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Divine Might
Submitted by Davros on Wed, 05/30/2007 - 17:48.

I. Introduction

I’m planning on setting up a Divine Might run in the near future. Since I don’t think we have 18 people in the LS who can participate, I’m going to set up a temporary linkshell to coordinate people with and so I can direct them all to this guide. So, I’ll be giving anyone in Clan AM a pearl who wants one and I will recruit the balance of the alliance on this weekend.

I am tentatively scheduling this for June 17th at 5pm eastern. I can't resolve all the scheduling conflicts and this is the best time i could come up with, so we may have to get this together again for those who couldnt make it.

II. What is Divine Might?

Divine Might (DM) is a BCNM fight that takes the place of Zilart Mission (ZM) 14, except in DM you fight the mobs for Zilart Mission 14 all at once instead of separately.

III. Why would you want to do this?

Aside from the moral victory of just winning the fight and clearing ZM14, by clearing DM you can select one unique earring. Choose carefully though you are stuck with your choice.

Abyssal Earring- Int +2, Scythe skill +5, Dark magic skill +5

Beastly Earring- Chr +2, Evasion +5, Axe skill +5

Bushinomimi- Str +2, Great Katana skill +5, Parrying skill +5

Knight’s Earring- Vit +2, Shield skill +5, Divine magic skill +5

Suppanomimi- Agi +2, Enhances “Dual Wield” effect, Sword skill +5

IV. How do you get the quest?

After going to Sky, go straight ahead until you zone into the Shrine of Ru’Avitau. At the very back of that area you will find a targetable area. After selecting that area you will see a cutscene in which you talk to the NPC Yve'noile. After the cutscene you will have DM listed in you Outlands quest log.

In order to get into the BCNM you have to obtain an Ark Pentasphere, which you can obtain by going to the fountain in Ro’ Mave ( Qu’ Hau Spring) between 12:00 and 3:00 during a full moon (you can find out when the next full moon is using the clock at ) while the weather is clear and trading Parchment and Illuminink to the fountain when it fills.

The Parchment can be purchased from the auction house and Illuminink can be farmed of the dolls named Cursed Puppets in Ro’ Mave. The dolls are not difficult to kill. I solo them frequently as a PLD, but for safety’s sake you might want to get a partner to duo them. Also keep in mind that you may get magic aggro in this area, so its wise to pull the dolls to the zone in front of Qu’ Hau Spring.

Also dolls can use meltdown, so if you can sub RDM or WHM for barfire(a) or go with a party member who can do so. I have gotten owned when I tried to solo these using a NIN sub instead of RDM.

V. Strategy for Beating the Ark Angels
(Credit: heavily borrowed from CerBalbanes guide for alliance set up and group fight strategies)

A. Ground Rules

I have joined other attempts to do this, and I want to establish a few rules in order to try to cure some of the problems that I have seen in previous alliances that have tried to do this.

One of the main problems I’ve seen is people will get there and then everyone will have a different idea about what should be done. This confuses people about what they should be doing.

Therefore, I ask that if you have any suggestions, communicate them hear ahead of time. Also, if you are unsure about something before the fight, don’t spam the linkshell chat log or party log since I’ll be giving instructions there. Just send me or your party leader a /tell. That way we can cut out some confusion. I’m not trying to by a tyrant or anything but we need to do these things so we have the best chance of success.

B. Preparation

1. Everyone who plans to join on this mission should obtain an Ark Pentasphere in advance.
2. Bring a reraise item with plenty of charges on it.
3. All melee bring at least 2 Icaris Wings and the food of your preference in amounts sufficient to sustain multiple runs.
4. All mages bring several yagudo drinks, ethers, and the food of your preference in amounts sufficient to sustain multiple runs.
5. All PLD bring yagudo drinks, ethers, tavnazian tacos, and some type of au lait in amounts sufficient for multiple runs.
6. All NIN bring evasion equipment since you will be soloing until help arrives, 2 Icaris Wings, Hi-Potions and the food of your preference.

We won’t be doing this on short notice so getting these things shouldn’t be a problem if you put in a little effort.

C. Alliance Setup

Tanks (5)
x2 PLD
x3 NIN

Mages (5)
x3 RDM or BRD
x2 WHM or RDM

Damage Dealers (8)
x1-2 BLM
x6-7 DDs
(If we have one or 2 NIN or THF/NIN a with evasion gear he/she will serve as an emergency tank in case something goes wrong with the others)

D. Ark Angels and Fight Order

AAs and their specials

1. Ark Angel TT (DRK/BLM)
Amon-Drive - area damage + Paralyze + Petrify
Note: attacks in this order Magic > WS > teleport

2. Ark Angel MR (BST/THF)
Havoc-Spiral - area damage + Gravity + Sleep
Perfect Dodge
Note: Does Perfect Dodge at low HP; can be gravitied, high evasion.

