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Assault - For the Empire! The Guide!

Assault - For the Empire! The Guide!
Submitted by cyclonus on Fri, 06/02/2006 - 13:19.

For ClanAM members that frequent the website, most of the information in this section of the guide will be a repeat of a previous post.

Per Sam’s request, I have also created a guide for the PSC level Assaults and will update this guide as I take part in PFC Assaults. So here is the guide.

What is Assault?

Simply put, Assault is an instanced “dungeon.”

Upon zoning into an Assault instance, you are given an objective; sometimes clear and sometimes semi-ambiguous. You hare also given a time restraint (usually 30 minutes) to accomplish said objective.

If you win the instance, you get points and points can be traded in for some kick-ass gear. (scroll through to find reward listing)

Assault is also the equivalent (as of the timing of this post) of the missions from the previous expansion packs; i.e. CoP Missions, RoZ missions and Rank missions.

How do I access Assault?

Firstly, you need to have ToAU installed.

After completing ToAU mission 2 , you will have access to Assault.

Okay, I have completed ToAU mission 2 – now what?

Get some friends together!

Assault missions are for players level 50 or higher and for parties with 3-6 members.

To start an Assault mission all members must visit the Commissions Agency and obtain an I.D. Tag from the main counter (I.D. Tag’s are given by the NPC Raytal). You can obtain up to 4 I.D. Tags per day*.

After receiving the Tag, determine what mission you want to take part in. There are 5 NPC counters in the Commissions Agency and each NPC is responsible for a staging point. He/She can provide information on the mission as well as a list of items you can obtain by trading Assault points.

It is worth noting that if you decide to become the party leader for an Assault mission, it will cost you some Imperial Standing Points (50).

*Read this - important info regarding I.D. Tags You can obtain 4 I.D. Tags by having one Tag in your key items inventory and letting Raytal hold three of your Tags.

Assault Points Calculation

Max Assault Points / # of participants = per participant points (P)

For a first time leader: Points = P * 1.1

For repeat leader: Points = [(P * 1.1) * .6666666]

For first time non-leader: Points = P

For repeat non-leader: Points = P * .666666666

Additional Sections to this Guide


boo on you are those values significant... i only compute with sig figs :P

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