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Salvage, you down?
Submitted by cyclonus on Fri, 06/15/2007 - 20:51.

So, in anticipation of future Salvage runs, I thought I would make this post.

As you may or may not know, Salvage allows players to obtain some of the best gear in the game. Now, obtaining this gear does take time and requires players to accomplish certain milestones (please use the link above, to obtain a better understanding).

Any way, the there are two things I hope to learn from this thread: 1) who is interested in Salvage and 2) The particular gear set AND the particular item from that set you would like.

Understand, that obtaining a body piece (from any of the equipment sets), will require a player to obtain an item from all 4 Salvage areas; other armor pieces will require obtaining items from 3 areas.

Please refrain from posting strats, comments or ideas at this point. I just want to know who is interested and what gear you all want... From there, we can determine what we can and cannot farm/do.

/em raises hand.

Um... the sam leg armor.... usukanwhatchamacallit horiwatever. Damn.. just gotta fight with Dragonlance over the drops now! LOL!


I want to do this too please.

I would like the Ares set and i would like to have the head from it.


Of course I would like to have 2 other sets but we can talk about that later. :-)

{Yes Please}

As a heads up, this will likely be one of the first ClanAM end game events (when I get the site online, which should be this week).

Dealing with AC repair atm, otherwise I'd work on that.

Vis Maior's Journeys


I'd be down to do this


Your reading skill drops .2 points! :p

Let me know what gear set you are interested and a single piece you want the most.


Maybe I don't know what I want yet.

Most likely:

Usukane Armor
Morrigan Armor

Single / most practical
Usukane Hizayoroi ( legs )

I'm in, even though I'm far

I'm in, even though I'm far away from it I'm intrested in the Morrigan Robe set

Im interested

Ive always thought this sounded like fun! You can count me in.

I'd like anything from the Marduk set... no preference mostly going to have a good time and some laughs

Right now I only have 75 WHM... hopefully my SMN and BLM will be closer to 70 when we start


I am interested in doing Salvage from the perspective of ClanAM gaming - always nice to do some Clan activity or the other. I have been told, though, to expect to spend
Assault Points & Experience Points
whilst salvaging so I guess I need to work on something...
WHM Tiara
Auction House has very poor headgear for WHM and I can't get into Limbus. WHM is my only level 75 job.


I don't know if anyone has priced their "desires" other than I - this stuff is not cheap. Not cheap at all. So when I posted I wanted the Tiara I am saying I am willing to spend the funds to follow through on acquiring it =^_^=

We *are* talking a million gil, some of the ingots needed for the Tiara come from KSNM drops - wonder what everyone else's armors cost? LOL!

I am interested. I would

I am interested. I would like to go for Ares equipment. My preference on the pieces is body > head > everything else.


As for jobs RDM and WHM onry (by time we start I'll have WHM 70+.
As for Armor I want the boots from the Marduk set.

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