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Maat's my bitch... Part 2
Submitted by sam on Sun, 12/03/2006 - 03:44.

Well, some of you may remember my Maat fight last year. I originally beat the Old Man as a Monk, and did it on my first try (woot!) Well, a while back, I got a Ninja Testimony drop while out on some Clan event. I kept that testimony and decided I would fight Maat again.....

Read on for the details and to see the video....

For those who don't know, I originally leveled NIN to 30-something back in 2004. I leveled it as a sub for WAR (which, in turn, was my sub for MNK). I never intended to take it much further than the level I had gotten it to.

However, at one of our Clan sub-runs last year I got the drop for the NIN Fomor JSE. I was about to toss it when I realized its stats were very good for NIN. Thus, because of that drop I decided I was going to level NIN if for no other reason than to wear the JSE.

Then, while farming items for another Clan run in the Temple of Ugglapith, I got a Ninja Testimony. Normally, since I've already beaten Maat, I drop any testimonies I ever get. However, my NIN was 70+, and I thought it may be a laugh to fight the Old Man again.

Well, I fought him.. and here's the video of my second win against Maat :-)

This video can be found in the Clan's Movie section here.

Also, a macro check can be found here for those who are curious.

Great Video!

One question about the macros... What's the advantage of listing the same command in all 6 lines, like for the icarus wings? Is that incase it fails to activate the first time?


Yeah, most guides online for Maat suggest that. If you notice in the heat of battle sometimes when you fire off a macro, the start of it will get truncated (could be due to latency, or some other macro command that was already running, so on). By repeating them over and over you are more certain at least one of them will hit.

My NM camping macro with Chi Blast works the same way.

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On a side note congrats again Maior. Nice fight I wish I could tape my maat fight. and put it to music. and edit it. and make it funny to boot.


Yeah, making them isn't that hard.

I just used my Archos portable DVR to record it (which means I can't record in HD, so I have to disable that on the 360).

I then used The Gimp to do the images and titles.

I next used Audacity to edit the music and sound effects.

I have a home-brewed utility called vfx that I use to add in any video effects.

Finally, when all the bits are ready, I use Avidemux to splice and edit everything together into the final sequence.

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