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What do you need?
Submitted by dragonlance on Sat, 07/01/2006 - 13:48.

Post here on help that you may need. Such as:
ENM's or BCNM's for gear, Coffer Keys, Drops from NM's, Tests, etc.

(Do not post mission help here please, create your own thread for that)

This is due to the fact that I am sure that not everyone here knows what other ppl need help with. Instead of getting asked in the game and too busy to help, maybe this way ppl will know in advance what others need and can helpout. Prior knowledge of what ppl need help with makes it easier to plan in advance and then go get ppl their stuff.

This tread does not guarentee or mean that 'we' (whoever) will help you out and make your dreams come true. However it does help out knowing what crap you need and maybe, just maybe you will get help.

Things I'm working on...

There are a few things I'm tring to get to help me with my meriting.

The earring form Divine Might that I can never spell Sumpa-something

Optical Hat


The earring(s) you get from d

The earring(s) you get from divine might quest found here

I would love to help, only thing is, I am on ZM4

Optical Hat: yes please
( fyi I was thinking of leading up one of these but would love to have a lot of LS members come instead and not as much ppl that i don;t know and don't disconnect ( aka leave once they get their hat )
( last o-hat run i did we poped it twice in 3 hrs, ain;t that some BS)

A weekend would probably be best:
( Please reply to this comment if you can help just so I have a rought idea ) ( mage 60+ melee 70+ )

I'll help you kill the NM for the joyeuse sword too.

i need my af

i need all of my af gear

AF Gear

In regards to your AF. It would help if you started geting stuff for you AF ready if you can. Join coffer key / skill up parties to get any keys you might need.

Getting someone's AF is a lot of work if they don't prepare ahead.
Killing a mob is one thing; farming a key, finding a coffer, and tarveling back and forth is another thing.

So just make sure you prepare in advanced.


I can only think of 3 and 2 of them will probably be set up already.
My RDM AF Hat.
Garlaige Coffer Key(might be done on Mynx's run thing)
Carby Mitts (might be done in next giant NM Run, I still need to get my offereing)
Thats all i need other then missions.


I got my offering as 44WHM, all I did was put up StoneSkin and Blink. If I got aggrod, I ran like Hells for the Zone, ask Drifter and Raytein. If you go to this Site it has a very nice write up on how to get everyting but the actual NM fight done by yourself.

And it has the "cheat" way to get through the door with out getting the Prelate Key, Which is dropped of by These mobs.

the door

Ya i was hopeing someone else would get the key >,> heh


Things I need - LOL! Nothing! I am doing rather well, so just things I WANT are left!

Tamas Ring is acquired by completing Chains of Promathia so I try to work some on CoP Missions each week.

Noble's Tunic is sold at the Auction House - means scrimping and saving! LOL! Maybe I should sell teleports in Jeuno? =^_^=

Yigit Turban is an Assault Item, I try to work some on this Assault each week in Aht Urghan Whitegate, but I LOVE all Assaults so I don't give it enough priority!

Vilma's Ring is a drop and I suppose I should return to farming RG? LOL! 0/4 so far. He is a pain! No link provided since you have helped me on this one, Dragonlance and already know about him!

Antivenom Earring I just acquired, so I can scratch off my list!

To be honest I pretty much play the game for Assault at the moment - they are a lot of fun! I show up for Assault and head into 'battle' and have a good time - I don't really care whether we win or lose.

Probably the thing I "need" above all else (and can't really get) is the purple doggy. There is a strategy listed here for running Fenrir ragged, party is composed of PLD73+BLM72+WHM66+BLM72+RDM73+BLM72 and I hope to give the strategy a try when I reach WHM 70!

But it is just a game so I don't worry much about any of the above =~_^=

Time line?

How soon do you want the Nobel's Tunic? I am currently leveling Clothcraft up, I will get it all the way up to 100. The Nobel's Tunic is made at level 87.

I am currently at 27.6 and the only part of leveling Cloth that takes forever is the selling of the items I make. So I could make the Nobel's Tunic around level 82 fairly easily. All you'd have to do is supply the materials for me to make it. This makes if Free of charge. I would however ask for a 10% fee of the current AH price if I make a HQ, for my time and skill in makeing it. For exapmle, if something sells for 200K on the AH I would ask for 20k for the time I put into crafting the said item.

Good Luck

Good luck with your crafts, Malkier! It is always good to see someone working on their skills.

I wanted the Noble's Tunic 3 months ago, but I still need to save for it.

Crafting King

As some of you know, yesterday I was leveling Clothcraft. I went from level 27.3 all the way to 38.0 in about 4 hours, which means I gained 10.7 levels, and went up two ranks in the Guild, Initiate > Apprentice.

I am well on my way to 100 now, the only reason I had to stop was there were no friging Bird Feathers ANYWHERE! /cry /pout. So if anyone has some Bird Feathers that they don't need I would like to buy them, if they won't need them for crafting.

I agree with some of your thi

I agree with some of your things and would like some of them too, like the 'purple doggy' and some assault equip.

Moon Fountain and Orb

You need a Moon Orb or some such thing to gain access to the fountain - do you have access to Fenrir's fountain? I do, I actually like to verify access to things (as many of you know) so I solo'd Fenrir one evening.

I solo'd him for about 40 seconds - 70 seconds if you count the time spent in the cutscene! =^_^=

What I need

In no particular order:

Down for a varitey of ENMs/BCNMs 60

wyrven skull

yes please! i total want to help cyc get that focker... i thought it was fun the previouse times i've killed that mob.

Your BLM AF hat

We can do that ( your blm hat ) tonight if you want, if we don't farm for 4-3. Also I am down for assaults tonight. PFC {yes please}

However this might be later tonight as I think i am going to fireworks later this evening.


you get a gold star.

Naw, if i could sometime get aome help getting my moldivite earring that would be super..., as of late we have seen a surplus of 55+ BLM in our LS. Cyc, will eventualy be drooling over this little item too... so i'll try and get that bum to come help, any others that might need this plz let me know, also OSe is in this same area so if your a melee and need the assult jerkin, we could go do that too.

I'll help.

I will come help you get your Moldavite Earring.

I could use one of those for when I level my Black Mage.


Three Black Mages level 72+ please!

I need them for the purple doggy!

:O~................. >_

I would also like a moldavite earring, after cyc whos after milo of course :O
ALso BLM AF hat i also need that but im not sure how much longer cyc is goign to wait :S
lastly, i need/want AM >< i only have freeze and burst atm /sigh so if anyone needs an item that drops from an NM who also drops AM id be willing to help out there too :) otherwise im looking at some pretty light pockets.
soon enough tamara...soon enough >< how about 7 brd PLers i hear they could get me to 75 within days :P ^^

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