3. Ark Angel GK (SAM/DRG)
Specials: Jump - ranged damage + Bind + Blind
Call Wyvern
Meikyo Shisui
Note: Wyvern sleepable, 2hr blinkable.

4. Ark Angel EV (PLD/WHM)
Dominion-Slash - area damage + Silence
Shield Strike - Stun + hate reset
Resist sleep
Note: Uses Spirits Within can be binded/gravitied, do not fight directly.

5. Ark Angel HM (WAR/NIN)
Specials: Cross-Reaver - area damage + Stun
Double attack
Resist Bind
Mighty Strikes
Mijin Gakure
Note: At 50% HP or less, tends to use Mijin Gakure.

Fight Order- TT> GK> Wyvern> MR> Tiger> HM> EV


Each NIN will occupy one of the MR, GK, or HM until the alliance can get to them.

One RDM or BRD will accompany each NIN and support him/her with haste, enfeebles and heals.

If we are fortunate enough to have a BRD coughcyclonuscough then he will support the NIN that tanks the HM since dual wield can take out shadows pretty quickly.

As to where each NIN is gonna solo each AA, to correlate with the order to be killed, GK should be pulled to the mid-top of stairway, MR pulled towards mid tunnel, and HM pulled to back of tunnel near entrance. In this fight, NINs should be more concerned about survivability then damage, so figure your builds according to haste, evasion, HP, and defense/-dmg%.

As for the PLDs, they will be kiting EV inside the BC circle, kiting clockwise and counterclockwise, using cure and JA's to keep each other alive, they will be assisted by 1 WHM. EV hits very hard and pretty much has a TP regen, so stack up on as much HP, defense, -dmg % reduction gear as you can. Note: EV also uses Shield Bash to stun fairly often so the PLD might want to set up /tells to one another in case they need assistance. The other WHM should be assisting the DD group as they move from one AA to the next.

Hopefully among the damage dealers we will have a couple people who can tank in a pinch. The tanks will set a /tell macro to let one of these people know if they go down so the sub can take their spot and keep the free AA from running wild.


The rest of the 8 members in the alliance (Basic DD/BLMs) are key to success, AA TT must die within 45 seconds to 1 min of engaging him. He has the rare ability to teleport, and will use Paralyga and Breakga usually after the 3rd teleport which will hit the kiting PLDs, if any of them go down, it may well be a loss from that point so whms have to react fast with Stona and cures.

Therefore, ALL DD must go all-out on him (Icarus Wings are helpful, /sam for quick TP, /nin for survivability, if not /war) He will have to be killed in the BC circle they start in. SAMs Meditate and Shiyokyo will also be helpful if you have them available. Remember to follow kill order listed above, and assist WHMs with additional healing.

BLMs have 3 duties during this fight. Keeping SS and Blink buffs up, Sleeping Pets, and Nuking. When pets are slept, BLMs should assist in Nuking TT to death and other AA as the alliance moves along. But BLM primary responsibility is to SLEEP pets.

Once all 4 initial AA are dead, move on to the stairs, rest hp/mp and go all out on EV! PLDs continue to kite clockwise and counterclockwise, mages who were healing the entire fight should be swapped out for them to regain MP. When everyone is ready, dogpile on EV.


The only ones worth mentioning to watch out for is GK's Meikyo Suishi and HM's Mighty Strikes/Mijin Gakure. Meikyo Suishi (around 75% HP) can be effectively blinked, only reason why I mention it is that the NIN tanking must keep shadows up to avoid the Light SC he will try to perform, TT and GK need to die first for a pretty much successful run. For HM 2HRs, same is true for the NIN keep shadows up through Mighty Strikes (usually around 75% if u plan on DD tanking him), he "may" Mijin Gakure around 20-30%, so mages need to apply Barfira at the start of engaging him (I say "may," because like most NIN mobs, he may not do it)

Sleepers also need to keep an eye out for MR's Familiar which will target charm the person with most hate on MR at that moment. It will charm regardless if Tiger pet is still alive or not.

Good Grief!!

My arse is still hurting from that. lol. Thanks for coming guys. I'll start planning for another sometime soon. We had a LOT of last minute changes which was one reason things did not go well, but at least we know some things that will help us next time.

