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See you again! Farewell
Submitted by Deathstalker on Wed, 11/01/2006 - 03:44.

Welp everyone, Im leaving Final Fantasy for good! :(, ive no interest anymore in playing. I just want to thank each and every single person in ClanAm, for giving me the chance, to know you. Its not a definite decision, but im 80% sure i wont be coming back.. then then again theres a 20% chance that i will.. time will tell i guess. Until next time.. See you again /goodbye!


Doog eyb thaed >< doog kcul htiw ruor efil xD later, rl>ffxi as far as i can tell so have fun with wherever ur life is going


can i have ur stuff? lol but gl in rl...u will be missed

Good luck!

Sorry to see you leave. I know that taking a break never hurt! :p

Good luck!!

Good Luck!

Good Luck DS! It was nice playing with you. Hopefully you'll get a chance to return!

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