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ZM14 Do you need it?
Submitted by Xilldon_RDM on Mon, 06/18/2007 - 05:18.

Well today Divine Might didnt go over too well. I would like to try and do the other option of doing ZM14(unless you only want the earring) this weekend probably saturday. For now I know Tam wants to go as well as trix so that 3. I would like a PLD tank if at all possible. The fights can a while (more then 2 hours for all of them) even so I would like to do them all in one night.

The fight is similar to DM as in you fight the 5 AA's but you fight them one at a time and can break as much as you want between the fights. Only 6 can go into the fight so you dont have as much firepower as in DM. There are 2 fights that stick out for their difficulty, AA Hume and AA Elvaan.

The time I want to start this is 3 Eastern on Saturday, but if needed we can start later. So if your interested please lemme know :D.


I am interested in doing this as well. Can bring DRK SMN RDM. Let me know.

DRK probably

Think DRK would work best here but SMN may be usefull too.

3pm Eastern this coming Saturday

Okay. I am up for a few of the ZM14 fights this coming Saturday. I will try to be online at 2:30PM Eastern. I hope we don't go on for six hours, I would think three fights max should do it (folks need to go and eat).

I would like to do two or three fights, have a pow-wow about how we are doing, maybe take a two hour break, then??? - don't know. I suppose if we are winning then continue on?

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