This time its personal!!!!

Party Formations Party

Party Formations

Party 1
Marten (War/nin), Kamustaka (War/nin), Lunamarie (Whm), Tableandchairs (Mnk), Darkitt (Smn), Conker (Sam)

Party 2
Davros (Pld), Kittey (Pld), Tamara (Whm), Ergoth (Blm), Bilbo/Michii (Blm), Avayr (Drk or Sam)

Party 3
Maior (Nin), Riko (Nin), Garwyn (Nin), Icdeadtaru (Whm), Xilldon (Rdm), Cyclonus (Brd)


Party 1 is the main DD party. Initially Cyclonus will be in this party and buff it before transferring to Party 3. While this is going on Darkitt should stoneskin and hasteaga this group. Party one will kill taru as quickly as possible and then move on in the kill order.

Kamustaka will act as emergency tank. In case one of the Nin go down he is to disengage and take their place. The Nin’s companion support should send a tell to Kamu telling him to come and where.

Party 2 is a combination party. Plds will be kiting Elvaan around middle and Tam will support with regens and flashes mostly. Tam should also keep and eye on Avayr and help keep him up but her primary responsibility is to the Plds. The Blms will make sure that the pets are asleep and stay that way. Bilbo will sleep the Mithra’s pet and Ergoth will sleep the Galka’s wyvern. After that they will aid the damage dealing group in taking out the taru and follow them in the kill progression. Avayr goes straight to the taru and follows kill progression.

Party 3 is comprised of our solo tankers and their support. Maior and Cyclonus will hold the hume. Riko and Ic will hold the Mithra. Garwyn and Xilldon will hold the Galka. Nins should gear primarily for survivability rather than damage. Support should buff and heal the Nins and enfeeble the mob so put every enfeeble they can on the mob that they can.

couple small changes

Jingles will be taking Garwyn's place. Also Darkitt will help support Maior after the taru is dead.

Poison Pots

It may have been mentioned before, but please do not forget them!

good catch

I did forget to say to bring poison pots. Also bring echo drops.

MP use

Keep in mind that I have limited MP - I'll use MP use food for the fight and try to keep Mai up as long as possible.

However, after the DD party has defeated TT and moved on to GK, if Xil or whomever can come to /assist me, that would be great.

Marchx2 and Double Attack from a mob, only get you so far :p

"June 17th at 5pm eastern" I

"June 17th at 5pm eastern"

I will be online at 4:30pm to do final shopping and teleporting services.

Well. So far I haven't had

Well. So far I haven't had the response I had hoped for in the shouting department. I haven't had anyone other than a few friends show any interest in comming, and even they are not 100%. Apparently I am the only person on Phoenix who doesnt have a packed schedule on Sundays. I am considering pushing it back a week to next Saturday in order try for more people. Please give me your thoughts and comments on what would be a good time.

I think we should show up on

I think we should show up on Sunday and see if we can get Dragonlance up to DM, that would give you one more person.

Yes, I know it is just Dragonlance, the discarded, wandering Mithra the Linkshell adopted out of the cold and wet but you need to take what you can get! LOL! =~_^=

Currently I am just going to go ahead and show up on Sunday. I assume at a minimum we will help out the DL, if signed on. I know WHM is useful, for all her teleports!

And afterwards I want to work on Darkkit's Sword WS. So we (I?) shall see what actually happens. DM or DL or DK - seems like we should be able to complete one of those!

I've talked to some people

I've talked to some people who are gonna ask their friends to come so I think we can try to make it a go. We will see how things progress.

P.S. all DL has to do is bring up doing those easy ass missions anytime I'm sure we can put together a group. But then again DL like a crackhead about those blue spells lol.

Same time?

If possible?

Can't help out

I'd like to help out, but I'm on ZM5, so GL :)

What we have.

This is a list of what we have so far in terms of people who can fit into roles for the fight. I will update this tonight or tommorrow night

Tanks (5)
x2 PLD- Davros
x3 NIN- Maior

Mages (5)
x3 RDM or BRD- Darkitt, Xilldon, Kamustaka, Cyclonus
x2 WHM- Tamara, Lunamarie

Damage Dealers (8)
x1-2 BLM- Cyclonus
x6-7 DDs- Avayr, Darkitt, Maior, Kamustaka, Meretrix

I'll recruit today if you know someone who can plug in any holes let me know or post here.


I read over your strategy, seems rather simple for those of the WHM profession - am I healing kiters? or will I be healing folks actually fighting angels?

WHMs will either 1)Follow

WHMs will either 1)Follow and support the main DD party or 2) support the 2 PLD.

