (I am not on the client engagement, but have friends that are), the business operations of wholesale food distributors (Costco, Sam's Clubs, BJs, etc) and local food super markets are anything from clean, efficient or honest.

Shit, there was a period of time that NYC local news was (almost nightly) discussing how our supermarkets backdate and blah blah blah.

To think that ANY meat or fish product you purchase from ANY food distributor or retailer is clean, uncontaminated or fresh isn't a good thing.

The content of said meat product is an entirely different story. They may include a cow ear, or a beetle's wing, but hot dogs taste good!

I am curious, based on this discussion what do you folks actually eat? Bran onry?

fresh meat

I bought a precooked pork roast a few weeks ago and brought it home for dinner. It wasn't until after I had microwaved it that I discovered that it had expired a few weeks before I bought it. It seemed to smell ok (not that I have a decent sense of smell) and didn't taste bad so I ate it anyway, but it pissed me off that something I bought that day was already weeks expired.

choosing meat

Before you buy any "fresh" meat products from a store please check the following:

-Coloration-> although brown meat might not mean that the meat is bad, this means that the meat has 1. been resting for a while... possible indication of how long ago it was cut. 2. that it was placed under other meat and the weight pressed the blood into the absorb pac. In chicken make sure its not green, or an un-natural yellow color.

-Date-> Never trust Meat clerks to find all the past dates... its not uncommon to miss cuts, that during a busy day such as the 4th of july, that some old cuts get pushed to the rear... Know that all meat is "Rotated" the oldest cuts are cycled to the front, the newer fresher cuts are placed in the back, this causes the typical person to grab cuts in a rush limmiting the loses of the store... meat depts typicaly net 60% of a stores revenu. On days like the 4th... its almost 90%. Some better known grocery store chains such as Kroger, will mark down meat after 3 or 4 pm. this meat that is at a reduced price is older cuts they want to move out the door, these aren't bad cuts just make sure thats is what you're sure you want to be eating first examine it closely.

Packaging- This applies more to pre packaged meats like bacon or hotdogs... Fresh cuts are trayed up and wraped in a platic and sealed with a heat iron, just make sure the meat isn't loose and falling everywhere, if the package is sticky from blood ask a clerk for a re-wrap. With packaged meats never buy any that look foogy, these are called "Leakers" commonly these means the seal has broke and air is entering the package, however it can be the first sign of Anerobic resperation (a form of resperation,breathing used by microbes) Just hand these packages to the clerk who should dispose of them. Can goods that are dented, distended or otherwise on can like should NEVER be purchased.

Smell- Ppl will start looking at you funny when they see you smelling the meat, but your not gonna be the one in the hospital. The meat shouldn't have any strong odor. No "fresh" smells should linger, and it shouldn't smell like sulfur, fishey, or like a garbage can.

Texture- never mushy or hard, should be supple and springy... ok these are hard to determine if you don't know your cuts of meat. but ne who

Well i hope that helps ne one with questions on proper meat selection.

"fresh" meat

The meat in question wasn't raw. It was a prepackaged, precooked pork roast that one just has to heat up. I was still pissed that it was expired and still on the shelf.

Organic and largely vegetarian

I'm actually all organic and primarily vegetarian. This is largely out of health problems that run in my family that I'm trying to avoid... plus, I really don't like the taste of red meat.

The only thing that prevents me from being 100% vegetarian is that I do love fish. Every sort of fish you can find. Fish, crustaceans, and all other manner of sea-life.

So, no, I shant be eating your cow ear, beetle wing, and monkey turd filled gut rocket, thank you very much.

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My mom is a vegetarian. I don't know how you ladies do it (health reasons or otherwise), I just wouldn't have the willpower.

In the words of the great Ali G - "Respect."


Well it helps when you don't like red meat. I've never liked that shit. I never understand how you ladies can eat it.

When my wife occassionally orders a steak, it baffles me why she (or anyone) would want that.

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Wait, I lied.

