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Submitted by sam on Wed, 06/07/2006 - 17:22.

As many of you know, I've been leveling NIN so I can bring it to more events (especially later CoP missions). Granted, I am leveling NIN because I enjoy it... but whatever...

Anyway, I've posted before that I need a NIN NM drop Katana for my NIN. We've even gone on successful NM hunts for him. Thus far, I've been a part of clan gatherings that have killed him 6 times. Thus far, he hasn't dropped jack.

Well now you can help me, help you!

...Okay... okay... you're just helping me... whatever...

This particular NM is Beryl-footed Molberry who drops the Hototogisu Katana. He is not a NM that has placeholders or timed spawns or anything like that.

Instead, he is spawned by trading a Tonberry Rattle to a ??? inside the Temple of Ugglapith. He can be respawned every 15 minutes.

Okay, so how do we help you?

Glad you asked :-)

The Tonberry Rattle can be obtained by clicking on a ??? spawn inside of a number of rooms on the first floor to the temple:

The ??? for the rattle respawns every 2 hours, and is hardly ever camped (by hardly ever, I mean never).

If you are over 65 (70+ gets no aggro on this level, fwiw) and are interested in helping me kill this NM sometime, then the next time you are in the area you could pick up one of these rattles.

If everyone who helped me kill this NM had one of these rattles, we could kill the NM several times and improve the chances of getting this ellusive drop.

Bah, this sounds like a lot of work

Honestly, if no one else had the rattle the next time we go to kill one of these, it isn't a big deal. I was only suggesting those interested in helping might want to try to bring a rattle since that means we can kill the NM more and improve the chance of getting the damned drop.

Anyway, just a heads up, and a simple request, from your friendly neighborhood jerk.


sweet i might actually get to help now seeing that im considered "end-game" (65 right? lol) but ill help if i can get on...


At 65 you will still get aggro going where we're going for this NM, but you certainly can help.

Vis Maior's Journeys

Make it an event?

Have u thought about making it an event that requires people to bring the rattle. Then u can offer other activities like getting to the tonberry that resets tonberry kills. Also could do zm4. Just some food for thought. Fyi I'm still willing to help anyway ^^.

lvl your sub NOOB! (*.*)o=== (^^) only 15 more to go /cry /joy
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we could do that ^^


I did make it an event.

The event was even a success, in spite of the fact that the drop I was going for didn't drop.

Actually, I mentioned this in my original post above :-P

If you read my post I'm actually asking people who would like to help in the future to go and pick up these rattles so that, when we actually do it again, we can kill this NM multiple times and improve our chances for a drop.

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i'll help

i'll def help yo kill an NM... in exchange i'll ask for some help killing my NM for my blasted MOLDY Earing thing... blah.

Blah, blah, blah

I'll try to pickup a Tonberry Rattle this weekend.

Plus, I can level Raka. Raka > that whore Liabelle.


You know, if we could let this Raka and Liabbelle rivalry end... we may be able to convince them to do something fun...

Like... idunno... nekkid oil wrestling?

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I think Raka is mildly retarded....

When I "speak" to her at the Rendezvous point, she always says something like "I don't like to wear skirts on windy days, because *he-yuck* it's windy... but then again, I don't like to wear skirts... “

Then when I call her, she wears her underwear out... so....

What's my point? I don't think Raka will understand wrestling. Nekkid, she already has a grasp of. Perhaps we need to make a trip to the Hostel?



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