Initially the main party will not have a dedicated tank since everyone will have to go all out to kill the taru as quickly as possible. I might ask a WAR/NIN to voke here at start but the plan is to have max damage here so holding hate wont really be an option. Here the WHM will have a pretty straight forward healing role while using flash to help distressed members get shadows back up. I plan to place at least 1 SMN in this group so that the party can be buffed with haste and stoneskin at the start.

If the taru does not go down quickly it will AOE paralyze and petrify everyone in range,which will mean the WHM here (actually both WHMs since PLDs will be in close proximity) must try to get those statuses off with a divine sealed stona or whatnot. Again we don't want to get to this point which is why we go all out on the Taru.

The WHM who is supporting the PLD kiters will support mainly by regening the PLDs and providing cure help if anything goes wrong. This WHM hopefully will not have to be dedicated to keeping the PLDs alive and therefore can rove around to help either the NINs who are solo tanking or the main party initially.

AOE paralyze and petrify

If you are concerned about
"AOE paralyze and petrify"
then you want several people selected to try and Silence immediately, even as the DD group moves to engage the Taru BLM.

To have your Silence take no effect as it lands on an already silenced Taru - not that big a deal. Best to have two or three Silence tossed immediately. Well, my opnion. I suppose if the BLM resists Silence constantly then no point.

As I understand it the AOE

As I understand it the AOE paralyze and petrify are not spells but rather a special like a weaponskill. Also since I have never so much as heard anyone hint about stunning it I assume that it is well nigh instantaneous.

Add 1 more.

I'll go. I have Smn or Drk 75... currently thf73 and sam72.

I am comming.

Hello I would like to come on this run. I have RDM SMN and DRK I can bring to it. So let me know where I would be most helpful.

I should be able to join

Count me in.
I will obtain an ark pentasphere over the next couple days.

If its on the 17th it will have to be early as I have dynamis on sundays.


I've had a couple people ask if they can go in game. Anyone in this ls who wants to can come, but if you want to come please post here so that I know you can be there. I need you to do that because I plan to fill out the rest of the alliance with non-ls people well ahead of time.

P.S. Would someone with authority change the ls message for a little while and direct people to come here please?

Maior changes the message on

Maior changes the message on the in-game LS, the message where you log onto the LS and it mentions this URL to visit for game faq's, etc.

I will show up for your DM, Davros, since Xilldon is thinking we 'may' forego Ark Angels and get DM to count for ZM14. Having said that I will show up any night, any afternoon, even Sunday afternoon or Wednesday night or any other night I usually do not play FFXI

Not staying for fight seven, though. Six tries should be plenty. If we can't win in six tries then we don't know how to win DM.

I am just a WHM. Tell me in game if I am of any use for your DM run. I don't have WHM merited, just a so-so WHM/SMN of level 75.

I have a RR2 hairpin already. I hear those things are useful for DM. So some hi-ether, some yagudo drink, some hi-potion, RR hairpin. Tell me if I need to bring anything else.


Way to schedule it when I'll be out of town on a work-related conference :-P

I'll be flying back June 16th, and may make it home in time for it... we'll have to see...

Vis Maior's Journeys


I said it tenatively scheduled for that day. Its not a problem to do it on the 17th if that helps. I really would like to have as many Clan AM people as possible.

I have my Pentasphere. The

I have my Pentasphere. The instructions on Wiki are a bit mis-leading, you think you can get the Pentasphere at Full Moon, but actually it is Full Moon Plus. When you query Vana'diel Time it may state Full Moon is out but you seem to really need 95% plus for the fountain to fill.

It was 5am Eastern and I was surrounded by nine other players, apparently Japanese. There were a lot of question marks being exchanged when nothing happened and night ended. An hour later it was Vana'diel midnight again and the fountain filled from the spring, it filled for only 40 seconds then drained again as the weather grew cloudy. I think some of the people there missed the really brief forty-second trade window.

Not positive, I can't read Japanese, but most of the group ran off and some stayed behind and seemed to be motioning angrily.

I don't understand

I don't understand this requirement:
"Everyone who plans to join on this mission should obtain an Ark Pentasphere in advance"

If true that would make for eighteen Ark Pentaspheres.

I should be able to make a June 16th at 1pm Eastern series of runs.



Give me a date a time a place whenever I'll be coming! I have an Ark Pentaspehere that we can use (I think you have one also ?) Either way count me in as RDM.

I'll come too if there is room

I have 75 WHM onry at this point *sigh* but I'll help out if possible

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