There is one other item that prevents me from being strictly vegetarian.


Then again, how hard would it be to make a Reuben with a meatless tofu slice that was flavored like corned beef?

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Heh - I was just going to ask you about Reubens :)

Reuben freqency

Technically, I haven't had a reuben in almost a year now.... so I'm not sure they really qualify as an item to prevent me from being a vegetarian....

....I do like them though :-)

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Almost a year?

You must measure time differently than most people. I could've sworn you've had a reuben more frequently than that :P

Oddly enough...

Actually I haven't had one in a very long time. I went with you to get one last summer (a year ago).

Remember, I've been disappointed in the Rueben selection here in Indy... so I have very little motivation to go and get any here.

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Sadly many ethiopians will never know the deliciousness that is Rye bread, Swiss chees, corned beef, sourkrout, smothered in Thousand Island... Mmmmmm


Well I don't eat that other processed crap either.

And if you think the "good ol' American farmer" had anything at all to do with your hot dogs or your pudding, then you are sorely mistaken. Welcome to the wonderful world of Corporate Farms, where the "good ol' American farmer" is squeezed out of the market and forced to starve to death and pimp out his large chested, yet homely, daughters to passing strangers!

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I thought by "good ol' American farmer" it was implied that I meant that there is no such thing... Food processing and incorporated farms onry!

pimp out his large chested, yet homely, daughters to passing strangers!

Ah, but do they have teeth? Isn't there a movie you made me watch that was somewhat related to this... where this guy visits a site at work and gets fired - what's it called? Farm Whores?

Farm Sluts

I'm a consumer Whore

And HOW!

lvl your sub NOOB! (*.*)o=== (^^) only 15 more to go /cry /joy
rdm 60, blm 37, rng 31, pld 29, sam 29, nin 28, mnk 27, drg 27, war 25,
whm 25, drk 26, thf 25, brd 20, bst 19, smn 12, pup 00, cor 00, blu 00,

Pudding, bitch!

That's pudding, bitch.

It's MAN's pudding... it comes in a container larger than the wussy pudding cups you've posted.

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Racially Diverse Pudding

Just noticed I have some racially diverse pudding....

Hey baby... it's all good....

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Blend them together and you can make a brownish baby pudding.

The portions weren't satisfying

Maybe I'm too much of a fatty, but I don't find the serving size "1 pudding cup" to be very satisfying. Maybe if it was the size of a can of soup (~two pudding cups) it'd be more satisfying. Maybe I need to get a Hungry Man XXL pudding can. (Over 1 1/2 pounds of pudding! :) )

Gah portion

That's true.

But then again, I'm not looking to turn pudding into a meal. Just a little heavenly delight that makes love to my gastrointestinal tract...

pie > pudding

As I was eating one of my dissatisfying pudding cups, I came up w/ an idea that would make it more satisfying. I already have pudding cups and a box of vanilla wafers. I was thinking that I should get some mini pie shells and put the contents of the pudding cup in the mini pie shell and garnish it w/ vanilla wafers. Voila - a mini "banana creme" pie. pie > pudding. qed ;)


Trying to augment "non-satisfying" food item with other smaller "non-satisfying" food items, in the effort, that in the aggregate these "non-satisfying" food items will form a satisfying food item, is just wrong*...

That and mini pie shells suck donkey nuts.

Banana Cream Pie has a place, a place inside of a doughnut and not the bullshit Dukin’ Donuts variety either.

applicable to home-users only


Those wussy pudding cup sizes aren't enough for a real man!

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Whoa Sam!

Did you loose weight?

Willy Wonka Called...

He says you need to report to the juicing room for a squeezing.


We've got a friendly warning for you.

The secret of Slurm's on a need to know basis.

Asking questions in school is a great way to learn...
if you try that stuff here you might get your legs broke!
We once found a dead guy face down in the Slurm...
it could easily happen again to you folks!

So keep your head down, and keep your mouth shut.

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