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2007-01-22 : Site Issues
Submitted by sam on Mon, 01/22/2007 - 23:28.

Hi, folks.

In case you haven't noticed, we've been having some site issues lately. These were partly due to an attack on the site for the last few weeks, and partly due to the fact I haven't had much time to deal with these problems for a while.

I will be upgrading some things on the server and this site in the coming week, so stay tuned. But please keep in mind that, during these upgrades, you may find some errors and problems on the site. Don't worry and don't fret about them, they will be temporary during the transition.

Also, the attacks we've been having have been from spam-bots submitting links to generate link spam. I've done my best (considering how little time I've had lately) to block the offending bots and close up the holes. But if anyone finds any further uncaught spam on this site, please let me know (with URL) and I'll deal with it ASAP. Please post found link-spam in this thread.

Thanks for your patience, guys. -Sam

Source of some attacks

Well, I was still having some server issues, even though I was pretty sure I knocked the attacks happening here off the map. So I began monitoring traffic elsewhere, especially in some of the nooks and crannies of my server that I don't frequent much any more.

Turns out, some idiots actually scripted their spam-bots to attack my ancient CMS, Noink. Now, Noink isn't used anywhere anymore, except for a couple of legacy sites on my server that I only keep up because I think that URIs shouldn't change. So, the bottom line was they were targeting a dead CMS that no one used or cared about any more.

The problem this was causing us was that we were getting around 2 megs worth of link-spam submitted per hour, which was causing all sorts of problems server wide (including the ClanAM sites).

I've now disabled all of the forum code from Noink (which is where the spam-bots were getting in), so it's now shut off and wont contribute to our other attacks.

This should help things greatly.

I'm still monitoring the rest of my legacy stuff to see if anything else is being attacked. I'll keep everyone informed.

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