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Where is your favorite place to level "end-game"? (65+)
Submitted by sam on Mon, 05/15/2006 - 14:25.
Bibiki Bay
7% (1 vote)
14% (2 votes)
Lufaise Meadows
0% (0 votes)
King Ranperre's Tomb
0% (0 votes)
Kuftal Tunnel
0% (0 votes)
Cape Terrigan
0% (0 votes)
Gustav Tunnel
0% (0 votes)
Wajaom Woodlands
29% (4 votes)
Mount Zhayolm
7% (1 vote)
Caedarva Mire
21% (3 votes)
Mamool Ja Training Grounds
14% (2 votes)
7% (1 vote)
Total votes: 14


I like Mount Zhayolm and Caederva Mire equally as much (when there isn't much pulling competition that is).

Although, the flea parties do sound like fun...

and now that ur a blm.....

{Secret} {area} onry...


As is my way, this is another throwback to an older poll.

FWIW, I voted for Wajaom Woodlands because I love Flea parties there as a MNK. Holy crap those are fun!

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Galka Monks have fleas?

Flea Parties? Is that folks sitting around picking them off each other?

No thank-you! LOL!

(wonders what in the world people are talking about)

Flea Party

No one knows about these rather amazing little parties... and even those who have heard of them don't understand them.

..I really should make a REAL post about them to explain it...

Anyway, in a nutshell this is the gist:
* There are Marids (Elephants) in Woodlands outside of Al Zahbi that are VT-IT for people 70+.
* These Marids are infested with vermin. Specifically Chigoes (fleas).
* As you fight the Marids, Chigoes drop off and attack you.
* These Chigoes can be soloed by any decent MNK and give 20-50 EXP each.
* The Marid itself should give you 100-200 EXP.
* Usually, 5-20 Chigoes fall off the Marids each battle.

Add all that up and you tend to average 500 EXP each battle... and get pretty high chains (high chains due to the Chigoes, which are often EM). I was able to gain around 17k EXP in a little over an hour last night, which is pretty damned amazing.

These parties are a blast if you're a MNK as you are very busy keeping the fleas off of the tank :-) You effectively are a sub-tank for the vermin. Way fun stuff.

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wtf man....i want to be in ur pt's, 17k an hour...with the ones ive been in id get less than 5k


interesting lol and no pesky spikes to deal with

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