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Mystery of the Grand Marids
Submitted by sam on Mon, 05/22/2006 - 12:58.

I was in a Flea Party last week and noticed a very interesting mob. It was called "Grand Marid" and was a rare mob but was not a NM. However, after searching the web for more information on these strange beasts, I haven't found anything about them. What are they and what do they do? Read on for some of my theories...

These Grand Marids seem to spawn after a number of Marids have been killed. The Marids seem like placeholders for them. The Grand Marids are much larger than the normal Marids and have a lot more life. They still drop Chigs and have all of the normal Marid moves. Thus far, I've fought at least a dozen and haven't seen any special moves specific to the Grand Marids.

They link with the normal Marids and there seems to only be one Grand Marid spawned at any given time.

Now, one of my personal theories is that the Grand Marid is a placeholder for some other Marid-type NM. E.g., when enough Marids are killed either the Grand Marid will spawn or some other Marid-NM will spawn. However, thus far I've not seen this other NM. He may also be a carrier of some special NM Chigoe, but I've not seen any such NM spawn from him.

Looking around the web I've found scarce mention of these Grand Marids. Has anyone else here fought them? Anyone found any useful information out there on them?

some thoughts...

maybe there is a quest associated with this mob... maybe it drops an ex or rare/ex tusk or something.

Maybe your witnessing an incomplete NM... much of the portions of the expansion are yet to be completed.

Maybe this mob is used for the colosium.

Maybe this mob might be resistant to beastmaster charm?

What if you get ISP for fighting this instead of lets say KIndred seals?

Maybe these spawn an NM deeper in the area.

intresting enough you can gain hate from the pemguins similar to formors... it grow, maybe thes mobs serve that fuction. Apparently the penguins agro emotes too... ne one game enough to go try it with me?

Penguins and emotes

I've tried it several times, no aggro. It seems like a wive's tale.

In my last party out there we killed a few of these and I wandered around behind one slapping it because no one would believe me they don't aggro.

Vis Maior's Journeys

just me but...

i've heard that its /clap... also it might be only after you have killed one. I know SE did some wierd things with this expansion... ergo your mystery beast, the fact that the elephants spawn fleas... the fact that you can't target fleas untill they attack you... that some non-like mobs will link, and need i remind you about the glitch with the besieged we attended. So i'm not gonna rule this out untill i can find some hard data one way or the other.


I've always been paranoid when I emote something at a mob while it is around and it starts moving my way that it will come attack me. I would gladily test this with you...and actually hope the penguins try to eat us. I think I'd be laughing too much to be of any value. I know of a good paladin who likes to die for the sake of testing *cough*Kaliv*cough* We can use him.


As I was running to do a staging point I saw this on widescan and wondered what it was. I assumed it was a NM.

Now, I did see someone fighting a NM chigoe once... seemed really nasty... but no Marid was around. Maybe once its killed its corpse might spwan this NM chigo?e


Plague Chigoe

Plague Chigoe NM is part of the quest to get a map for Caedarva Mire

Battering Ram style

When I first ran by one of these, I thought of the Battering Ram in La Thiene. The Battering Ram spawns only so often, and is a place holder for 2 different NMs. The ram is kind of like a giant sheep, or grand sheep in this case...but not really.

That was my initial thought...but it doesn't fit with the information you provide, unless you compare regular Marids to the battering ram, and the grand marid to Lumbering Lambart minus the NM name and such.

Conspiracy Theory

The battering ram is a placeholder for an NM which has a 24 hour respawn time, whose drop is fairly usefull (and expensive). Assume that this mob is only a decoy (Lumbering Lampart) to the real NM (Bloodtear Baldurf) which comes only a certain amount of time after it was defeated. Also assume that there are only a few LSs which know the ToD on each server, let alone know that it even exists...and have been sworn to secrecy about it to keep the competition down.

/Conspiracy Theory

Well, there's one thought on the grand marid :D. With such a large respawn window, it would explain why you have not seen anything special about it...unless you were fighting marids for days straight. Too bad I cannot give any usefull information about it :P

Bloodtear Conspiracy

Well, Bloodtear's spawn pattern is known well enough. Lottery spawn, approx 21-24 hour respawn.

As for Bloodtear being overly camped by some sort of secretive LS conspiracy, that's something I sincerly doubt. I've come across him many a time unclaimed and destroying lowbies. Here is one of my accounts of beating Bloodtear. Looking at his drops I also can't really see the justification in camping him either.

Vis Maior's Journeys

But I like consipriacies

I agree that Bloodtear is not one to be heavily camped...I mean, me and Kaliv had a run in with him resulting in a dead paladin. I was only comparing the Marids to the Battering Rams...ending up at a rather useless conclusion. And, because I am stuck somewhere where I cannot play FFXI, I got bored and decided to form said conclusion.

I only said that the NM version of the Grand Marid is the one under conspiracy here. You have not seen or heard anything about it because it is a huge coverup by certain LS agencies. And me even discussing this puts me in danger. I may have to delete my character and change addresses before I get a knock at my door from a man dressed as a cat sent to off me.

Conspiracy... but who's pulling the strings?!

Personally, I blame the Grand Marid conspiracy on the Zapata Corportation and the Texas Medication Algorithm Project.

Oh... and don't forget PNAC... those bastards are behind everything...

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steve erwin i blame steve erwin

Not I

No idea. Have not been in a flea party as yet.

I hope it is not a place holder for a Rose Garden type mob (leave in place for X hours and will turn into an NM and such).

Rose Garden

I doubt it's like RG.

RG makes sense with what it does because it's "growing". It starts out as a n Overgrown Rose, then after growing for a while it grows into Rose Garden (then, if allowed to grow some more, may grow into Vilma).

Anyway, this doesn't make sense with a Marid-type mob, so I'd bet it isn't like that.

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