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Salvage Armor costs
Submitted by Tamara on Tue, 06/19/2007 - 00:05.

Hello ClanAM!

Some of the Salvage Armor is much like Dynamis - takes a while to acquire the wealth and whatever to have the Armor made! Maybe even a year. LOL!

As an entertaining exercise you may want to pick one piece of Salvage Armor you really like
then look at the ingredients. For example I want a Tiara:

Ingredients (besides the necessary drops) are 12 x Orichalcum Ingots and 10 x Imperial Gold Pieces for my Tiara. So I can make one Tiara now, if I had the Salvage drops, but probably could not afford a second piece from the armor set! LOL!

We each will be a walking
by the time we acquire a full set of Salvage Armor! LOL!

But since I have been with ClanAM a year now I suppose I am willing to give a full set of Salvage Armor a try! =^_^=

On costs

As Tamara stated, the costs to upgrade Salvage armor pieces can be expensive (not all pieces of armor are zomgwtfbbg lolgilz1! expensive).

In any event, the point of my thread was to encourage folks to review what items they desired, etc. It is the responsibility of the individual to perform his/her due diligence and price synth items, determine feasibility of obtaining these items, etc.

Additionally, one can use FFXIAH to help.

With all that said, some of these synth items are obtainable via ISNMs, KSNMs, etc. Although a cheaper alternative, it will take time to farm these items. So, as you obtain one or two pieces that are a part of your upgrade set, you should take the initiative to begin farming items (or ask for help).

But perhaps we are getting a little ahead of ourselves – obtaining gear from Salvage is an involved process.

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