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I missed, alot?
Submitted by Xilldon_RDM on Sat, 06/04/2005 - 14:34.

SO after this unlawful long long long long long punishment I'm going to my moms house over the summer, and I'm takeing my mighty PS2. So yall get to see me again[poor you guys. lol] What I want to know is if i missed anything big or anything big is planed soon? Anyone? I do want to get to my 50's this summer break, well ok just I'll be back.

A lot

Yep, you missed a heck of a lot. Here is a quick run down of the things I know you've missed (I'm sure there are others that other folk can point out):

  • Genkai 2 & 3 : Many of us have now gotten our Genkai 2 & 3. Thirsty and myself just did Genkai 2 last week, and I know that Ravenclaw did 3 over the weekend with some others.
  • Low level semi-static : A low level semi-static was formed and got several people partially through the dunes.
  • Valsery Returned : Duh.
  • RSE, Rank 5, Mission mania : Did quite a few missions and RSE for people (such as Valsery). Drifter, Droopy, Kyler, Valsery et al. have risen in rank.
  • BCNM & more BCNM : Been a slight BCNM feeding frenzy lately. Treasures & Tribulations has been one of the biggest ones and we have managed to get several people their astral rings that way.
  • Garrison : Had a semi-successful Garrison run or two. We want to do more, but haven't.
  • Maior became busy : I'm getting married this week... so I posted my schedule to let people know when I will be back.

In summary, you missed a hell of a lot.

Vis Maior's Journeys


Thats alot, and as i see you all are doing genkai>> I need to catch up! Only lvl 35:-P lol then Ill have to lvl WHM but I like WHM well im going to get on this week see yall later

Check it out

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